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Comment Re:Institutional Knowledge (Score 1) 159

I've been pondering that subject lately. If what you say is true, then shouldn't the company with the experienced employees and the institutional knowledge have a competitive advantage in their markets? I would have thought that advantage would have manifested fairly early as the quality of the shoddy competitors declines, but I haven't seen such a trend. I'd also expect the advantage to widen as the companies composed of nothing but temps loses institutional knowledge over time. Again, not seeing it.

Continuing on with my hypothesis, shouldn't the experienced employees be able to easily form a new company and drive the outsourcing ones out of the industry? I'm starting to see a few hints of that through anecdotal evidence, but not enough to draw conclusions yet.

Comment Which Is To Say (Score 1) 107

A third if their time coming up with new corporate password rules, a third of their time architecting the Citrix solution that is going to propel the company into the brave future of 1998 and a third of their time requiring their employees to get training on whatever the bandwagon buzzword of the month is (This quarter it's Rally/Agile/Scrum.) You know, honestly, the company would be a lot better off if a freak software error caused that guy to fall down an elevator shaft.

Comment Re:Don't Use UTC (Score 1) 143

Well the major languages I looked at (C, Java, Perl) just ignore leap seconds, as does the POSIX standard. If you ignore leap seconds, you're not UTC and saying you are is incorrect. Maybe you're actually just TAI, but probably not since the language APIs don't know about SI seconds and work on the assumption that there are 86400 seconds in a day. But since it's a linear timescale, I can at least convert to and from another one when doing astronomical calculations.

I haven't checked but I suspect the situation is as bad on the Microsoft side of things, given that those guys still completely fail at DST adjustments on a regular basis. It's difficult to imagine them getting the occasional extra second every now and again correct. And really this situation would be fine except that everything always seems to break whenever anyone actually tries to use NTP to handle it correctly.

So if I have a hypothetical database of satellite locations that are a month old and the spec calls for them to be stored in UTC, it immediately becomes impossible to correctly plot their locations on a map. Especially since the spec for the inputs also says UTC but the identifier in the file always indicates "Zulu Time". Which I believe is just GMT. So you already have a 26 or so second probable error putting the coordinate into the database (~15 miles off the satellite's location) which will only get magnified if anyone else between you and the database tries to do leap second accounting again. This is kind of a problem if you're trying to hit a target within half a meter on the surface of the Earth with a "Laser." You'll be aiming at Saddam and accidentally hit a French embassy. Entirely hypothetical example.

Of course, if you start needing sub-second precision (Say, for targeting a femtosecond "laser" at the surface of the earth,) you might need to start thinking about relativity, since your atomic clock on your satellite will drift from your atomic clock for your ground station at sea level, even though both of them only ever lose a second about once every few trillion years. And they'll both be correct. Then you start to realize that the universe is just some poorly-written n-dimensional graduate student's thesis project, demonstrating how to convert hydrogen into plutonium, and retire to a profession where you don't have to deal with any span of time shorter than a season.

Comment Trump? (Score 1) 570

Who gives a shit about Trump. He doesn't even listen to himself. He just opens his Trump hole and whatever you get out of it is whatever you get out of it. But you know, as long as we're wiping our ass with the Constitution anyway, gun violence kills a lot more Americans than terrorism does. Can we do away with that lot, too? Clearly they don't have any respect for the constitution (Or, probably, any idea what's in it) so it should be a no-brainer, right? Or is that one of those "hard" questions that hurts their feelings so much in the debates?

Comment Don't Use UTC (Score 2, Interesting) 143

So just don't use UTC. The POSIX group only said "UTC" instead of "GMT" because they didn't know they difference and they thought saying "UTC" made them sound cooler. A lot of companies put it in their specs for the same reason. They're all like "Ooo we're all technical because we're using UTC!" Then you ask them if they're really using UTC or GMT and they ask you what the difference is. The only people it really matters for is NASA, and they convert from a well known time system to another well known time system as they need to. Most programmers just need to know the number of seconds since Midnight, Jan 1, 1970, GMT, as God intended.

Comment BORED! (Score 1) 513

Honestly, genetic engineers, where's your sense of ADVENTURE! Why not engineer up a salmon the size of an elephant, with huge tentacles?! And what the fuck is up with the grapple? I was all psyched that someone had hacked up an ABOMINATION, but no, they just soak the goddamn things in grape flavor! So whenever you get done with that little salmon project, why don't you engineer up an apple the size of an elephant, with huge tentacles, that tastes like fucking grape, OK? Don't make me have to put my goggles on!

Comment Re:Dailymotion/Vimeo (Score 4, Informative) 56

Yeah, the Worth a Buy Shadow of Morder review alleges that Warner Brothers was threatening to issue DMCA takedowns to youtube reviewers who didn't have a branding agreement with Warner Brothers. I've been hearing similar allegations about other games from a number of reviewers. Obviously that didn't happen with Mack's video, as it's still up, but it highlights the kind of abuse that's possible under existing laws.

Comment They Had Employees? (Score 2) 43

I thought they mostly made a living by conning clueless CIOs into buying their OS/2-Era dumb-terminal technology and selling some shoddy VOIP product that one of their interns coded up in between coffee runs. Seems like the only time I hear "We're moving to Citrix," the company is well past coughing up blood and is about to be acquired by VCs and be gutted for its intellectual property.

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