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Gortbusters.org's Journal: Real Estate Scams 1

Journal by Gortbusters.org
I just woke up early (5am) this morning, Saturday the 21st. The good ole boob toob was touting an infomercial for Russ Daulby, claiming you can make thousands - make that tens of thousands - of dollars by finding real estate notes and selling them. Could this be too good to be true? In my spare time I find notes and then I broker them to buyers! HAH! Make that, HAHAHAHA.

In my effort to find more info I found this web site that lists the "Gurus" to avoid. Yep, Russ Daulby is there too, with some horrific stories of his program being an endless money sink for buying his training materials (which are designed to confused and buy more training).

Don't forget the fore closure sites to avoid forum.

Personal vent: I can't believe we train so hard to write code and design systems just to pull down a modest salary while a bunch of crooks are getting rich.
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Real Estate Scams

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