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Comment Re:Let's get this out of the way (Score 4, Insightful) 447

I read the article, and apparently, only positive reviews are visible for a person until that person signs up. Fortunately, I suspect there's a workaround... continuing with your example:

Of all the accused crack-smoking child molesters, Bennet Hasselton is by far the best!

What's stopping someone who wants to write a review from signing up under the persons name in order to get the bad reviews to show?

Comment Re:A timely story by theodp (Score 1) 112

Who gives a shit? I like the fact that companies are stressing how important learning to code is to kids in K-12. What agenda are you trying to imply other than "coding is good"? I support teaching children at least the basics of coding.

The only thing you could be pushing is that companies want more H1-B's so they can get cheap coders, but the fact that they're trying to get coding into basic education goes against exactly that.

Comment Re:100% serious question (Score 1) 253

Off the top of my head:

-Steam games at 40-60gb a pop or full computer backup/restores faster than we can do now.
-On demand games for future game consoles, no more even having to wait an hour to cache the game files on your consoles hard drive... just a giant set of RAM and the system loads game engines, worlds, textures, and media in real time after a short buffering session to get the basic framework loaded when the game first starts up.
-4k streaming for multiple devices in the house
-360 degree HD video streaming. How about a camera on the roof of your house that films in 360 so multiple people can view different directions at once,and lets you zoom in on a deer in the woods a mile away.
-Gigabit download means better upload as well... so HD/4k video conferencing as well as easier backups for large photo and video projects to a cloud based storage.

And then the last one: WHO FUCKING KNOWS? The technology always comes first, then people find ways to use it. If your mind can only think of using higher bandwidth for pirating, then you're not really thinking about the possibilities.

Comment Re:Amazed (Score 1) 185

You can buy a bitcoin online for $X and then spend it immediately on some sites to get $X worth of products.

Where's the scam?

Bitcoin is currently dropping in price. Incredibly fast since the fight/fork was announced. So no, you can't buy for $X and spend for $X, the dollar value of the coins you purchased drop as soon as you give someone money.

Comment And how are they going to do this? (Score 4, Insightful) 139

Do they expect email providers to flag every email with keywords in it? Because I'm sure they'll love hearing about all the bath bombs people order. Or the new version of death and decay from warcraft patch notes.

You'd think any kind of organized terrorist would use codewords and not actually write an email saying "the bomb will be placed at and it's set to blow up at 3:00pm, We expect 100+ deaths"

Comment Re:Shocked (Score 1) 179

What point are you trying to make here, specifically? Money hasn't been backed by gold since the 70's. Dollars are backed by the government itself. The bitcoin shills keep saying 'FIAT DOLLARS' like the US dollar is going to fail tomorrow. If the US dollar fails, the entire world economy fails, and even those that are invested in buying gold/silver are completely fucked. ALSO all of your bitcoins will immediately be absolutely worthless.

As for fractional banking, it's been done that way for far longer than bitcoin or the actual reasons the economy crashed. Putting that as the example for why bitcoin is great is laughable at best.

Comment Re:This is a GODDAMN DISASTER! (Score 1, Informative) 179

How many bitcoin banks have decided to cut and run at this point?

The best part about bitcoin is that there's no takebacks or market controls. Meaning when you get scammed like happens so often, your money is GONE. Definitely the currency of the future, better than credit cards with all those shitty government and business protections. Obviously the wild west mentality is better than anything with protections.

Comment Re:Well its simple (Score 3) 70

So they gave you a legitimate compromise of finding a *single* other person interested to make their groundbreaking worth it to them in case you cancelled your contract at the end and leaving them in the red... and you said no?

There's a person who is wrong here... but I don't think it's the person you think it is.

Comment Re:Why is it because of preorders? (Score 2) 223

A very large part of it is companies putting embargos on game reviewers; so while in the past we might have seen a review about a new Batman game coming out that plays like absolute shit and the buyer deciding to wait, now the developers push out extra skins or bonus weapons or whatever it takes to get that first pile of cash to them before people read any reviews. So instead of holding the game back for another couple months for polish, the developers decide "well... good enough I guess" and dump the turd to the public.

After that, They can take their time patching because they've already got a massive portion of the possible purchasers cash.

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