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Comment Re:"Online" classes (Score 1) 95

The term 'online class' used in at least two Ontario schools (a college and a university) have been fairly consistent. It is a class where all material is online - no specific meeting times. Material is also submitted through a website.

The only point of difference is the exam - the university I attend has exams in person for online classes.

I believe given the list you have, if the class meets in a traditional manner - it is not an online class in the way most would understand it.

Comment Re:Congrats Mark Zuckerberg (Score 1) 89

I can't say I really know — I know there are some tech places, we are trying to get more here as a city. But mostly I am nearer to the University. We have Amazon right under the tunnel — I know of a guy that lives in 'South Windsor' (think good area) and goes to work within 20 minutes including border. Windsor is affected by the shutdown of a lot of auto stuff too. I expect it to be just part of a change of what kinds of businesses are here. Because Detroit still has a large population and its location is still the biggest trading area with Canada.

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