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Comment ISPs should disconnect the infected (Score 1) 52

it's pretty simple, if you are coughing up blood, you dont go to work and then infect your coworkers with ebola. why should we allow computers that are doing the same thing to come to the internet? people mostly dont know they are infected, so injecting a little HTML into served pages that will help them disinfect their computer would be a good start. if it's been a week and they are still infected, it's time to serve them pages only on how to disinfect their machine and close any unrelated ports.

there is no need for this bullshit to continue.

Comment disable flash! (Score 1) 46

i said it before and i'll say it again.

there are very few reasons to keep flash installed/enabled. if you must have it, use flashblock but chances are you can just disable/remove it completely. if some site still uses flash to play video, leave a complaint in the comments. those that haven't switched to html5 yet will do so soon enough.

if you still have java plugin installed, you better have a good reason because no (sane) sites use that shit.

Comment VistA is a nightmare (Score 5, Interesting) 183

i was interested in VistA and what all the fuss was about, so i decided to check it out. turns out the backend is nightmare code that would would swear was machine generated. after some investigation i found out it's MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System) code. a lot of useful stuff started way back in the 1970s... but MUMPS is a 1960s nightmare come to life.

think i'm exagerating? here's a module from VistA's code which was apparently updated in 1989.

  K ^DOPT($P(O,S,5))
  F I=1:1 Q:$T(@(%O)+I)="" S ^DOPT($P(O,S,5),I,0)=$P($T(@(%O)+I),S,3),^DOPT($P(O,S,5),"B",$P($P($T(@(%O)+I),S,3),"^",1),I)=""
  S K=I-1,^DOPT($P(O,S,5),0)=$P(O,S,4)_U_1_U_K_U_K K I,K,X S ^DOPT($P(O,S,5),"VERSION")=DENTV
IN I $P(O,S,6)'="" D @($P(O,S,6))
PR S O=$T(@(%O)),S=";" S IOP=$I D ^%ZIS W:IOST'["PK-" @IOF K IOP
  I $P(O,S,7)'="" D @($P(O,S,7))
  E W !!,$P(O,S,3),":",!,$$VERSION^XPDUTL("DENT")," ",$P($T(+1),S,1),!!,$P(O,S,4),"S:",!
  F J=1:1 Q:'$D(^DOPT($P(O,S,5),J,0)) S K=$S(J0 S Z2=Z1

Comment ORLY? (Score 1) 34

then perhaps you should update wikipedia. Then again, that means you have to cite some sources that aren't your ass.

The Zephyr 7 holds the official endurance record for an unmanned aerial vehicle for its flight from 9 July to 23 July 2010, lasting 336 hours and 22 minutes (2 weeks / 14 days).[3][4] Record claims have been verified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) for both duration[4] and altitude, at 21,562 meters. It more than doubled the previous endurance record for unmanned flight.[5][6][7]

Comment Re:Hmmmmmmm (Score 0) 31

Ya know, I'll bet that if we didn't have so many science haters and pork barrelers in Congress playing games with the budget, that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration could do similar research.

do you really think NASA should be wasting any brainpower on this corporate horseshit? if companies want to make supersonic jets quiet, let them do/pay for the research. frankly, i would prefer NASA stay on the task of helping humanity, not corporations.

Comment just add a camera? bullshit. (Score 2) 16

technical issues with 3d aside, to get any meaningful information about it fitting, you first have to have actually have meaningful information about the product! this means that you would need a full 3d model of each article of clothing for each size from every seller. furthermore, you need information about the material it's made of and most importantly, how it reacts to being washed which means information about how the clothing was constructed. with all that information, you might as well be the one making the clothing.

stores aren't going by the wayside just yet.

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