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Comment Re:Shooting bombs? No bombs trigger when shot? (Score 5, Insightful) 929

The reason they're shooting it is to *try* to make it go off.

Typically this would be put in a bomb pit somewhere nearby. From reading the comments this is fairly common practice there. This one nailed it pretty well:

"I know many Jewish Israeli people who had their bag shot just because they left it unwatched for a couple of minutes. Yes, this is the unfortunate reality that Israelis live in, where Palestinian terrorist would do anything (such as put bombs cowardly hidden in laptops) to intentionally hurt innocent civilians. These are precaution measures intended to prevent loss of innocent lives (yes, sometimes at the cost of a cherished laptop because of a possibly careless border officer)."


Folding Screen For Mobile Phones Unveiled 54

sumj sends in word out of a Taiwanese research institute of a folding display on a smartphone that allows its screen to double in size to 5 inches (slideshow here). It's a prototype at this point. Don't bother clicking for the article's second page — it's one sentence with an interstitial before.

Comment Re:It's Rogers.. why is this news? (Score 1) 225

I so badly wanted to switch to Teksavvy, and I did for a short while. The customer service WAS great. So good they told me the truth that I was +5km from the CO and that the wiring going into my apartment had tons of noise on it :(

Sooo, here I am, still on Rogers. I would love to move somewhere closer to a CO.

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