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Comment Re:Captive audience exploited! (Score 1) 169

The only reason I took the time to check Win8.1 out is because, since i'm the defacto neighborhood support "slave", I guarantee I'll be asked to help figure MS's latest pile of shit out.. Personally, its Linux for me.... (yes, I AM a Linux fanboy.. thank you very much...)

I have a friend who finally reached the point where he just could not face dealing with another sick Windows box. He gave everyone an ultimatum..Let him put some version of Linux on their machines,or he was cutting them loose to fend for themselves...Now he's converted his family to using it and a number of others. Anyone who hears he does support and calls asking for help with Windows is told no,end of discussion.

Comment Re:If you don't like metro... (Score 1) 800

Here's the thing. Metro UI sucks just as much as the window system Ubuntu and many other linux distributions have 'glommed' onto. It's all Mac like and I personally don't like it.


Same here..If i wanted a Mac,I'd get one. I've used various distros for years and to see how the de has morphed into something incomprehensible is more than a little disturbing. The Windows users are as pissed as the Ubuntu users..At least Windows gave half an inch...They still need to go some to make their users happy..meanwhile,Shuttleworth won't give even as much as Microsoft has.So for now,it's classic Gnome for me.

Comment Re:Whats the alternative? (Score 1) 863

Are people going to switch to Mac OS? Linux? Or stay on Windows 7 until a "spiritual successor" to Windows comes?rs.

I switched to Linux nine years ago..A lot of people have already switched to Google's Linux based goodies and I suspect more will follow. I know several people,within the last few years,who have switched to Apple to avoid Windows.

Comment Re:Exciting (Score 1) 202

My recommendation for Canonical, would be to modify KDE to provide a Unity like experience (many have already done this, but it isn't as fully integrated as Unity is) and then build on KDE active for their tablet experience. .

You could respond to his blog..This is very insightful..In the end,I doubt he would listen since he's in his own little reality bubble.

Comment Re:Downward spiral... (Score 1) 202

Canonical's actions are taking it into a downward spiral. As much as I thought Linspire has messed a good thing up they at least stuck to one thing (the desktop).

They did indeed. Actually,Linspire had a lot of potential; but things just went from bad to worse with them for a lot of mind boggling reasons. Yeah, I'm not sure if Shuttleworth will be able to pull his fat out of the fire, time will tell.

Comment Re:Short answer: (Score 1) 686

You forget this little bit of info..People like me who use Ad Block do not give a shit about ANY ads and have no desire to look at them...We are not interested. Just seeing an ad annoys us,hence our use of Adblock. I refuse to look at websites cluttered with visual vomit which is thrown in my face whether I like it or not. Ads are like never ending 2 year olds throwing tantrums and demanding I look at them as if their makers somehow think said ads are far more important than the website I am visiting...They are not important at all..They are a waste of time,space and are ugly,obnoxious,and intrusive.. It's MY computer and I decide what is shown to me...If a website tells me to turn off Adblock, i leave said website as fast as I can and never return. That's how I feel and nothing you say will change my view. I never even watched ads on tv..I'd mute the sound and do something else.

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