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Comment Help the poor- Plant a tree (Score 4, Interesting) 227

For about a decade, I've envisioned the way to help the poor in countries that get deforested is to replant some of their forests with fruit trees. Even if farmers don't farm, or the country sees unrest, the fruit trees remain. A steady source of food is good in third world countries. Thankfully 'Food For The Poor' saw this too and there is a program for planting fruit trees that I try and endorse to people. If we have a good job, and are on our feet, we should be helping our fellow man, and this is a good way to do that.

Comment Re:Wait, other countries have 8000 mb/s? (Score 1) 228

Yah, hah hah. I make that mistake often. I tell myself, lower case it, and instead of lowercasing the b, I lowercase the m. Thank you for correcting me. My highschool teacher used to get on my case for not putting the units at all in my calculations until them reappearing at the result. So at least I have units there at all, heh.

Also while I'm talking about corrections, I did calculate the new hike in my calculations, but I said I didn't.

Maybe lets just go by the gist of what I said. :) :) :)

My point that we're overcharged for slow service stands. :( :( :(

Comment Wait, other countries have 8000 mb/s? (Score 1) 228

If other countries have 8000 mb/s and they're fighting for customers so much some people don't even pay a bill for the first year then afterwards it is only 20$/month, why can Comcast get away with this? Is it just that we're a wealthy country that they expect us to pay more? They sue legitimate competition away. How can we make competition in the telecommunication a political issue for the presidency this year?

Comcast offers 10mb/s for $90, and in foreign countries they get 8000mb/s for $20. We're getting charged 320,000% as much as they get charged in other countries, and this isn't counting the new hike.

Comment Teach the Accountant Open Office Spreadsheets (Score 1) 87

I'm not sure what good javascript would be for an accountant. It's hard to get anything done unless you know what you're doing with coding and have put years in. It's like asking to dabble as a concert violinist. You just won't perform until you become really good.

An accountant would have a lot of use for Excel scripting though or the Open Office equivalent. I think one's job could be boosted in numerous ways by the automatic math of tables, columns and cells. And if he likes that, maybe then introduce him into coding.

Software Engineering is a lifestyle where you either are all in, or don't touch it. Like anything, it takes about 10,000 hours before you get up to a respectable level of knowledge. If he really wants to learn Software Engineering, don't start with a messy scripting language to start. Get all your core principals in the basics with Java first.

Comment Re:If your job can be described by an algorithm... (Score 1) 319

More reason just to teach your kid how to play sports and hope for the best. Or music, arts and crafts.

I think people keep thinking of the robot apocalypse of robots killing us. But what if robots were declared sentient beings, and some super rich guy who owned all the robot corps gave his wealth to his robot. Then we'd have a robot who owned all the production and wealth in control. He could be a robot with no ill feelings, but just the perfect business bot. Since he doesn't die, wealth doesn't get redistributed. And since he is the best business bot by code, he never loses wealth... He can just eventually own most the property so everyone else's property is prohibitively expensive.

Comment First OS to easily get hosed (Score 1) 284

I didn't use Windows 3.1, and preferred DOS. With DOS disks, stuff booted up cleanly every time. But with Windows, if you set something up wrong or got a virus, your computer wouldn't boot at all. The funny thing we're still in the era of click on the wrong URL, and you get a virus. Viruses shouldn't be so easy to get.

Comment Re:When I was very young, I didn't even understand (Score 1) 119

I think to explain further, its okay to make a game in a genre, and try and make it better than has been done before. It isn't total laziness to stick with a genre and go, but you're treading ground someone else has done, so the temptation is to clone as much as they've done to get a foundation before improving. In fact, people might be so used to another game doing something, that is almost the defacto standard, and people expect it in other games. It's not really laziness to build on something else someone has made and try to make it better, but your original game design doesn't start until you've taken and done what someone else has done. Using "industry standard" established techniques for a genre makes it feel lazy.

Comment When I was very young, I didn't even understand. (Score 4, Insightful) 119

This makes sense. When I was quite young, I was perplexed by the idea of a genre. I saw surveys with a check box. What games do I like"[] platforming, []racing, []shooters, []puzzle, etc" I looked at the survey and was confused that they could classify such diverse games into such small categories. The thought didn't even occur to me that games were like each other so much they could be classified. I simply thought games were all different. Now as a game designer, game programmer, I can see genre classifications, but I think to operate in them is laziness. I think with something as complex as a computer, we can have new genres of games like Katamari Damacy if someone puts their mind to it. I think experimenting and trying stuff no one tried before is bold and to be praised.

Just like children can't see through the veil when watching a movie and needs to be reminded Godzilla isn't real and the set is a miniature city, I think a lot of people get caught up in games without thinking how the game is made or similar to other games. A lot of people just play and if they like it, they stay. I just wish the veil wasn't so thick that people could see through a Clash of Clans, Farmville meets castle, pay to win, and wouldn't sponsor that type of drivel. I once had a "game designer" honestly think Clash of Clans took as much skill as Wacraft3 to play... The veil is there even for people who are supposed game developers.

Comment Once you're famous books are a cashin route (Score 1) 90

I always have to explain to new authors that it doesn't matter how good you think your book is, to get sales, you should try and achieve some fame first. I'm not saying Munroe didn't earn his fame, those xkcd comics are funny sometimes. I like them. It is just that being well known is important. For this reason, running a free site with no ads can benefit you in many ways in the long run.

Comment Still surprised Cali put plastic in their water (Score 2, Interesting) 390

You hear most of the cutting edge health nuts coming from Cali and lately they've been talking about the toxicity levels of plastic in bottled drinking water if left out to age or in the sun. Yet they managed to pour plastic balls in their drinking water reservoir. Didn't anyone go,"Hey, maybe this sounds like a bad idea to California residents concerned with their health?"

Comment Stop it, Ad blockers aren't evil. (Score 2) 519

Ads are way more evil. Ads are irresponsible because they're not checked against viruses. Want a virus? Don't run an ad blocker.

I think someday we'll look back today like we do to 1998 webpages. We'll go,"They really tried to slap you with an ad before you read some goon's pointless article that was hyped?" I don't think ads should or will go away, but I think they should be more responsible. Commit to who you want to advertise with, don't just run an adnetwork. Do you really want to put nefarious ads on things kids might be reading? Well you might be doing that if you run a generic adnetwork. Sadly I don't think people will become more responsible with advertisements. I see them becoming more obnoxious because they're greedy for the monies.

Now this last thing is a pet random idea: Actually I think if you wanted to really get a huge ad based network, you should build a pyramid scheme where no one loses anything. Use the gameshow model so they're playing a game of any level of skill, but they share ad revenue with you. At the end of the month with a raffle where they get points by doing well in the game + 50% additional tickets from everyone they referred and 25% tickets from people they referred etc... People would get a portion of the ad revenue by playing the game. And they'd get additional tickets by just watching ads. Get people wanting to watch the ads for their own profit, and you have a gold mine. If I'm not getting anything for watching your ad, its just wasting my time at best. At worst, my computer is getting crypto locked with ransom ware.

I run adblock. And yes, I'd download a car if I could.

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