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by Graydyn Young (#47629749) Attached to: IBM Creates Custom-Made Brain-Like Chip
It's really hard to say how many of artificial neurons we would need to make a human-like intelligence, but it's certainly going to be less than the number of neurons in a human head. Computers already do a heck of a lot of tasks better than a human. Heck, using traditional computing methods with just a couple of these chips for image recognition and the like would already make a beast of a machine.

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Woah now, lets not get carried away. The Internet of Things is still a very cool concept, it's just gone a bit off the rails.

For an object to be on the internet, it doesn't need an internet connection.

Example: I'm looking at a pen right now. I'd love to be able to dive into this pen and see it's specifications, who made it, maybe even the history of pens of this design. But I don't need the pen to connect to the internet for that, I just need either an RFID(or similar) tag or a slick recognition algorithim. Then I can just point my phone or wearable or whatever at the pen and get all the information that I want.

So yes, lets put the connected toasters back in the closet, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

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by Graydyn Young (#47573827) Attached to: Google, Linaro Develop Custom Android Edition For Project Ara
This is going to be a pain when I'm trying to convince the bosses that we should add a feature to an Android app. For example, right now it's easy to say we should add a feature that uses a camera, every phone has a camera. But if I want to add a feature that has, for example, a fingerprint reader attachment, only X% of users are going to have this attachment. It makes it a harder sell.

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Well, Bigfoot does seem pretty unlikely at this point, but what about Yeti? Some form of undocumented mountain ape that lives in the Himalayas seems totally plausible to me. It's not like people are going through leisurely jaunts up the Himalayas with their camera phones.

Comment: Re:Lets list other free energy communication scams (Score 1) 448

by Graydyn Young (#47305671) Attached to: $500k "Energy-Harvesting" Kickstarter Scam Unfolding Right Now
My rule of thumb is, if it were a real source of free energy, I would be hearing about it on the news, not Kickstarter. It's just like with Viagra back in the day. For a thousand years people were advertising dick pills. But when a legit one was invented, it was all anybody on TV talked about for a year.

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They addressed this in the video. Their approach is to greatly decrease the weight of the exoskeleton. That reduces power requirements. They show an elbow pad that's so light that the presenter can easily hold it in one hand (although I'm assuming the battery isn't attached).

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