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Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 2) 423

And this would be my perfect browser. Focus on one thing only.. properly and safely rendering a page.. that's it!

If you want cookie retention and management, use an add on..
If you want DRM video (looking at you Netflix), use an add on..
If you want bookmark management, use an add on..
If you want , use an add on..

Users will pick what features they want on the web, and what features they don't. Stop trying to shove shit like Pocket down our throats and removing features we use.

Comment Why is Microsoft not top of the list? (Score 0) 320

I'm being serious, why isn't Microsoft Windows 10 top of the list right now?

It comes embedded with software that meets the definitions of spyware (recording your mouse movements and keystrokes) _and_ malware. They even have a way of changing/upgrading it by a way of a command and control server (windows update).

When you can't even trust your OS, further blaming additional software on it seems amusing.

Comment Re:Advert for Razer? (Score 1) 199

This, absolutely this.

I burned though 3 Lycosa keyboards (keycaps breaking, backlighting failing, USB misdetection) in as many months. Thankfully Amazon has a generous exchange program, which I ended up using.

Also, why the hell do I need to sign up for a fsckin account on their website for drivers which should have been included in the package in the first place!

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