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Comment Re:If I was Microsoft, here's what I'd do. (Score 1) 87

I think either yours or my idea or even both would be a good move to add more Windows Phone users. The nice thing about your idea is that it requires less hoop jumping to keep things up to date as Apple/Android update. And even for a big corporation, constant reverse engineering and updating gets old and costly.

Comment If I was Microsoft, here's what I'd do. (Score 1) 87

I'm not sure if this is legal or not, but if they made an iOS and Android emulator so you could run both iOS and Android apps on the Windows phones, some people might get a Windows Phone then who'd otherwise be getting one or the other because they figure they get all types of compatibility.

Then I'd make backwards compatibility to Windows Vista where all windows versions could run: Windows Phone apps, iOS apps, and Android apps. It is very very important to do this similar to a sandbox where the apps can't escalate privileges and whammy system files like the old Windows .exes do.

Then suddenly you not only fixed the windows phone, but the #1 problem with the Windows operating system in the Internet age. The windows operating system is just not designed to download random .exes with wild abandon like it should. Part of the reason Windows lost share to Apple in the late 90s is because Windows was targetted by viruses more. If you're doing sandboxed apps as the future of Windows, suddenly it is very very hard to get a virus all of a sudden. Windows users would rejoice with having Windows Apps they could run on their PC without worrying about being hosed. Windows could even allow an app data backup cloud, so in the case you do get a virus in the old ways, when you reinstall your PC, all the apps can reinstall with your saved data. Just being able to explore downloading lots of free app software without worrying it making your computer die would be awesome. It is what we should have had with Windows 98 if Microsoft took the hard road and completely redesigned their operating system that an .exe couldn't make changes outside its install directory and other virus resistant moves. Instead of downloading every piece of cool looking software on the Internet, the slight chance it could be a virus means we just roll with the software we need to use.

I think a lot of Windows users would love to be able to use Android and iOS apps also. Throw in the weird functionality of a Surface pro they're trying to market of being a touch screen PC, and running Windows/iOS/Android apps on them only make sense.

Comment I don't like the crude humor on the show (Score 1) 388

You'd think for being educated, they'd have a higher level of wit. I find in life the smarter someone is, the more entertaining their jokes can be. But enough of the show, if you want some cheap laughs, go back and read all the comments in this thread in Sheldon's voice. It is comedy gold since everyone is over analyzing.

Comment The last time I custom built a PC. (Score 3, Interesting) 247

I either used or I ordered all my parts custom to save a couple bucks and it was good to run the latest 3d games. Everything came in the mail and I was happy... Until I realized I forgot to order a case. And not to be defeated, I took the UPS box it was shipped in, and carved out port holes. It worked well as a case. The only downside is I couldn't leave my computer on overnight to automatically play video games for me because I worried about it catching fire.

Comment Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live Paradox (Score 3, Funny) 139

Announcer: Can a single luxury car be both the most spacious and the most compact on the market? Lexon asks you to consider a paradox.

Female Voiceover: Paradox..

Announcer: Introducing the all-new Lexon Paradox. Smaller than the competition, yet bigger.

Female Voiceover: We are through the looking glass..

[ show two groups of Lexon engineers standing on opposite sides of the screen ]

Announcer: This remarkable automobile is the synthesis of the work of two teams of Lexon engineers. Team A was asked to decrease the size of Lexon's most popular model.. while Team B searched for ways to make it bigger.

Announcer: While one team made Paradox the most expensive car in the world.. another made it the most affordable.

Announcer: One designed the Paradox to be an elegant, white luxury Sedan.

Female Voiceover: White Sedan..

Announcer: The others, a sporty red Coupe.

Female Voiceover: Red Coupe..

Announcer: One team gave it incredible stopping power.. the other gave it no brakes of any kind.

Announcer: One team was asked to give the Paradox four doors.. another designed it to have only two.. while still another gave it six doors.. and the final team, one gigantic all-purpose door.

Female Voiceover: One.. big.. door..

Announcer: And, while one team gave the Paradox dual airbags.. another designed it to shatter on impact, throwing passengers up to 300 yards.

Female Voiceover: Very, very dangerous..

Announcer: The new Paradox. The best car money can buy.

Female Voiceover: Or is it.. the worst?

Comment I never saw itunes coming (Score 1) 326

In 1999, everyone was using Napster and such to freely share music and media. I honestly didn't think itunes would catch on since I thought as a generation we learned the power of the Internet to share free music. I thought the concept of charging for bits of information that cost nothing to copy would go out like the buggy whip lobby. I thought music would be distributed for free, and musicians would make their money on merchandising and concerts. So for itunes to be successful caught me by surprise too.

Comment Coding isn't going away soon (Score 2) 300

People still write books even though there's more books out there than a person can read in their lifetime. Software will keep on being written. Considering it is a low cost endevour to start a software business, it is good for lots of people not willing to take monetary risks.

Coding is great because it gives a person a real appreciation for math. Though, I already see the transition though that a person who knows which apps to use for a project can be more valuable to general companies than someone who writes custom apps. Until we invent natural language inputs, there will be a use for a coder, but even after then, we'll just be coding, but in natural language.

Comment Re:American vs. European 'safety' (Score 1) 181

I agree that US cars are safe. I just think the safety laws in the USA aren't right. We have big time safety laws on cars which raise the price of the car thousands of dollars, but no real safety rules on motorcylists. It is the law to wear a seatbelt in a car, but a motocyclist doesn't have to wear a helmet. Part of me thinks this is just because we don't want cheap foreign cars competing with expensive brands.

I think safety is great and worth a premium. Maybe if we let cheap foreign cars in, people would have a lot less safety. So maybe its good where we have it. The problem I have is that we force people to wear a seatbelt, but we don't force motorcyclists to wear a helmet. The laws don't make sense.

Comment I was actually planning on doing this (Score 0) 151

Sometimes I play NES/SNES games for achievements and lately I've been documenting them on youtube. I got close to getting 30 lives the hard way in Contra. I either got 29 or 30, not sure. I think I just got up to 29. I mean I earned 27 lives but lost a couple a long the way.

My next thing I was going to try was Super Mario Bros 1 without any powerups, no warps and no KOs. I figured it might give me a couple months of entertainment and I could share it with others. But if I'm not allowed to do this, I guess I'll start distancing myself from Nintendo instead of embracing them.

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