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Comment: Re:How about... (Score 1) 101

I work in phone support for a different ISP but I'll tell you that for every person that ACTUALLY has powercycled the equipment, bypassed 3rd party devices, etc. there are 5 that skipped some of the most basic steps and just lie. Whenever someone calls in and lists their references at the start of the call ("I work with all this for a living, I'm an admin for 500 computers and the network that connects them all, blah blah) the calls are more difficult than the people that call in that know nothing and will just do what I ask them to do. After an hour of fighting with a person and them claiming that they've checked the cables 10 different times, they'll finally ACTUALLY take a look at it and see that when they painted the room they forgot to plug the cord back in.

There's no way for me to know if you're the first type of person or the second type, so I HAVE to get you to redo some steps sometimes. If it didn't happen on the phone with me, then I'm going to assume that it didn't happen, even if I believe you.

As for asking to reboot the computer when the modem sync light is showing disconnected, that's silly and anyone following any kind of tech support tree would be starting with the modem itself. Always start outside and work your way in.

Comment: Re:Temporary (Score 2) 198

Sadly, I agree, and it's also the reason that no real change will ever happen until we are literally on the brink of extinction and we're forced to choose between killing off the entire race or reverting to an age without fossil fuels (or moving on to an age where we no longer need fossil fuels by using alternate fuels). Politicians in the US shoot for being career politicians, so they won't ever rock the boat. We'll never get the change that's needed until the last possible second.

Comment: Re:Temporary (Score 4, Interesting) 198

We've been doing this for years, both with cap&trade and with better emissions standards. Countries need to start doing a lot more and not just passing the buck so politicians can get reelected again. At some point we as a whole need to make some changes that are going to make people comfortable with the norm pretty unhappy. They can deal with it and adjust, but the norm isn't going to work.

Comment: Phrasing? (Score 4, Insightful) 108

by GrandCow (#49093183) Attached to: Scotland's Police Lose Data Because of Programmer's Error

"Programmer error" != some idiot pressing the wrong button.

If you want powerful software, you get powerful results. You also get powerful fuck-ups. Don't blame the person who coded it, blame the idiot who clicked through 4 different "are you REALLY SURE you want to do this" warnings.

Comment: Re:I'll take the wine instead (Score 5, Insightful) 480

by GrandCow (#49034547) Attached to: The Mathematical Case For Buying a Powerball Ticket

Incorrect. Buying a *single* ticket is worth it, since it puts you on the playing field at least. It's buying 2+ tickets that aren't worth the money, Every ticket after the first raises your chances by such an incredibly small amount that it's not worth it. The first ticket raising your chances above a flat zero is worth it though.

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