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Comment No Context (Score 1, Insightful) 186

So the context given by the wikipedia article on this guy is: "The appointment sparked controversy among Wikipedia editors due to Geshuri's role enforcing a no-poach agreement between several large tech companies."

So people are a little butt hurt. I don't see what this has to do at all with anything.

Comment Re: If you say your Christian, you are Christian. (Score 2) 229

That is definitely the correct usage. Literally from the Greek:

a-1 + Gnostic.

(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

First attested in 1870; coined by Thomas Huxley. Either from Ancient Greek (agnstos, "ignorant, not knowing") or from a- + Gnostic. Deriving (either way) from Ancient Greek - (a-, "not") + (gignsk, "I know"). (Wiktionary)

I suspect the idea of a middle ground came from the idea of it not being committing fully to disbelief or to belief.

Comment Re: If you say your Christian, you are Christian. (Score 1) 229

Actually I think you are quite correct, the original statement does allow for the label of Christian to be attached by one's self. Another thought: Are you using 'agnostic' to mean a middle ground between atheist and theist, or using it in its proper "lack of knowledge" form to say that we cannot know? Noting that atheism is related to the belief and agnosticism is related to the ability to have knowledge specifically.

Comment Re:If you say your Christian, you are Christian... (Score 0) 229

The Docetists[1] didn't believe that Jesus' body was anything but an illusion, and thus could not be resurrected. Further the Marcion didn't seem to either, quoting [2] "Marcion denied the resurrection of the body, "for flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God", and denied the second coming of Christ to judge the living and the dead, for the good God, being all goodness, does not punish those who reject Him; He simply leaves them to the Demiurge, who will cast them into everlasting fire."

These two are early christian sects, and would have considered themselves Christian. Note that I mention Marcion, because there is some suggestion that later followers did believe, but the earlier seems to not have.



Comment If you say your Christian, you are Christian... (Score 1) 229

There are a lot of groups that have no membership process. Like Christianity, Anonymous has different groups, and each of those groups will have a membership process.

Now that you have identified the problem, which makes some sense, is there something we can do about it without sacrificing free speech?

(Note to detractors about using Christianity as an example, find a single thing that is common among Christians without counter example - I can think of only one: people are/were involved).

Comment Re: Yeah yeah (Score 1) 562

We have movies like that, usually independent film. I expect that you meant to just imply they were made just on a much lesser scale.

Often I do not want a very challenging movie either. But there is room for some very clever films to change minds about things while being very entertaining doing it.

Comment Re:Athiest Symbol (Score 3, Informative) 518

There is a subtle but important difference between these two situations. In the OP, the religious garb does not impede identification. In your situation it very much does. The best solution available to my mind, is to have the appropriate picture taken but if identification is required later have it performed by a woman.

Comment Re:"Online" classes (Score 1) 95

The term 'online class' used in at least two Ontario schools (a college and a university) have been fairly consistent. It is a class where all material is online - no specific meeting times. Material is also submitted through a website.

The only point of difference is the exam - the university I attend has exams in person for online classes.

I believe given the list you have, if the class meets in a traditional manner - it is not an online class in the way most would understand it.

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