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Comment: How long is rent going to go up before?dun dun dun (Score 0) 71

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47932725) Attached to: Airbnb To Start Collecting Hotel Tax On Rentals In San Francisco
How long until companies realize they can save 15,000-30,000 on paying their software engineers that telecommute. It is silly to require a programmer to be on site anyway. You gain some extra time out of him each day because he doesn't have to commute, and less distractions mean you get more productivity. If you don't trust your coders to do work, just set up a version control repository and make sure some stuff is done each day.

Comment: The sad truth is that robots will likely kill (Score 1) 164

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47919795) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics
I hate to say it but the first AI controlled robots will know their environment and be able to interact with it.

They'll get goals from their owner in natural language format.

The thing is, the easiest application to task them with will be war. It is almost harder to design AI that is unable to kill than to develop AI itself.

Comment: I'll tell you something I love in AS3/AIR (Score 1) 729

You can call objects with "this" as one of the parameters you pass.
Then the class can then save it to a global to the class variable.
Then that class has the ability to call functions in your main class :)
I discovered this because Eclipse for AS3(Flashbuilder) has a bug if you go over 25,000ish lines that it slows down your typing.
I started making separate classes which were just a place to put methods.
Since a lot of people are coding with AIR for Android/iOS, I'm sure someone will love using this.

Comment: I wish there was a way to disable images onTwitter (Score 1) 81

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47831985) Attached to: Twitpic Shutting Down Over Trademark Dispute
I did my best and modified my adblock to shut down Twitpic, but sometimes images from other hosts come through :(

I quit Facebook in part because my a few certain friends were posting stupid memes and clouding my timeline.

Most Twitpics are meme pix, and the rest are mostly shock pix. Neither of these do I want to see. Twitter should go the extra mile and have a way to disable images altogether.

Comment: Re:Traditional wet shaving (Score 1) 635

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47789875) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?
Ever since I watched Predator, I just dry shaved. Then razors got kerazy expensive. Then I discovered the Norelco Saturday Night Special electric razor. For 20$, you get many years worth of shaves if you only use it once every month or so. I probably save 1.2 billion dollars a year using this and not minding a trim beard.

Comment: I don't mind old graphics, I mind 10,000 FPS (Score 2) 167

My modern card turns on the high gear fans when I play... Asheron's Call 1. I just got it because it is my favorite MMORPG and there are no monthly fees anymore, just a one time fee of 10$. I don't know how to play with my driver software because I'd assume you could frame cap it. If anyone still remembers when Starcraft 2 came out, lots of people's cards fried because they were doing way over 60 FPS, and Blizzard needed to patch.

There's no reasons modern cards should engage into all out maximized FPS mode on old games. I also don't like the extra heat in the summer. I'm thinking of playing some AC1 in a few months when it gets colder. There's no reason AC1 should crank much heat at all, but I guess I just don't know how to turn my graphics card from going all out on an older game.

Comment: Re:Fleeing abusive companies? (Score 1) 257

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47732387) Attached to: When Customer Dissatisfaction Is a Tech Business Model
The government who is supposed to regulate isn't going to change things for the better. If anything they'll make things worse since they're bought off by the corporations.

For a long time the idiots would say,"Well who cares if the corporations buy off the government? The corporations need the people to survive so they act in the people's best interest."

Comment: Can a little guy publish successful PNP RPG today? (Score 1) 203

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47709427) Attached to: Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released
Hello, I wrote a cool PNP RPG back when I was a teenager, and I played it with my friends in highschool for years. I wanted to make money on it, so I tried to make the world's first MMORPG in 1992, but quit when Ultima Online came out in like 98 or 99. Much later I realized, a live game master RPG genre could take off with a game master network and even paid game masters. So I made The problem I encountered is that I could get a group of people to play online. My online system isn't terribad, but it still needs debugged more.

I was thinking of dusting off my old books, solidifying the lore in a way that is solid, and then publishing the RPG. The problem I have is: How would I make any money at all on this? If I made any amount of money on it, I could spend my days making new adventures and polishing the online gaming engine. It is a good game, but I have no idea how to monetize it. Can a little guy make it today?

My only tactic would be to finish the rules, and then charge people 0.50-1$/hr to play the game with me as a live game master with my online game master network. Anyone have a better idea? The game was called Intergalactic Bounty Hunter.

Comment: I have a true question. (Score 1) 127

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47682109) Attached to: Switching Game Engines Halfway Through Development
Lets say I know how to make quality games in OpenGL already. Is there a reason for me to pick up Unity or UnrealEngine? To me, it seems like they don't have all the possible features having access to the raw data at the lowest level gives... Including really cutting edge networking techniques. I know all the jobs are looking for Unity developers, but it feels like I won't have as much control over the details. Should I spend a few months and learn Unity, or should I be content with getting things done at a lower level?

I've been tossing the idea in my head for an Xwing vs TieFighter(like) MOBA in my mind, and it wouldn't be out of the scope of what I could do in 2-3 years.

Comment: Re:And this is the same for copyrights. (Score 1) 240

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47652831) Attached to: Patents That Kill
I guess I didn't complete my thought:

Patents have gotten so out of hand that many patents for obvious things have been granted. Anyone who writes any software typically trips over dozens of obvious patents. And corporations collect thousands of obvious patents so they have the right to sue anyone they please.

Comment: Re:And this is the same for copyrights. (Score 4, Insightful) 240

by GoodNewsJimDotCom (#47652821) Attached to: Patents That Kill
Well for great feats of man, more investment is required. Could Pixar have been kickstarted for ToyStory 1? I think they went to great lengths because there was more money to be made.

I agree there should be a limit on copyrights, but it shouldn't be much more than 10 years. At this time, people can use your characters and such, but guess what, after 10 years of the public enjoying something, it is a part of their life too.

Finally, everyone remember radio? Radio was invented way before it was it actually became reality. Why? Because everyone had patents on different parts of the radio and they didn't want to collaborate. I hear it wasn't until around WWI that the government stepped in to be able to use it for the military.

Anyone who thinks patents help the little guy haven't seen troll lawsuits smack little guys senseless. Anyone who thinks patents help the little guy haven't seen big corporations crush their competitors they perceive as a threat.

Comment: Re:No, school should not be year-round. (Score 4, Informative) 421

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I agree. Don't take away summer vacation. Smart kids can use it to educate themselves independently. And all of us citizens of Earth need to educate ourselves over our entire lives. This whole "Done at secondary education" stuff doesn't fly anymore now that we can study on the Internet.

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