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Comment: Re:Race baiters (Score 1) 481 481

Young black man are much more likely to commit violent crimes. Per FBI statistics 60% of all violent crime is committed by 6% of population. Care to guess their demographics? Random searches are not acceptable, but police got to do their job somehow. And that involves risk assessment etc. Maybe ACLU should educate those "kids" on the importance of not breaking the law in the first place?

Comment: Race baiters (Score 1) 481 481

Pure and simple. They are priming "young people" for the fight against "the man". Who are the enemy? Police officers. White police officers in particular. While in reality the police force in NY includes a lot of colored officers. These are to be respected. Go figure.

Comment: Political agenda here? (Score 2) 467 467

I got an impression that Slashdot is pushing a certain point of view here. What's that about "nonsense" of racial purity? Are you denying that Jews and Gypsies exist? There must genetic markers defining any racial group that physically differs. It is certainly possible to determine the likelihood of person having certain ancestry based on genetic typing.

Comment: Who pays? Who doesn't? (Score 1) 359 359

The article mentions that 70% of Android phones sold in the US pay for MS "license". That leaves 30% that don't? It would be nice to know which brands of phones are those, so people could vote with their dollars. So, if HTC, Samsung, Acer and now LG pay, who is left?

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