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by GrimShady (#47537275) Attached to: SLS Project Coming Up $400 Million Short

Why are we so damned willing to spend money to kill people more efficiently and not to do science that positively impacts all our lives every day?

very simple.... all of our current problems stem from the fact that there are too many god damned people on the planet. Pretty soon we wont even have room to put all of the turds. The way I see it the military is the only group that has a viable solution to global warming.

(makes popcorn and gets comfortable)

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by GrimShady (#45862591) Attached to: Illinois Law Grounds PETA Drones Meant To Harass Hunters

So in a way, what this law has done is made it illegal for a group with a weak lobby to determine how badly a group with a strong lobby is breaking the law.

no, it just prevents them from being asshats. I go fishing and hunting to get away from asshats.

Can we just start calling them PITA now?


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by GrimShady (#45610219) Attached to: eBay Founder Pleads For Leniency For the PayPal 14
they new what they were doing is wrong and they didnt care. Its also not the first shitty thing they have done (i assume they do it all the time) and if they are not punished they will just keep doing it. Why is everyone a fucking robin hood just because they hack online.... they are just hoods. Get a real job or better yet actually do something about whatever problem you think is out there like I dunno... be a cop, work for the SEC or get elected and then just enforce the law. Fucking with peoples shit because you dont like what they are doing isnt the way. we are a nation of laws.... make a good law and enforce it and I will back you up. Fuck with someones business, livelihood or whatever because its more fun than doing things the right way I will sit in the jury box and make sure you are stuffed into a dark hole until you are forgotten.

fuck em....

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by GrimShady (#45440055) Attached to: Prison Is For Dangerous Criminals, Not Hacktivists
fuck him. He's a criminal... let him rot. He is not a hero or anything of the sort. he is dangerous to society and his actions have consequences to society. I dont know why people keep defending these people like what they have done has no negative effects. We can lose international allies and even get dragged into wars and whatnot just because someone wants to get some lolz out of publicly embarrassing our/their country just because they can. There are other ways to do things other than handing over state secrets to foreign governments.

with that said I can see 5-6 years being more appropriate followed by probation but I dont know the details... maybe it wasnt his first offense or there was something else involved.

outside of that I wont lose any sleep over it.

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Lord, $1 a watt? That is cheap! $15K for all those panels? Are you saying the $20-30K cost is on top of the cost of the panels? If so, that puts it closer to $2.50 a watt, not counting installation.

Of course, I didn't get a break down on the $4 a watt cost, but of course that included installation and hooking it up to the grid, when I produce over what I require, my local electric co-op buys back the power. What they really do is just have 2 meters, one for my power and one for theirs, they subtract the two and charge me the difference.

yes the extra 20-30k is on top of that so I will have around 40-50k when its all said and done. which is kinda silly but my place is in the middle of a million acres of timber and as a result our power goes out all the time. I put all my extra cash into my own infrastructure which I think is a better retirement plan anyway. I dont want to show up with a freezer full of rotting deer meat just because a tree fell on a power line ;)

Hey, you knocking GM?

yes... yes I am :D

Ford? Good frame, lousy engines... Call me back when they get a decent engine. :) GM has much better engines than Ford does, but Ford has a stiffer frame and probably a stronger one. If you tow heavy loads (5th wheel) I can understand why you'd buy one, but a F350 probably has a diesel, and those are probably fine, Ford's gas engines suck and have sucked for a long time.

actually I have two (long story) and both have triton v-10's. They lug down low, they spin up high and never break down (YMMV of course). Diesel didnt pencil out for me and when you add the cost of higher fuel and maintenance I just didnt want to deal with it

Keep in mind that we live smack in the middle of suburbia, we don't drive to the country, so this works for us.

I did that in san diego then woke up one day and put a 5 year plan together and left (my kid is in college now). I spend 4 months at the river (yuma, az), 4 months in the mountains (antlers, ok) and 4 months in the rv camping in the sand dunes and have never been happier. Once you work from home its all gravy from there. I have my west coast income and rural expenses so I can buy silly stuff like solar panels and big workshops to play in. Doesnt work for most people though but for me its the perfect year :)

Oh, and back on topic, I already replaced my light bulbs with CFLs a few years ago, I'm waiting for LED lights to come down in price a bit, then I'll probably replace again in a few years.

I was an early adopter of cfl's and paid the price with tons of them blown out as well as other issues while they were still figuring their shit out but I would do it again. I didnt do it to save power exactly but just so I could leave more lights on for the same power bill (yeah yeah I know). I also got into LED's early with the same teething problems (mostly color issues and regulator boards popping) but in the rv (apprx 1000ah battery bank) I really have to count my electrons when it comes to managing power. I wont buy anything now that doesnt have a cree LED in it. they got that shit figured out... the color is perfect and the reliability is there to back it up

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oh hell you were talking about the price delta for the 20 months... i was thinking for the whole system.... there was just no

the prius is a POS but I drive from my yuma house to my cabin just north of paris,tx so unless I got a load on the f350 (5th wheels, rock crawlers and sandrails or whatever) I drive the crackerbox. I bought the solar panels at around $1 a watt and they will go on the roof of my shop at the cabin when I get it all finished (spring). I had to buy so many since I cant get the the amount of sunlight up there as I do out in the desert but oh well when you are off grid and want to fire up a lathe, tig or whatever you gotta pay.. a lot. Doing a self install so I will save some there but expect at least another 20-30k for the inverters, charge controllers and my initial battery bank. Like I said... various reasons but people have odd needs sometimes.

screw the minivan... sell the gmc and buy a raptor!!!!

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The vast majority of all drug use is not harmful to society. Let's face some facts here...

drugs dont bother me one way or the other... I honestly dont care. But I did see a video of a guy go batshit crazy and eat another guys face off so.... yeah...

not all drugs are distilled down from unicorn farts.... bad shit still happens and innocent people still die. Just because you are fine that doesnt mean other people dont snap and do horrible shit

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thats all fine... I quantify my purchases in the same manner (non financial reasons). Its just that things like hybrids (I own a prius), LED lights (I have tons), solar panels (I currently have 15KW) and the like are always accompanied with similar claims about how they will save you money and when a person sits down and does some honest math on the total cost (including TME and opportunity cost) it never pens out. I still do these things... mostly... but I do them for different reasons other than money (not environmental reasons... just personal reasons like self reliance and whatnot).

I just saw you basically say "20 months and im rich" and said holy shit... I cant keep letting stuff like that slide....

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That is a fair point, $4,000 is indeed a decent amount of money.

That being said, the payback on my power bill is about 20 months, that is the break even point, after all it is pure profit.

I financed the thing over 60 months at 4.9% anyway, so the monthly payment isn't actually that bad and the lower power bill offsets about half of the monthly payment, so my actual out of pocket costs isn't all that high each month, less than our family cell phone bills, and we just made a big cut in our carbon foot print.

sooo... if its 60 months of payments and the savings each month makes half a payment isnt that a 120 month payback? Actually much worse if you figure you could get a 5% return on that cash if you invested it. soo... 10 years+ on an a/c until which might crap out in 9.... I just cant see a payoff... like ever...

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I lived in a house with a wood-burning fireplace, and it was cool, but it got awfully smoky.

You are correct that wood stoves are a source of dangerous pollution. They're dangerous for the people outside the house, but they're even more dangerous for the people inside the house. It's about as dangerous as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, which takes about 10 years off your life expectancy.

you had a shitty stove and it was not set up properly. If you get a decent stove and adjust it properly it will draw air from the room and wont smoke out the chimney. if you get ANY smoke or smell in the house the air is flowing the wrong direction and you should probably find another way to heat your house until someone dials it in and teaches you the basics.

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