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Comment Don't go with skylake DDR4 (Score 1) 113

You can still get Haswell with much cheaper DDR 4. Haswell is faster than Skylake per IPC clock cycle. Haswell i3/5/7 4xxx still is the benchmark king for non multi threaded loads. If you are looking at a dual core system then skylake and DDR 4 high bandwidth ram won't be much of a use.

If you want multi cores for database/VM stuff for cheap look into AMD.

Even though I own an i7 I highly recommend AMD for tight budgets as their EFI bios does not lock out virtualization and you can get 6 and 8 core systems for about the same price as an i3?? Sure the IPC for single threaded apps is not all that great but for running GCC, Mysql, and VMWare Workstation/Virtual Box that load works well with skylake and AMD systems. Guess which is more value.

I assume you run Linux to do these things so a pentium is not good as gcc can be run in parallel and everyone who is someone in the sys admin world runs VM's with custom linux applicances like pfsense, turnkey linux lamp stacks and so on for training.

But if you are rich and can afford $2,000 get an i7 skylake and raid 0 SSDs. Awesome performance for these taks

Comment Re:the main legit use i can see (Score 1) 249

I presume that this would be integrated with some kind of app on the receiver end. When the truck is dispatched (or, if the depot is in range, when the parcel is ready for direct dispatch), you'd get a message telling you the time window when it will be available. You then signal that you're ready to receive it and give some GPS coordinates. It's then dispatched and sends another message when it's a few hundred metres away. You then go outside (or stand on a balcony) and wait for it to be delivered directly to you. Once it's very close, it can use WiFi from your phone (send your MAC address to the drone and the SSID that you're associated with - or create an ad-hoc network if you're out of range and it can home in on you) to check that it's actually landing by the correct person. Then just tap the 'delivery received' button and it will fly away.

Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 2) 189

Even then you have to ask yourself if it makes more sense to hire managers where the jobs are ... in India or China.

Management jobs are very expensive and it makes sense to outsource these jobs overseas to cheaper markets next. Programmers, sys administrators, supervisors, managers, and soon directors.

Only the very top VP's will be left. In the decades next everyone but the CEO will be overseas as the production, supply chain, customers, vendors, and everyone else will only be Asian or African!

Comment Re:Technology has nothing to do with it (Score 1) 189

The reason your dad (or grandfather) likely held the same job his entire life is because 50 years ago, employers were invested in, and took care of, their employees. My grandfather worked for GE his entire life (outside his time in WWII), and it wasn't because there weren't other jobs he could have gone to. They offered him a pension, which you just cannot find anymore. Today you get crappy health care, and if you're lucky a 3% pay raise every year, and if you are high enough on the ladder, a Christmas bonus that actually means anything. Employers just don't invest in employees like they used to.

With comments like above from employees stating they need to leave every 2 - 3 years why should employers offer any loyalty? It works both ways and it started with workers quiting from Silicon Valley. They were the 1st employees to get up and leave and swap at different companies in the 1960s. It spread.

So no loyalty to them expect no loyalty back.

That may actually be a good thing. Last thing you want as a boss is to put up with someone who hates his job and doesn't pull his weight. What if you do not like your pay and lack of expanding opportunities? It is better for higher productivity for companies and for the employee to go where his heart desires which changes over time.

Comment Re:How does space elevator save energy? (Score 2) 130

No space elevator designs that are even vaguely plausible include a moving cable. To understand why, consider the mass of such a cable: the energy required to accelerate it and then decelerate it for the cars to start and stop would be phenomenal. You could potentially have a loop that would continuously move in a circle, but you'd still have problems starting it. Just dropping things from the top wouldn't be enough, because you'd need to get them a fair way down before they'd stop orbiting and actually provide force in the correct direction. I don't even want to think about the lateral forces that such a structure would have to endure.

Comment Re:If you can't afford two computers... (Score 1) 312

Amen to that brother.

I gave up on Linux as my main OS a while back. Windows 7 just works.Nvidia are the best drivers for Linux. The grandparent confirms to me why Linux is a bad idea on non server hardware.

I think it's ludricous to change my apps and lifestyle for an OS when it should be the other way around. The gimp and emacs are no photoshop and visual studio. I used vmware workstation and now Hyper-V.

No worries an update will break xorg, no hardware upgrade worries. Same VMs. Even better is with a hypervisor you can use for a quick appliance. Try that on a non VM that you do not want to re-image for each appliance. I love pfsense on lampstack.

VMs are amazing

Comment Re:Landfill-saving hero (Score 3, Funny) 69

Funny I was thinking the same thing with my crappy slow and buggy samsung galaxy thats stuck with Android.

WindowsPhone is the best mobile OS I ever used with a superior UI that never crashes, freezes, or glitches and runs 400 to 500% faster. My 820 which inferior hardware to my Galaxy S 5 was so much faster. To this day cut and pasting calander events with conference calls with pins is not possible with Android. You need to write down the pin with paper and a pen.

The same sheep who choose Windows 98 over linux are the same choosing Android over Windows Phone.

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 190

Direct solar may sound nice and work fine in small scale, but collectors would have to cover great areas to be effective

The total world energy consumption is somewhere around 100PWh/year. That's around 274TWh/day. The sunlight hitting the Earth is around 1kW/m^2, so 8kWh/m^2 assuming 8 hours of sunlight. If you assume 100% efficiency in conversion (totally impossible, but we'll start there and refine later), then that means that you need about 3.45E10 m^2 of land devoted to solar power. That's a square about 185km on each side. If you assume 10% efficiency (mass produced photovoltaics are 12-25% these days), then you need an area about 342000km^2, or about the area of Germany, to power the entire world. Now, given the efficiency of power distribution, you probably wouldn't want to put it all in one place, but you could easily fit solar panels enough that, even with transmission losses, you could power all of North America in Utah or Texas without anyone noticing. The difficulty is not the generation, it's the storage.