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Comment Re:What Voltage? (Score 1) 235 235

> Higher voltage would work better, but call into question safety issues you don't have with AC due to it passing through zero volts 100-120 times a second.

AC running from hand to hand will likely kill you, causing your heart to try beating to it.

Comment Re:Congrats Mark Zuckerberg (Score 1) 89 89

I can't say I really know — I know there are some tech places, we are trying to get more here as a city. But mostly I am nearer to the University. We have Amazon right under the tunnel — I know of a guy that lives in 'South Windsor' (think good area) and goes to work within 20 minutes including border. Windsor is affected by the shutdown of a lot of auto stuff too. I expect it to be just part of a change of what kinds of businesses are here. Because Detroit still has a large population and its location is still the biggest trading area with Canada.

Comment Re:Simplistic (Score 1) 385 385

I have worked with some people working on that exact problem. Mood is a sort of emotion, and we are doing agent based simulations right now involving it (look up the OCC model). Everything that you have listed here is possible to detect with instrumentation now — the missing pieces are getting a reasonable emotional model worked out and these as inputs into it.

Comment Re:Windows Me Part 2 (Score 1) 290 290

I definitely have used it. I had to stop and start using windows 7 (this is all in a virtual machine on a newer mac) due to work a few weeks ago. I believe Windows 10 will be great — and I may even switch to it. However, I felt that it is not quite ready yet — and it is my experience that software as complex as this never quite reaches stability in two or three months. If I am wrong, I will be pleasantly surprised. It is my intention to upgrade my mother's Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 once I am satisfied with its stability —a month after release would likely give me reasonable feedback.

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