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Comment Re:So, the other side? (Score 0) 422

France seems to be one extreme, but the US is the other extreme.

wait what? isnt like I dunno 70% of the nations waaaaaay worse than the usa... you know nigeria, china iraq etc. I understand that you have to bash on the usa to feel better about your lot in life but the fact is that about everybody I have ever know here is way better off than most of the world.

Comment Re:Ok, so no net neutrality in US (Score 1) 706

I'm sure if you asked people, "Should your cable and Internet provider be allowed to slow down Internet video services like Netflix and Youtube so that they can sell more of their own video services?" and they understood the President's decision, they would agree with the new policy. That is what we are talking about here, Obama standing up to monopoly power on behalf of people as he is supposed to (under anti-trust laws), not a President behaving like a monarch. You have been very ill served by whatever media you used to arrive at your conclusion.

Just so you know that is not what this is about. What he is proposing is a federal land grab to turn the internet into a utility. You like many others falsely assume that it will then hope-and-change its way into net neutrality but it will not. Being a republican, democrat etc is just a marketing strategy to get the job.... after that they become the ruling class and all decisions are made from that mindset. This is about monitoring communications and kingdom building.

Comment Re:India baffles me. (Score 1) 438

It's a big country, and I'm sure there has to be some variance between values among people when you have a billion to choose from.


Color me racist. No, please do. I really, really am.

India is a country where unwanted children are dumped like trash into the streets, corruption is considered normal and the atmosphere of hyper-competitiveness seems to push everybody's brain into a crazed kind of fight or flight mode which hampers every other human circuit. I can't be around Indian culture without wanting to hide under furniture to escape the crazy.

Wait. Hold on. This just in: Not racist, per se. Because, interestingly, people who are only one generation removed from that seething land mass are entirely capable of developing into excellent, entirely likable people who aren't completely batshit insane. So it's not genetic vile stupidity. It's cultural vile stupidity. Probably a lot like the heavy crime areas in the U.S. -Pull babies out of those places and raise them in bullet-free zones where people treat each other with dignity and love, and I'm sure you'll get fine, undamaged people that way also.

So, really, I don't care what genetic material you start with, if you force people to endure pressure-cooker lives of massive over-population limited resources and shitty infrastructure, combined with the momentum of hundreds of sustained years of dog-eat-dog corruption, you're going to end up with nothing but vast yields of psychologically damaged people.

India is a problem I don't know how to solve without basically wiping it clean of humans and starting again.

Maybe just the cities.

Folks in the rural areas sound less insane from the traveler's reports I've heard.

I rarely agree 100% with what someone posts here but.... ^^ this ^^

Comment Re:Sad (Score 0) 132

Why are we so damned willing to spend money to kill people more efficiently and not to do science that positively impacts all our lives every day?

very simple.... all of our current problems stem from the fact that there are too many god damned people on the planet. Pretty soon we wont even have room to put all of the turds. The way I see it the military is the only group that has a viable solution to global warming.

(makes popcorn and gets comfortable)

Comment doesnt work (Score 1) 778

increasing the minimum wage to advance the economy is like putting a fan in front of a windmill to increase output. There are plenty of people that would greenlight and fund that project but I think I would rather hold out for a better investment opportunity.

good luck with that though....

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