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Comment Re:Intel (Score 1) 136

Which is why I almost always buy AMD - Even if current Intel technology can beat it, I see it as an investment in the future. Keeps Intel on their toes having competition. If AMD dies, then Intel innovation slows WAY down.

That would be awesome if Intel comes out with a 64 core chip just before AMD releases Zen, competition in action. If I truly needed 64 cores, then I would buy Intel, if not, then I will buy a cheaper 32 core AMD. Works perfectly for me.

You've always got to think long term, life as it is now is guaranteed to change - do what you can to make sure it changes for the better.

Comment Re:Climate Change (Score 1) 344

Huh? Another Earth without a carbon-spewing species on it would be a perfect control. Things that happen on both could be attributed to natural-only effects, while things that only happen on the populated Earth could be attributed to the carbon-spewing species.

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