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Comment: Re:Parenting? (Score 1) 302

by GrayCalx (#40009749) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Skype Setup For Toddler's Room?
In theory, sure its very simple to hold a 30 lb child still. Now lets make the very accurate assumption that children don't sit still. Within minutes that child will want to get up and walk around. Now again, in theory you could restrain the child, forcing them to sit still in front of the computer. Hmm and you spoke of supervision, I suppose your idea of supervising is restraining the child so you can go about your day. So lets skip that and assume we are now restraining a child that doesn't want to be. Anyone who has children or has been with children know that this will result in crying and screaming. So now you're having a skype call with your parents, whom you can't hear because your child is thrashing around screaming and I'm sure they enjoy seeing their little grandchild being physically restrained and screaming. Yaaaay fun video chat with Grams and Gramps! Or maybe I'll just go on an internet forum and judge parents for being lazy because I have no experience with children at all. This is anonymous because I really don't care enough to log in, but had to point out the judgmental nature of your character.

Comment: Re:Out of the frying pan, and into the fire (Score 1) 783

by GrayCalx (#29896781) Attached to: Moving Away From the IT Field?
A very positive read. I live in a small town and while I telecommute and get paid a good wage, I'm entirely burnt out on developing software and configuring off-the-shelf software. I daydream about going out on my own to something similar to your bakery, its very encouraging to me that you've been successful. Congratulations and continued success.

Comment: Re:Nice to have a Sec of Energy actually Read the (Score 1) 712

by GrayCalx (#28116027) Attached to: Painting The World's Roofs White Could Slow Climate Change
My cynicism knows no bounds, which gives me to think what the Democratic response to this might have been if a Bush Administration official had proposed it.

This same poster would have crucified the article simply because he is, as he stated, a "hardcore democrat". What do we think of when we hear hardcore? Hardcore sports fan, and a hardcore music fan. Neither would take too kindly to the other "team" coming up with something good.

So as a fairweather conservative, I'll say I hope the SoE can make it work! Seems like the cost would be minimal and maybe it will help. If nothing else it makes the hardcore people feel happy about the "team" with which they've so fully aligned themselves.

Comment: Re:I loved the BBC article (Score 5, Funny) 464

by GrayCalx (#27430691) Attached to: Wolverine Film Leaked a Month Before Release
Hehe, I like to think it went down like this...


FBI: Okay. [Frank, turn that off] We've made a note of it. [seriously... no they're on the phone. yes the mpaa. What? No, they're on the phone right now!] Just one second. [Damn did you see him just rip that guy open... no, no let it play a bit now] Ahem, yes so we're on the case! [I can't wait to see what the effects are going to look like] We will umm, let you know when we find something.

Comment: Re:Duh, they're CRAP... (Score 1) 753

by GrayCalx (#27152549) Attached to: What Has Fox Got Against Its Own Sci-Fi Shows?
>>Good god man what is your attention span like? If it's not good in 5 minutes you're giving up?

Why should I waste any of my time on bad entertainment when there is better entertainment just a channel away. Maybe you're a fanboy who will watch anything Wheddon makes, simply because its Wheddon making it. I, on the other hand, have good taste and free-will and will not waste my precious time on such trite crap.

What you're failing to grasp frutti_tuti is that I don't get anything out of tv other than entertainment. I studied (when i was in school) because I wanted to learn. Reading a novel is different because of the timescale but yes if a book hasn't entertained me in the first chapter or two I'll stop reading. I engage in foreplay because once you mature you too will realize there is just as much enjoyment in giving pleasure as there is in receiving...

Comment: Re:What carrier, what location, and what voice pla (Score 1) 368

by GrayCalx (#26878849) Attached to: Internet Killed the Satellite Radio Star
Dammit I have to get an iphone. I live out in a rural area and can only get WISP internet which limits my bandwidth. I really should get an iphone and download everything i can with it... then use my WISP for work and movie downloads.

Okay you've convinced me.
//runs off to check when my att contract is up for renewal.

Comment: replaced it for me. (Score 1) 368

by GrayCalx (#26878769) Attached to: Internet Killed the Satellite Radio Star
You're exactly right with your "to each their own" statement. I had both services while they were separate. And they were different enough that most people would prefer one over the other.

Sirius seemed to group their music more by style... eg, you had an "alternative" channel that also played some hip-hop and metal, because that's what skaters listened to.

XM was always "too cool for the room" music. Lots of b-sides and lesser known music. I liked using satellite to turn into something i've heard before, so this didn't match, but exactly like you said, everyone has their own taste.

An interesting tidbit that I had heard was that XM started by really focusing on the tech. Their radios were smaller, and cooler, at the start because that was their focus. Sirius on the other hand focused on DJs. They hired DJs to "manage" stations, programming the channel with what their experience told them was the best fit. Both interesting ideas but its just such a niche market now with the widespread use of mp3 players.

I hope they find a way to make it work. The best radio show hosts are all owned by SiriusXM right now (Ron & Fez, Stern, Opie & Anthony) and I hope they find a way to use them productively.

Comment: Re:Maybe I am just lucky.... (Score 3, Informative) 688

by GrayCalx (#26376315) Attached to: The Recession
The web company that I work for started bringing in a lot of additional business the last 8 months or so. It seemed like a lot of companies were using the economic downturn to restructurr and consolidatr their IT expenses and we were glad to optimize/automate some things for them.

On the other hand my retail clients almost dropped off the map and I was moved around to different projects. Just the past 2 weeks my retail clients have started calling me again...

Now for my side-work, like you, things are starting to pick up again. But these are much smaller clients than my day job.

Comment: Re:My argument against this (Score 1) 198

by GrayCalx (#26160463) Attached to: Console Makers Pushing For More Network Reliance
DingDingDing... thats my biggest problem with this. I used to live in a suburb of DC, bandwidth was speedy and unlimited and I downloaded like crazy. But recently I moved out to the boonies to a horse farm; the only high-speed option I had was wireless with a local provider, and of course I'm limited to 10gigs a month. Most of that goes towards my work, so the idea of downloading "for free" doesn't really apply to me. Why download a game for the same price when I'll have to pay a couple extra bucks for bandwidth?

Now, given the option I'd rather stay on the couch and just download it...

If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.