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Comment: Re:Seems like... (Score 1) 40

by GrandCow (#48848565) Attached to: Nintendo Power Glove Used To Create 'Robot Chicken'

He sits there and hits the left and right keys on the d-pad like he's having a seizure. Yes he's doing "all right." He'd also be doing the same kind of all right with an atari joystick wired up.

This is a man living out his dream of using a Power Glove to do something, and I salute him for that. He's not changing the world though, or making anything easier. He's purposely handicapping himself to do it. Yes, he ends up with his desired end result, but he could do it much faster and easier if he used a different tool.

Comment: Re:Car analogy? (Score 1) 81

by GrandCow (#47478225) Attached to: NIF Compresses Diamonds With 50 Million Atmospheres of Pressure

Think of a monster truck show.

All those junk cars lined up in a row, that's the diamond. Then out comes Gravedigger. The driver revs the engine and hits the ramp, landing on the cars and crushing them. Bam, denser diamonds.

Then Truckasaurus comes stomping out into the arena and starts grabbing the smashed cars and eating them. Flames and sparks are shooting everywhere and the cars (diamonds) explode into little pieces half a second later.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin stopped being distributed a long time a (Score 5, Interesting) 281

by GrandCow (#47243867) Attached to: Bitcoin Security Endangered By Powerful Mining Pool

Bitcoin stopped being a distributed system a long time ago. All the serious miners now have data-center sized installations of custom boards with custom ASICs. Some are liquid-cooled. The original idea was millions of end users running Bitcoin mining as a background job on their CPU. That's totally dead.

This is absolutely hilarious. Not because it's a fake post (I honestly don't know if it is or not), but just the fact that someone would even think that this is a good enough idea to post that 'serious' miners are actually doing this. This is the California gold rush all over again... the only people making a profit off of the mining are the people selling the ASIC's/shovels. Mining isn't profitable and hasn't been for quite some time. While it might be if you ignore the hardware cost and only think of the electricity cost, you're still BARELY making a SLIGHT profit. That's only in places that you have very cheap electricity (or can find a way to make someone else pay for the electricity). And once again, that doesn't even count the cost of hardware in the first place. Lets not forget that there are other idiots funneling money into even faster hardware which makes your very expensive highly specialized and unable to be repurposed board basically worthless in a few months time, once the electricity cost passes what you'll make back from mining.

HINT: this is before you get your initial cost of hardware back out of the system. You will never make a net profit. Ever.

The only money in bitcoin right now is in speculating, and even then it's a suckers game. Your profits are based entirely on someone else guessing wrong and losing money into the system that you might be lucky enough to cash out at the right time. You can do that easier and without a datacenters worth of hardware with penny stocks. Also penny stocks are LEGAL! You don't have to worry about some new law negating all of your money like you have to do every day with bitcoin.

I'll just stop here because anyone that legit cares about bitcoin already had their opinion made before they even read a word of this comment.

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