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Comment Same with cars (Score 2) 250

For the past 20 years the automechanics of my family would lament the computers in the cars make parts of the car impossible to fix without a hookup device. Then over time they would complain that doing something that would be easy to do on an older car was almost as if the engineers designed the cars not to be worked on. And just on Slashdot in the past 2 years, an article was posted about how some car companies were thinking of making a TOS that says you can't work on your own car. I understand about liability and them not wanting to be responsible if you get hurt working on your car, but for that to be a reason to take it away from you isn't right. I don't care if it gets 5mpg less, but a car or truck that could be worked on could be a marketable thing if you could get around liability. Of course this idea is probably just as bad as The Homer Simpson Car. Liability laws are out of hand, and one of the reasons we have to pay for costly insurance.

Comment Re: National Security Agency (Score 1) 121

I love the USA. I just wish we didn't feel the need to promote malware vectors instead of patch them. I try and keep my Windows computers off the Internet anymore since there are so many viruses you can get just by clicking a wrong link. You don't even need to run a file anymore to get a virus. Things are pretty bad now. I wonder if things will get worse or better for computer security.

Comment This happened with whoever ran against obama (Score 0) 172

Who was that republican who ran against Obama in 2012. In the primaries, they lost the voting machine for hours. Then they found it at an old ladies place who acted innocent like she didnt even know. Then the guy won 51% to 49 %. To me that could be tampering. Its like saying you're 21 at a bar.

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