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Comment Re:Pure undulterated bullshit (Score 1) 198 198

Hey, Snapchat makes no sense at all, since anyone can screenshot/hack their own device. Even though Snapchat doesn't do what it claims, its a phenomena which has made lots of money. I think Google just wants to jump on the money train of making impossible claims to technology.

Comment Re:People get GPL wrong (Score 1) 250 250

I would honestly like an answer from someone.

If I had a 100,000 line of code video game that took me years to make, and I want to use some 10x10 pixel piece of GPLed art that took someone a few minutes to make, does that mean I have to release my 100,000 lines of code open source? I think it does and people have suggested it to me in the past.

This is why I think artists get lulled into thinking they can license under GPL and people can use their art as long as they put their name in the credits, but that isn't the result at all. Artists who want their art to be used freely in video games probably want to use Creative Commons license, and not CC-BY.

Comment People get GPL wrong (Score 1, Flamebait) 250 250

Some people think GPL means you can use my stuff as long as you put my name in the credits and keep my stuff free. But GPL means,"If you use my stuff, you can't charge for your stuff and have to make all your code public." So if I write a 100,000 line of code game, and I am on and want to use someone's pretty butterfly picture under GPL, I can't use that picture unless I release years worth of source code. Thankfully there is a work around of contacting artists directly and asking for a different license. Some get surprised they didn't pick a friendly license to begin with since GPL gets pushed so much as the correct for sharing license.

Comment Re:Command and Conquer (Score 0) 45 45

Everyone talks about how bad Command and Conquer 3 was balanced. In that game there is no financial decisions or tiberium farming strategies like C&C1. You build 95% medium tanks and so does your opponent, and win or lose. Next game? Build all medium tanks.

But I'm curious about C&C1. I was really good at it with my people at my university, but I'd be curious to see how it holds up if it was laddered. Its probably imbalanced really badly, but it is hard to be more imbalanced than C&C3 where you can build a single unit all game and be top 100 world wide in ladder.

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