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Comment: Re:While Buying Back $1.5 Billion In Stock (Score 1) 207

But the concept of broadening the tax base is great from a government perspective. The broadening at this point would be better understood as diversifying sources of taxes — so that interruptions in any one area do not affect the whole (unless it is a systematic decline, like a recession).

Comment: Re:I'd like to give swift a try (Score 1) 466

I have looked at the language, and although I am an 'Apple Guy', I haven't done much with it yet. The language itself looks like a really really nice language for some of this sort of thing, but I mainly would want it for general purpose — so I agree with your parent that for this application s/he shouldn't look at it. However, if it becomes freely available as a compiler and multiplatform (with libraries) it would be worth a serious look at.

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