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Comment Re:VPN (Score 1) 153

In the very next sentence after you got that 5 years from, it says you can renew it for free.

Subscription term is for 5 years. At the conclusion of the 5-year term, customers may renew their subscriptions completely free-of-charge by contacting support@stackcommerce.com.

Comment Re:Reaching a 1.4% Decline in 2019? (Score 2) 247

Think big picture here. Especially with the population always rising, it should be a given that the number of subscribers increases or at least stays the same.

If more people are growing into "pay for cable" age and the total number of subscribers goes down, that's cause to start panicking. A 1% loss turns into millions of dollars a year in lost revenue, and that's a large enough number that shareholders start thinking thoughts that are bad for board members.

Comment Re:Fake overclocking (Score 1) 89

You're never guaranteed to be able to clock a chip purchased at 3.8GHz prices up to 4.7GHz. You are guaranteed a chip that will run at 3.8GHz.

If you want to roll the dice and attempt to run it faster, more power to you, but if you want to guarantee that it'll run at the higher speed, you pay more.

What's the problem here?

Comment Re:So this is what Clarkson's doing now (Score 2) 277

Fall from grace? He, Hammond, and May are working on a new motoring show currently with a bigger budget than they ever could have hoped when they were working with the BBC. They probably all got a nice pay raise as well. There's probably a few clauses in the contract that they need to do some Amazon based commercials, but who cares?

Comment Re:What does it do to your credit score (Score 1) 386

The article says that it's used to judge people that have never had credit ever. If you already have a credit card, it doesn't really apply to you. I'd say it doesn't apply, but I'm sure there's a variable in an equation somewhere that has an effect but is so minor that it's almost 0 on an account that already has credit.

If you've never had credit ever, then you're subject to the same terms that creditors have always had with new applicants. Get a cosigner, get student account, get a secured CC, get a checking account, and I'm sure there's other ways that I can't think of off the top of my head when I'm 10 minutes from going to bed.

Comment So nobody read the article, or even the summary (Score 3, Interesting) 386

"Lansing said FICO is working with credit card companies to use several different methods for deciding what size loans people can handle, and using non-traditional sources like social media allows them to collect information on people who don't have an in-depth credit history. According to the FT, both FICO and TransUnion have had to find alternative ways to assess people who don't have a traditional credit profile -- including people who haven't borrowed enough to give creditors an idea of what kind of risk they pose."

So this has a nonzero effect on your credit score, but for anyone with a legitimate history (aka any credit card or loan ever) the effect will be so small that it would be considered negligible. What the hell do you people want? If I was an employer looking up peoples names on Facebook, like is common these days, and found out that the person was posting pictures of getting high/drunk on a regular basis or posting really horrible comments, I'd refuse to hire them too. The same applies to credit cards. Some random person with no references walks into my bank and says, "Hey give me $1000, I'm good for it". What should my response be, seriously?

"Can you prove in any way that I can depend on you to pay me back?"

If you don't want to be judged by your social profile, make it private or don't fucking post it in the first place.

Comment There are a couple options (Score 1) 193

http://www.onesupport.com/ is a service that started in the last year or two. $15/month plus a $50 sign up fee, or no sign up fee if they pay a year in advance. (Disclaimer, I am partially associated with them. Never worked for them, but worked with their techs in the past). They do phone/remote access troubleshooting/virus removal/tuneups/basic software support/printers/networking. They always seemed fairly competent from the chats I had with them.

Also most ISP's, or at least the 4 or 5 that I've worked for or subscribed to, offer some kind of premium support for $10-$20/month. Worth looking into.

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