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Comment: Re:Both sides of the coin (Score 1) 684

by Greystripe (#42035399) Attached to: Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
Haha yeah throw a kid over a table in front of everyone and they tend to leave you alone after that. Funny thing is though I never once felt I was being bullied for being smart (aced nearly every test, always scored in the 99th percentile on standardized tests). I was bullied for being poor, quiet, and oddly for never running. Being smart is rarely the reason people are bullied, more often it's some social stigma. You look funny, have poor social skills, have a superiority complex, etc. Easier to feel good about yourself if you can tell yourself it is because you are smart.

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by Greystripe (#39144303) Attached to: Submitting "Nuking the Fridge" To Scientific Peer Review
All the movies except the last had a supernatural feel to them. Making it aliens and not something unexplainable prevents the imagination from attempting to fill in the explanation which leaves the viewer no sense of wonder. It would be like if someone made a Star Wars movie in which they explained what the Force was made from...

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