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Comment: Re:Web developers know they'll be attacked (Score 1) 189

It may not be HTML's job, but certain basics still need to be understood, such as where you load JS from, and what you can access when in HTTPS mode versus HTTP, and why those things matter. 99% of HTML "devs" do not understand a thing about those scenarios. Anyone that says Ruby is secure doesn't have a clue. Python? Seriously? They may have started taking it more seriously, but how seriously can you take a system that doesn't even verify certificates in 2015? (Since it was reported in Dec 2014, and I'm guessing it wasn't a 1 day fix)

Comment: Re:Oh well (Score 1) 189

Yep, skype is perfectly good at:

  • * Keeping records of everyone you talk to
  • * Keeping records of all your conversations
  • * Playing at security while exposing everything you do (your encryption is only between you and the server)
  • * Being a flaky piece of crap that has lock up issues, and requires far too invasive an install when all it is is a network accessing application.

Comment: Re:Web developers know they'll be attacked (Score 2) 189

You are smoking crack. Web developers, those writing crappy PHP websites or just straight HTML do not have a clue about security. Those writing enterprise apps at least know what the word means, but the general web page developer still does exactly 0 security work.

Comment: Re:Diversity (Score 1) 233

I've actually done this using my real name and a variation of it. My real name didn't get an interview, the fake "English" sounding one did. I didn't go, but man it was depressing.

Well, what that proves is that it isn't about race, but name bias. I'll bet something like Bjork ranks low as well.

Comment: Re:OK (Score 1) 64

by Gr8Apes (#49829739) Attached to: New SOHO Router Security Audit Uncovers Over 60 Flaws In 22 Models
It is expensive, until you need a reliable wireless connection. Then, compared to Cisco and other business class routers, the APE is an absolute bargain. Yes, you don't get enterprisey management, but all I want or need is a reliable wireless connection. Linksys, D-link, TrendNet, Buffalo, etc have all failed at this basic requirement for a wireless router. I used to get a new router every 3-6 months or so as the current one went flaky. Tallied up the costs in a year and decided to buy an APE. 5 years later, still running the same APE and it's been rebooted only a handful of times. I'm considering getting a new one only to get the upgraded wireless speeds.

Comment: Re: finally (Score 1) 269

by Gr8Apes (#49829559) Attached to: Microsoft To Support SSH In Windows and Contribute To OpenSSH

It's more like 2 decades since ssh first hit the internet. And I came here to retract the other day's comment that MS still didn't support the industry standard, well, will soon support the standard...

I agree with the AC however, cygwin is a pain, enough so that I switched to Linux and macs to get real shell support. Granted, since I stopped running any windows at all more than 5 years ago, I can't state that cygwin still sucks, as I haven't seen it in that time.

Comment: Re: Where did all the money go (Score 1) 227

You should never short-change your emergency fund, and at 200K+ a year, sorry, I don't care where you live. I and my friends have lived on a lot less in various portions of the country that you're naming. Granted, it's not always where you *want* to live, but it is way way way beneath the means of someone earning 6 figures. Otherwise waitresses, busboys, doormen and fast food workers would all be earning well into 6 figures. He's living far beyond his means if his stated circumstances are true. And the old quote "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" holds here too. Live like you earn 100K in his case, and his finances will be fine in short order.

Comment: Re:Yes, but because (Score 1) 183

100% wrong. The music industry is there to market the music. From Taylor Swift down to those "indie bands" that you guys like to listen to. You wouldn't have heard about them without the music industry marketing machine. You didn't just "discover" that "indie band". Someone was out there marketing them.

And that is a large part of the problem. The "music industry" has a lock on all marketing avenues that matter, if you don't sign with the gatekeeper, you will 99.999% of the time fail. Even if you discover an indie band that you like, if they don't sign, they'll most likely fail.

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