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Comment: Re:Asinine (Score 1) 299

by GraZZ (#32861328) Attached to: Deals With Community Backlash Over PepsiCo Column

THANK YOU for posting this on a weekend, where I actually had time to listen to the whole 90 minute argument. It's very convincing, and very informative. This professor really needs to do more to get his message out in public forums (write a book?). I'll be sharing this video with my friends.

Comment: Time to foil unlockers? (Score 1) 282

by GraZZ (#32722090) Attached to: iOS Update May Tackle iPhone 4's Antenna Problems

I submit the following conspiracy theory to explain the antenna situation:

Apple, in its efforts to thwart unlockers, knowingly ships a defective baseband firmware in iOS4, fully expecting it to be unlocked quickly. Apple then releases iOS4.01 with a new firmware, fixing the horrible issue, as well as the unlocking vector.

Sound possible?

Comment: Totally believable this could happen (Score 1) 643

by GraZZ (#32119064) Attached to: Stock Market Sell-Off Might Stem From Trader's Fat Finger

Having worked connecting clients on the sell side of brokerage, I can assure you that we would frequently field requests to disable client trading limits (or balloon them astronomically) when a client's legitimate trade would hit them (maybe they've traded for 5 years and their favourite high-volume stock has gone up in price 10x).

Add in the fact that electronic trading software is often written with no thought to the UI, I'm surprised fat finger issues don't happen more frequently. Well, I guess they do, they just don't make the news very often as they don't cause this kind of a market swing...

In my experience, a lot of capital markets software is crap compared to the commercial stuff you use day-to-day, and a LOT clunkier than even the worst of the worst in open source UIs. When they say they're using the highest tech stuff out there, it doesn't mean it's actually good.

Comment: Re:Is This Secure? (Score 1) 208

by GraZZ (#31770070) Attached to: Wall St. Trading Servers To Power Off-Hour Clouds?

Having worked in an electronic trading operation (brokerage side) I can already say that security is of very little concern in this kind of operation. Of the three corners of business operations, these systems need to be fast and cheap; quality concerns are secondary as long as you're not completely breaking the clients' trades.

Arguably security isn't very important in high frequency trading. You're trying to get an order to market before it can react to something. Once the order is there, people already know (a lot) about it.

Comment: Re:Medical... (Score 2, Interesting) 727

by GraZZ (#31467266) Attached to: Why Are Digital Hearing Aids So Expensive?

Since you typically make microchips one wafer at a time, and the cost to produce a wafer is roughly independent of what's actually on it given a certain production process (ie A masks, B layers, C coatings, etc), your cost per unit goes DOWN for smaller electronics these days.

As other posters have mentioned, the development costs clearly outweigh the manufacturing costs.

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