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Comment: Re:Shocked (Score 1) 177 177

What point are you trying to make here, specifically? Money hasn't been backed by gold since the 70's. Dollars are backed by the government itself. The bitcoin shills keep saying 'FIAT DOLLARS' like the US dollar is going to fail tomorrow. If the US dollar fails, the entire world economy fails, and even those that are invested in buying gold/silver are completely fucked. ALSO all of your bitcoins will immediately be absolutely worthless.

As for fractional banking, it's been done that way for far longer than bitcoin or the actual reasons the economy crashed. Putting that as the example for why bitcoin is great is laughable at best.

Comment: Re:This is a GODDAMN DISASTER! (Score 1, Informative) 177 177

How many bitcoin banks have decided to cut and run at this point?

The best part about bitcoin is that there's no takebacks or market controls. Meaning when you get scammed like happens so often, your money is GONE. Definitely the currency of the future, better than credit cards with all those shitty government and business protections. Obviously the wild west mentality is better than anything with protections.

Comment: Re:Well its simple (Score 3) 70 70

So they gave you a legitimate compromise of finding a *single* other person interested to make their groundbreaking worth it to them in case you cancelled your contract at the end and leaving them in the red... and you said no?

There's a person who is wrong here... but I don't think it's the person you think it is.

Comment: Re:Why is it because of preorders? (Score 2) 223 223

A very large part of it is companies putting embargos on game reviewers; so while in the past we might have seen a review about a new Batman game coming out that plays like absolute shit and the buyer deciding to wait, now the developers push out extra skins or bonus weapons or whatever it takes to get that first pile of cash to them before people read any reviews. So instead of holding the game back for another couple months for polish, the developers decide "well... good enough I guess" and dump the turd to the public.

After that, They can take their time patching because they've already got a massive portion of the possible purchasers cash.

Comment: Re:OK (Score 1) 479 479

"Sending out a technician" includes sending one out to the box a mile up the street from you. Half the time I send a tech out to someones house I tell them specifically that they (likely) won't need to be home and if for some strange reason the issue isn't at the box then the tech will call their cell phone and arrange to meet them as long as they're (or someone else is) able to get home in a reasonable timeframe after the tech calls.

Comment: Re:Reddit.... (Score 1, Funny) 474 474

[citation needed]

Seriously though, why do you need to keep yourself anonymous on a totally different site? Lets see the thread you were banned in so we can determine if you were drunkposting bullshit in a science subreddit or if you were actually right and got banned because circlejerking in a science area.

Also, reddit has a bunch of autobans for really stupid things like doubleposting links. Have you actually contacted a mod and confirmed why you were banned?

Comment: Re:How about... (Score 1) 101 101

I work in phone support for a different ISP but I'll tell you that for every person that ACTUALLY has powercycled the equipment, bypassed 3rd party devices, etc. there are 5 that skipped some of the most basic steps and just lie. Whenever someone calls in and lists their references at the start of the call ("I work with all this for a living, I'm an admin for 500 computers and the network that connects them all, blah blah) the calls are more difficult than the people that call in that know nothing and will just do what I ask them to do. After an hour of fighting with a person and them claiming that they've checked the cables 10 different times, they'll finally ACTUALLY take a look at it and see that when they painted the room they forgot to plug the cord back in.

There's no way for me to know if you're the first type of person or the second type, so I HAVE to get you to redo some steps sometimes. If it didn't happen on the phone with me, then I'm going to assume that it didn't happen, even if I believe you.

As for asking to reboot the computer when the modem sync light is showing disconnected, that's silly and anyone following any kind of tech support tree would be starting with the modem itself. Always start outside and work your way in.

Comment: Re:Temporary (Score 2) 198 198

Sadly, I agree, and it's also the reason that no real change will ever happen until we are literally on the brink of extinction and we're forced to choose between killing off the entire race or reverting to an age without fossil fuels (or moving on to an age where we no longer need fossil fuels by using alternate fuels). Politicians in the US shoot for being career politicians, so they won't ever rock the boat. We'll never get the change that's needed until the last possible second.

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