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Comment I never saw itunes coming (Score 1) 309

In 1999, everyone was using Napster and such to freely share music and media. I honestly didn't think itunes would catch on since I thought as a generation we learned the power of the Internet to share free music. I thought the concept of charging for bits of information that cost nothing to copy would go out like the buggy whip lobby. I thought music would be distributed for free, and musicians would make their money on merchandising and concerts. So for itunes to be successful caught me by surprise too.

Comment Coding isn't going away soon (Score 2) 300

People still write books even though there's more books out there than a person can read in their lifetime. Software will keep on being written. Considering it is a low cost endevour to start a software business, it is good for lots of people not willing to take monetary risks.

Coding is great because it gives a person a real appreciation for math. Though, I already see the transition though that a person who knows which apps to use for a project can be more valuable to general companies than someone who writes custom apps. Until we invent natural language inputs, there will be a use for a coder, but even after then, we'll just be coding, but in natural language.

Comment Re:American vs. European 'safety' (Score 1) 181

I agree that US cars are safe. I just think the safety laws in the USA aren't right. We have big time safety laws on cars which raise the price of the car thousands of dollars, but no real safety rules on motorcylists. It is the law to wear a seatbelt in a car, but a motocyclist doesn't have to wear a helmet. Part of me thinks this is just because we don't want cheap foreign cars competing with expensive brands.

I think safety is great and worth a premium. Maybe if we let cheap foreign cars in, people would have a lot less safety. So maybe its good where we have it. The problem I have is that we force people to wear a seatbelt, but we don't force motorcyclists to wear a helmet. The laws don't make sense.

Comment I was actually planning on doing this (Score 0) 151

Sometimes I play NES/SNES games for achievements and lately I've been documenting them on youtube. I got close to getting 30 lives the hard way in Contra. I either got 29 or 30, not sure. I think I just got up to 29. I mean I earned 27 lives but lost a couple a long the way.

My next thing I was going to try was Super Mario Bros 1 without any powerups, no warps and no KOs. I figured it might give me a couple months of entertainment and I could share it with others. But if I'm not allowed to do this, I guess I'll start distancing myself from Nintendo instead of embracing them.

Comment This is what I look forward most in hydrogen econ (Score 4, Interesting) 163

The hydrogen economy probably won't be on us for at least about 5 years if it paces itself at a break neck pace. The dream of having a farm with solar panels, converting water to hydrogen to store in tanks in the ground is a cool dream. You can then use that hydrogen to power your car or heat your home. The key is that the tanks haven't hit an economy of scale yet since the commercial hydrogen car just came out by Toyota this year. In the short run Hydrogen is expensive as all get out, but in the long run it can be cheaper than batteries. A battery array likely won't come down in price nearly as much as a pressurized tank will.

Get a farm, a solar array, some underground tanks, and you have unlimited fuel for your car and can heat your home in the winter for free. Gas stations will be something any Joe can make himself by installing a pump in his own personal system. The creation of the hydrogen gas is done on site with electricity and water.

That said, it will be a little while before we can all embrace it because economy of scale need to hit things like pressurized tanks and such. I'm interested in hearing about these other gases being made through solar energy though. I've heard other gases being used at powerplants and such, but I forget which ones.

Comment If you don't buy the things in ads,you're a slouch (Score 4, Insightful) 241

I'm still not sure how they convinced sharing music where no one loses is stealing, but some people think it is stealing even though the distribution costs are basically 0. Anyway, if they can pull another fast one and convince people that not watching ads is stealing, they'll want to go the extra mile,"If you watch your content without buying stuff our sponsors promote, you're basically stealing free content.". Don't buy into their mind poison.

Comment This intrigues me (Score 1) 213

For a long time, muscle cars kept trying to push the 0-60mph acceleration. We basically hit a limit with internal combustion engines. I don't think we've even come close to the limit an electric motor can do. Don't they produce more torque than you can get friction with tires? So the limiting nature might be on the tire design. It's been a long time since I've been intrigued by fast cars, but I want to see just how quickly they can get 0-60mph if the car is designed for that. We all know electric cars blow the doors off internal combustion engine cars, but just how much can they smoke them. What opening about a drag racing league with electric cars?

Comment Bills are typically doing the opposite. (Score 1) 90

The last bill that was past was claiming to reign in spying, but it for the first time legalized spying on American citizens. People were claiming it reigned in spying powers, but it actually gave out tons of legalized spying powers. I love the USA, but the people writing the laws like to treat us like mushrooms.

Comment Research dollars means more research (Score 2) 137

As Slashdot knows, the STEM shortage isn't a shortage of talented people, it is a shortage of jobs, so less people do it. In the 90s, my physics professors lamented less people coming in to physics. This is because there isn't a lot of jobs in physics like there is with computers.

If big business starts poaching smart people, more people will have incentive to get an education. It's not like university research is going away, but there will just be different faces as always. The net gain for society is more R&D and more educated folk.

I probably worked with some of those guys who got in with Uber when I also worked with the self driving car down Carnegie Mellon. Good for them.

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