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Comment: Am I Missing Something? (Score 1) 107

by GreyWanderingRogue (#48419077) Attached to: Head of FCC Proposes Increasing Internet School Fund
Why is this is even needed. Has K-12 education changed that much in the last twenty years? Thinking back on my education, I can't think of anything that would have been improved with high speed internet. The only uses that I'm coming up for at this age group are entertainment uses (i.e. things students shouldn't be doing during school hours) or things like Khan Academy. Are any schools wanting this for online learning? Wouldn't the savings in personnel offset the costs needed for installation? Of course, even if we assume it is needed, isn't this just the FCC admitting that high speed internet is a basic service, which means that it should be regulated as such (i.e. Title II)?

+ - Google Fiber Looking to Expand to a City Near You->

Submitted by GreyWanderingRogue
GreyWanderingRogue (598058) writes "It looks like Google is looking to expand beyond the three current cities with Google Fiber. Their currently still in the discussion stage, so it will be interesting to see how many of these make it to completion. Check the map to see if you're one of the lucky few. It shows the Atlanta, Portland and Raleigh-Durham areas are especially well represented. Not in one of these cities? It might be a while yet...
"Will you be expanding to other cities? When?
Not for now. We have a lot of work to do with these 34 cities, in addition to bringing Fiber to customers in Kansas City, Austin and Provo.""

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Comment: Re:The numbers (Score 3, Insightful) 139

by GreyWanderingRogue (#46111247) Attached to: Google's Motorola Adventure: Stinging Defeat, Or Semi-Victory?

And Google could have spent far less than $1.56B to lobby for the destruction of software patents that are costing manufacturers of Android devices billions of dollars in court, settlement, and licensing fees. But Google would rather talk out of both sides of their ass and say that they oppose software patents while taking no serious actions to work toward ending them.

This was Motorola (inventor of the cellphone). Not all patents are software patents.

Comment: Re:Still sucks (Score 1) 127

by GreyWanderingRogue (#44963307) Attached to: VLC Reaches 2.1

Allowing one to reduce the range of the volume control (or peg it at 100% so you don't accidentally set it to 117% or having to live with it at 98 or 105% because you can't get it back to 100%)

This was driving me nuts. I finally figured a way around it though. For me, each click of the scroll wheel moves it by 1/8, so 8 clicks from the highest or lowest value puts it back at 100%. Scroll wheel all the way to 0 (min) or 200% (max), then scroll wheel back to 100%. It will hit it on the nose.

Comment: Re:Lip position (Score 3, Informative) 51

by GreyWanderingRogue (#44784477) Attached to: How Seeing Can Trump Listening, Mapped In the Brain

How can he physically produce the "Baa" sound when his bottom lip is tucked behind his teeth? His lips don't press together when the illusion is supposed to make it sound like he's saying "Faa" instead. I think he's actually making two different sounds.

Isn't the "Baa" sound impossible to make without the lips pressing together? Isn't the "Faa" sound impossible to make without blowing on the lip-teeth connection with the top and bottom lips separate?

This is the perfect description of what your brain is doing. Unfortunately, it appears you're misunderstanding what is actually going on. There is only one audio recording. It is dubbed over both clips. Check the section where there is a side by side with both videos. What you hear depends on what side of the screen you look at, even though there is only one audio track.

Comment: Re:his crime? (Score 2) 743

Yes, it has been an occurrence over the past couple of decades. However, I think it's more likely to be a reference to Sandy Hook than Columbine. Just like a domestic terrorist bombing would be more likely to be a reference to the Boston Marathon than the Oklahoma City Federal building. Or, if you prefer, a reference to the government spying on its citizens, is more likely to be a reference to Snowden than to J Edgar Hoover. Current events.

Comment: Re:his crime? (Score 1) 743

I also found this bit from the article hilarious: “Justin was the kind of kid who didn’t read the newspaper,” said [father] Jack Carter. “He didn’t watch television. He wasn’t aware of current events.

He rather clearly was aware of current events. Shooting up a school as a symptom of insanity seems like a clear reference to recent events. Further, this shows he clearly recognized that such actions are insane.

Comment: Re:Can help you out here (Score 1) 142

So for The Little Mermaid, published in 1837, Disney made their movie of this original work in 1989, making it 152 years after publication. What's the shortest time from an original work (you might argue some of those Brothers Grimm tales were based on existing local legends, which is what Disney was basing their movies on; does that matter?) to publication that Disney used without licensing? What are the chances Disney wouldn't lobby for an extension beyond that time limit?

Comment: Tax Avoidance Analogy (Score 1) 780

I've read a lot of comments here about whether tax avoidance is ethical or not. I have an analogy that I think sums it up. Assume that a child tax credit law was written poorly (intentionally or not) to allow the full tax credit for any children under your care on 12:00 am January 1. Now suppose as an individual paying taxes, you could go into an orphanage and adopt a couple of children at 11:59 pm on December 31, and then cancel the adoption at 12:01. Let's suppose you even give the kids a piece of candy for their trouble. The orphanages agree to this, as it reduces their candy budget requirements. You then claim the full tax deduction. Is this ethical?

+ - British Kid Flies To Rome Without Passport And Ticket->

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "A boy of 11 flew alone to Rome after he ran away from his mother and boarded a flight at Manchester Airport without a passport, boarding pass or cash. Security staff scanned him but failed to realize he was on his own and had no boarding card. It was only during the journey to Italy that passengers became suspicious and told the cabin crew. The crew members alerted the captain who radioed back to Manchester. Now a full-scale investigation has been mounted by Manchester Airport and Jet2.com to find out how this was possible. It is understood five members of staff working for Jet2.com have been suspended from duty while the investigation takes place."
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