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Comment better solution: bioplastics (Score 1) 88

"normal" plastic wont break down under typical conditions on Earth so the best thing we can do is change the type of plastic we are using to something that will degrade over a much shorter period of time or can be metabolized by most living things. the good news is we have already invented many variants of plastic that meet this requirement and they have been named bioplastics. why are we still using these plastics that are bad for everyone? it's a simple matter of money and legal [ir]responsibility.

Comment click-bait (Score 4, Insightful) 207

"What the Fair Work Commission did find is that a pattern of unreasonable behaviour, hostile behaviour, belittling behaviour over about a two-year period, which featured a range of different behaviours including berating, excluding and so on, constituted a workplace bullying."

it just so happened that unfriending happened in that period.


Comment easy to prevent (Score 1) 45

She wants to predict outbreaks and enable authorities to prevent the next pandemic.

it's easy to prevent, you just need good sanitation laws. the problem we face is corrupt governments who don't give a flying fuck about their people. there is a reason that outbreaks start in poor areas with bad/no sanitation practices.

Comment that's some serious hubris! (Score 0) 258

As a member of the Millenial generation, I find Matthew Costlow's point of view to be shortsighted and dim witted.

Lastly, my generation has a nasty habit of encountering a problem and insisting that we do something about it. If you press us for specifics, you only hear crickets. So when we are confronted with the problem of, say, nuclear crises, a Millennial response goes something like this: “If humanity is ever to be free from the threat of nuclear catastrophe, people need to stand up and demand further action on nuclear reductions from their representatives.” What specific actions would free humanity from the threat of nuclear catastrophe? Why were these actions not taken earlier? How would unilateral nuclear reductions enhance our security? Crickets

* What specific actions would free humanity from the threat of nuclear catastrophe?
1) nuclear disarmament is a start.
2) advancing our nuclear technology to use thorium would eat up nuclear waste and not produce plutonium.

* Why were these actions not taken earlier?
1) nuclear disarmament has been going on for a LONG time!
2) it will take time and money to fully develop and the public has been conditioned to be terrified of nuclear anything.
3) politics

* How would unilateral nuclear reductions enhance our security?
It would ensure that these dangerous weapons are not used on humans.

So... can we do those or are you going to just bitch about other Millenials on the internet?

Comment there's a name for school funding sources... (Score 1) 21

schools are and should be funded by taxes. it's quite simple, works for lots of other things and ensures there are no strings attached. hell... maybe if you just repeal some tax cuts on the rich you could get all that money and more without taking a penny from the common folk.

Comment advertisement (Score 1) 100

i'm just going to go out on a limb and say this is an advertisement because the first thing "alphamore" aka Alphamore Media Solutions did after creating an account was submit this story. despite their address being created on 2015-06-23, they claim to have completed 1,412 projects and written 712,094 lines of code.

seems legit, right? -_-

Comment Re:Free other things (Score 1) 135

How about free culture (copyrights that expire in time to share your favouring movies with grandkids)?

that's a conflict of interest for RMS because code is only covered by the GPL because of absurdly long copyright. companies could make custom closed source versions of linux 2.4 and GNU tools and not even the GPLv3 could touch them. it would also make it more difficult to prove GPL violation because you would have to find the software version if it's old software like GNU.

RMS likes the eternal copyright because it makes the GPL stronger.

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