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Comment: Re:I'd like to give swift a try (Score 1) 466

I have looked at the language, and although I am an 'Apple Guy', I haven't done much with it yet. The language itself looks like a really really nice language for some of this sort of thing, but I mainly would want it for general purpose — so I agree with your parent that for this application s/he shouldn't look at it. However, if it becomes freely available as a compiler and multiplatform (with libraries) it would be worth a serious look at.

Comment: Re:Corporate outsourcing fraud permeates STEM sect (Score 1) 234

by Great Big Bird (#47161779) Attached to: Tech Worker Groups Boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower
"My grandfathers fought in a war to maintain our standard of living." What a bunch of bullshit. What war could possibly have had anything to do with standard of living? There was never any credible threat of invasion for almost two centuries. The only thing to improve the standard of living was the exporting of goods to other countries fighting in the war, which doesn't require you actually fighting them.

In every non-trivial program there is at least one bug.