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Comment They are easy to spot (Score 1) 395

A 1/4" layer of black soot covering the back bumper.

I see a lot of chipped up Diesels pukeing blackness.

A lot of Eco friendly BIO-Diesel fueled are difficult to drive behind and show significant amounts of blue smoke.
Lets sniff a TriMet short bus, the big ones must have cats on them. The small ones are really bad.

Comment Am I a unique browser? (Score 1) 190

Do people actually click on the ads?
I've been on the web for a long time and a cant recall ever clicking on an ad other than to move it out of my way.

Maybe I just have a cruel bend, even if I see content that interests me I'll open a new browser tab and go to the content rather than click through.
To be honest most of the targeted click through I see (that gets past adblock) is late, I have already surfed and made my decision to purchase or not and what and who to purchase it from.

As far as the Bots go, this is what happens when you deal with the devil, he's always going to get his cut first. You never let the Wolf count the chickens, he's always passing some behind his back. Greed, laziness, and stupidity leaves the door wide open, just like Bill Gates selling an OS he did not even possess!

Take that Gates mentality and apply it to real world purchasing - For larger purchases I have found I can get a better deal in person at the brick & mortar, using the info I have found online to beat them up with. You just have to make the effort to ask for a lower price, often you will get the better price on the first ask as the salesmen are bonused on the # of units sold and they will just give it away for the asking instead of doing the dance, then they can check the win box and move on to the next victim.

Comment Oracle told them up front (Score 2) 116

To hire an industry coordinator but Kitzhauber let the clowns do it in house.

Oracle wrote a letter to them warning of potential problems without proper project management.

Oracle was only contracted for limited aspects of the project "time and materials".

Oregon (Kitzhauber) needs to cut it's losses and pull the plug on "Cover Oregon".
I think they think it is some kind of honey pot they are going to skim revenue from, but so far all they have done is squander millions of my tax dollars for something the feds already provide.

System going down at 1:45 this afternoon for disk crashing.