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+ - Is the modern business model sustainable->

Submitted by Grayhand
Grayhand writes: Traditionally all a company needed to show was a profit to be considered viable. Lately Apple's stock has fallen sharply simply because the profit projections are less than expected. A company with a 100 billion in cash is seeing a drop in stock. Atari was a darling for 20 years but now they are in bankruptcy. With growth not profits being the watermark can most companies survive the next 100 years? Given all Wall Street cares about is unending growth will they bring about the end of civilization since unending growth itself is unsustainable?
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+ - Molten Salt Reactors would solve most of the problems->

Submitted by Grayhand
Grayhand writes: Normally I'm opposed to more nuclear reactors because of the long term waste and risks involved. Molten Salt Reactors would get rid of most of the risks and would address the long term waste problems we have now. Build them next to existing reactors and the transport issues would also be solved.
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