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Comment Re:"Big business" doesn't give a fuck. (Score 1) 167

Don't need to read the book, I've seen it. MANY TIMES!

Company is doing fine printing money.
CEO is squeezed out.
New CEO brings in all his buddies.
Company is stripped of its assets.
Company's brain trust flees.
Production is outsourced.
CEO is lauded as a visionary.
The remnants of the company are wrapped up in a bow and sold to competitor.
CEO cashes in a ridiculous bonus on his way out.

Comment They see the writing on the walls (Score 5, Insightful) 167

When all of their cow-orkers speak Hindi..

What is big business going to do when the short term payoff HB-1 workers go home and take their new found knowledge with them?

They will cry crocodile tears about how the offshore engineers are beating them at their own game.

They will need more government subsidies and tax breaks to survive!

Comment When you have a hammer (Score 2) 115

Everything looks like a nail.

No one feature is going to jack Linux into mainstream.

What has propelled Linux to it's current position is price point and versatility.

The ability to fold spindle and mutilate an OS as desired.

I fear elevation to mainstream would be its demise.

More is better is marketspeak for more money, I think Linux is pretty great right now.

Comment I was always worried that the feds (Score 1) 373

I was always worried that the feds would tie all their digital resources together and put the smackdown on "us".

I now realize that would ensnare "those that matter" so that will never happen.

Now the private sector has made marketing the winner of that race.

Thank you Google and all the cell phone "helper" apps that map out our every move.

I remember when Google's motto gave "us" the impression evil was not on the agenda.

Seems that some folks have a different definition of evil!

The microscope shoved up my butt is getting bigger, just like boiling a frog.

Comment They are easy to spot (Score 1) 395

A 1/4" layer of black soot covering the back bumper.

I see a lot of chipped up Diesels pukeing blackness.

A lot of Eco friendly BIO-Diesel fueled are difficult to drive behind and show significant amounts of blue smoke.
Lets sniff a TriMet short bus, the big ones must have cats on them. The small ones are really bad.

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