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Comment Re:Athiest Symbol (Score 3, Informative) 518

There is a subtle but important difference between these two situations. In the OP, the religious garb does not impede identification. In your situation it very much does. The best solution available to my mind, is to have the appropriate picture taken but if identification is required later have it performed by a woman.

Comment Re:"Online" classes (Score 1) 95

The term 'online class' used in at least two Ontario schools (a college and a university) have been fairly consistent. It is a class where all material is online - no specific meeting times. Material is also submitted through a website.

The only point of difference is the exam - the university I attend has exams in person for online classes.

I believe given the list you have, if the class meets in a traditional manner - it is not an online class in the way most would understand it.

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