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Comment: Re:False Advertising (Score 3, Informative) 137

by Gravis Zero (#48894931) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

I'm just going to come out and say that to advertise the card with 4GB, but then disable any amount of it, is false advertising.

i agree. however in this case, all 4 Gigabytes are accessible, they simply aren't accessible at the same speed. the final 500MB is "slow" to access but it's still there and you can still access it.

Comment: Re:Wow... Just "no". (Score 1) 203

by Gravis Zero (#48864483) Attached to: Sends Personal Data To Over a Dozen Tracking Websites

I agree with you, and any sane country with privacy laws would be appalled -- and you'd expect this to violate some HIPAA laws.

That's utterly insane, and if it isn't, it should be illegal.

i think it actually might be violating HIPAA. someone should be going to jail for this, whether they do or not is a different matter.

Comment: Re:Sad State of Affairs (Score 1) 102

by Gravis Zero (#48843543) Attached to: Feds Operated Yet Another Secret Metadata Database Until 2013

There is some poorly defined Ozzie and Harriet factor that causes cops to want to control anyone that is unlike Ozzie and Harriet in their life style. As a matter of fact a cop's entire world is controlling other peoples' behaviours. It gets to the point where cops can't turn it off. [...] How can cops deal with this sort of thing?

the solution is for them to quit. if you are unable to be rational then you should not be a cop.

Comment: Re:Now you know what a boiled frog feels like. (Score 1) 102

by Gravis Zero (#48843497) Attached to: Feds Operated Yet Another Secret Metadata Database Until 2013

The temperature in the pot goes up gradually, so the frog
doesn't notice the water is too hot until it is too late.

And now all those in the UK, the US, Australia, and various other
countries are boiled frogs.

And the water is very hot indeed.

It's all about control, you stupid senseless gullible sheep. You will be controlled or you will be
dealt with so harshly by your superiors that you will wish you had submitted. Talk all the shit
you like on you web forums, but at the end of the day you have all been subjugated,
and you are no more free than an animal in a zoo. In fact you are less free because
you have to PAY those who hold you prisoner for the privilege of being a captive.

Right about now, many Americans are probably beginning to understand why alcohol
consumption in Russia is so high.

are you blaming the frogs or trying to excuse alcoholism?

Comment: Re:Riiiiight. (Score 2) 170

Yep, 400 years the math has been right... and we only discovered Neptune 169 years ago. Pluto varies between 29 AU and 49 AU from Sol, depending on where it is in it's 248 year elliptical orbit. These hypothetical planets are at least 200 AU from the Sol and have very slow and large orbits taking between 1800 and 12000 years to complete.

Our math has worked well for 400 years... but how will it hold up in 400K years?

Comment: a pool of putzes (Score 1) 24

by Gravis Zero (#48769877) Attached to: Cluetrain Authors Offer an Updated Guide To the Web

Ok, government, you win. You've got our data. Now, what can we do to make sure you use it against Them and not against Us? In fact, can you tell the difference?
If we want our government to back off, the deal has to be that if — when — the next attack comes, we can't complain that they should have surveilled us harder.
A trade isn't fair trade if we don't know what we're giving up. Do you hear that, Security for Privacy trade-off?

1) no, "government" doesn't win. those that have violated the constitution should be tried and punished.
2) there is an extraordinary difference between "we dont want you to do unconstitutional warrantless mass surveillance and universally weaken security" and "we dont want you to do any surveillance". should they do surveillance? yes, off course, that's why government spies exist, to find and stop those who want to harm us. that said, warrantless mass surveillance is not required to achieve that goal and if the people in the government dont understand that then they are clearly in the wrong line of work.

cluetrain, let me show you my cluebat.

Comment: Re:BGP? (Score 1) 57

by Gravis Zero (#48587847) Attached to: BGP Hijacking Continues, Despite the Ability To Prevent It

What if we agree to spell out obscure acronyms the first time?

I guess I disagree. I don't want to have to see "Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol" the first time in every article that mentions TCP/IP

good news everyone! using time travel, i have added a html tag specifically for abbreviations. go ahead and try it, it's the <abbr> tag.

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