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Comment Want efficiency? Cut NSA out of the picture (Score -1, Offtopic) 113 113

Each distribution center sending scans to Utah cost a lot of money. Start respecting American Constitution and forget about spying on US citizens.
Then, profit will be achieved.

If you really love spying on own citizens, move to North Korea please.

Comment It's freaking North Korea not USA (Score 2) 216 216

Organize some crowd-sourcing and buy one way tickets to North Korea for all police and government security forces.
They will be happy there: censorship, live ammunition and full regime.
Leave American people alone, "protect and serve" Kim Jong-Un instead.

Comment Yes, Russia and USA. Two brothers in love (Score 2) 140 140

Let's not forget about close cooperation between American oligarchs and their Russian brothers. They absolutely don't care where their jets are the moment. It's all about power over nations. Having couple hundreds millions sheeps at disposal gives them warm feeling.

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