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Comment decentralize power (Score 1) 152

the problem we have now is that the current power system is centralized and interconnected. it's interconnected nature is it's vulnerability so the obvious answer is to segment "the grid". the best answer would be to have everyone use solar+battery and only have people can't generate enough power actually stay connected to the grid.

Comment define "tailstrike" (Score 1) 366

In aviation, a tailstrike is an event in which the rear end of an aircraft strikes the runway. This can happen during takeoff of a fixed-wing aircraft if the pilot pulls up too rapidly, leading to the rear end of the fuselage touching the runway. It can also occur during landing if the pilot raises the nose too aggressively. This is often the result of an attempt to land nearer to the runway threshold.

Comment yep, this is a problem (Score 1) 89

it's very simple to check if something is a problem if you simply take it to it's extreme.

in this case, you can pay $50 for access to a data plan but your data cap is 1MB. however, if you visit sites X, Y and Z, you can stream several gigs of data without it counting against your data cap. exceeding your data cap incurs a $10 per MB fee. so if you aren't site X, Y or Z then people wont want to use your site... but if you pay the ISP money, they will make it free for people to go to your site too.

the result is nobody will go to your site unless you pay ISPs money. this is a problem.

Comment typical marketing horseshit (Score 4, Insightful) 154

Internet of Things, the mobile revolution, cloud computing, digital disruption, and the perpetual increase of processing power. ('It’s exponential, folks. It’s just growing and growing.') The upshot: If you don’t at least try to think digitally, the digital economy will disrupt you. It will drain your town of young people and leave your business in the dust. Then he switches gears and tries to stiffen their spines with confidence. Start a website, he’ll say. Get on social media.

the Internet of Things is a security disaster, the "mobile revolution" is a farce, cloud computing is outsourcing to people you shouldn't trust, "digital disruption" is niche and completely unpredictable, and the "perpetual increase of processing power" is a lie. starting a website is not always necessary and often a burden. social media is a hellscape of volatile idiots.

people don't need to "think digitally", what they need is to think for themselves.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.