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Comment: Product Differentiation Needed (Score 2) 506

by Grindalf (#48029245) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10
Can we not just have a large tower PC based OS, that works and installs offline via DISKS and that has swappable / maintainable cards and devices. A machine that's another order of power in comparison with the previous year in terms of processor, 3D etc. I'm sick of the sight of "cheaped off" slow thin breakable devices that are nearly impossible to use for professional work, and even harder to open and maintain. Keep the smudge screen toys separate, we're not fooled any more, they're rubbish! How about a second operating system for tablet devices called “Windows Bomb Boy Chintz.” That way the kids would know that there's a better life out there, filled with jobs, large screen entertainment and games that work.

Comment: I expect this! (Score 1) 300

by Grindalf (#47456621) Attached to: Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees
This is a normal cyclical occurrence in companies such as Microsoft, they'll have skimmed off the kids who can actually write C++ compiled binary and assembler software well, and thrown the rest out. I know from years of experience, you'll think you are in a room full of programmers but in reality there will approximately two brainy kids amongst 200. This is the nature of human intelligence, it's a rare commodity and MOST people are “wannabes.”

Comment: Re:This is stupid and dangerous (Score 1) 178

That's amusing, it's exactly the opposite of the 1980s British Sinclair ZX Spectrum Z80A machine code games development paradigm that I was studying last year, which was based on high speed software that was assembler / hand coded machine code. The programmers would rob each other blind all the time of useful routines and ideas. This was because writing these games is so difficult a task to do on such a simple processing device from scratch, only to have to subsequently go on to write the new features and game items that add value and product differentiation. A completely different culture produces different results! A very interesting topic.

Comment: This is stupid and dangerous (Score 1) 178

Never give anyone so much as a glimpse of your source code unless you are writing open source software and you are part of an open source program. It's just not clever for a business person to do. You are throwing away the crown jewels! Let them guess. Let them “eat static.”

Comment: I disagree with this model of psychology (Score -1) 121

by Grindalf (#47360435) Attached to: Happy Software Developers Solve Problems Better
Mental and emotional volatility is not what to expect from good keen software developers, rock solid stability and enormous brain power is what to expect. They should not have a measurable “Mood.” I think this is a psychological model that has been invented by studying only mental patients and the system painted onto students with words and cajoling.

Comment: And the positive message is: (Score 1) 113

The important message from Google that I noted today is that some of their programming team are discussing domestic products that pass personal data over unencrypted channels, and that includes WiFi passwords. This is nasty! This is SO easy to fix, and the open source libraries to do it are free in easy to inherit C, and a variety of other formats. This is the positive message that can be extracted from Google's work.

Comment: A political opportunity arises! (Score 2) 365

by Grindalf (#47339677) Attached to: Germany's Glut of Electricity Causing Prices To Plummet
This is clever! The German people should be able to undercut the rest of the world with their manufactured products. Cheap 3 phase nuclear electricity should be the goal of every nation, so that fully automatic production of goods frees the people from the slavery and drudgery of repetitive jobs and can fund a new system of benefits for those who do not work that is effective and complete, and start a new “knowledge based economy” for those who do have the mindset to enjoin! If only we the people have to foresight to invest in 3d printing and factory robotics. Then there will be no unemployment or employment, just humans and droids! We move ...

Comment: Just wipe them! (Score 1) 365

I'm sure you can just install 8.1 directly onto the Mac (and Linux / BSD), it works no problem. You don't need the surface pad. On the subject of which, I wonder what happened to the original MS "Surface" that used to live on a coffee table. I thought that was a fun idea. How about a Linux coffee table touch display?

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