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Comment: Oracle told them up front (Score 2) 116

by Grand Facade (#47827249) Attached to: Oregon Suing Oracle Over Obamacare Site, But Still Needs Oracle's Help

To hire an industry coordinator but Kitzhauber let the clowns do it in house.

Oracle wrote a letter to them warning of potential problems without proper project management.

Oracle was only contracted for limited aspects of the project "time and materials".

Oregon (Kitzhauber) needs to cut it's losses and pull the plug on "Cover Oregon".
I think they think it is some kind of honey pot they are going to skim revenue from, but so far all they have done is squander millions of my tax dollars for something the feds already provide.

Comment: This is Kitzhaber trying to cover his ass (Score 1) 83

by Grand Facade (#47141011) Attached to: Oregon vs. Oracle: the Battle of Blame Heats Up

There were no deliverables in the terms Oracle was hired under.

The entire open bidding process was subverted and Oracle was handed an open ended time and materials deal.

Now that the feds are looking into going after the responsible parties Kitzhaber is back pedaling.

I was also told the states attorney will not be taking action, a private attorney will be runnng point on this action.

Not that I am any fan or Oracle's I think they may be in the clear on this one.

Kitzhaber should fall on his sword.

Comment: Re:It's just a ploy. (Score 1) 286

It was a poor choice of words, my intention was not to denigrate.

Internet access is my first consideration in searching for a residence.

There are a great number of people living in the US who do not have reasonably priced viable internet service available (I do not consider satellite service viable, I doubt it has improved since I was once a subscriber, not sure it falls into affordable either). There are also a great number of folks that simply can't afford the ridiculous rates that are charged by providers. It has created a class of people who are in essence now outsiders to the network and and will never see

My point is I view the internet as a lifeline service just like the POTS phone was/is.
It is therefore in my opinion the same as telephone service and should be regulated as such.
The cellular companies have escaped regulation and are free to gouge their customers for their "Luxury service".
However wired/direct service to the home is vitale to nurture an acceptable quality of life on so many levels it demands to be regulated and taken off the corporate chess board.

Comment: It's just a ploy. (Score 2) 286

They are attempting to monetize individual streams from a service we already pay too much for.

What really yanks my chain is that they built the internet with our money.
We gave them subsidies, tax breaks, and rights for physical placement.
Now they have the nerve to extort the right to further monetize the net.

Remember when conectivity came with benefits?
Most all "service providers" had a community area and good support.
They maintained news servers.
They provided shell access.
As more got on board the unwashed ignored these vital beginnings these services dropped off the menu.
As yet more came along providers used this as an excuse to raise fees.

Then came cellular technology which the providers connected to this network we helped them build.
And more subsidies and tax breaks were given = more of our money was used to build the thing the providers would then charge us more to use.
Given this path and the wreckless way we are governed I predict we will soon have Obama-Net.
All citizens will be legally obligated to purchase service from a provider.
Providers will monetize certain streams as they see fit to further exploit their position.
More of our money will be given to the providers so they can build out the network to effectively reach all.
The providers will fail that measure as they failed to provide DSL or fiber beyond the urban boundaries.
The providers will use the money we gave them for a wired network to build out the cellular network.
Then charge us 10x fees to connect since cellular is unregulated + cheaper infrastructure for them to provide and maintain.

Oh! Wait! This has all already happened (except Obama-Net)(but it's coming)

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