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Comment They have lied before... (Score 1) 288

I believe that, in the past, Microsoft lied about certain updates as to whether they were vital security updates or not,
They could just as easily lie in the future and force down something that helps them keep a better eye on us but label it as vital security.

Any non-IT person would normally be well advised to have the system automatically install security updates. Those of us who are may have to trust MS as our particular area of expertise does not include what "this" update is supposed to fix. Does everyone here check everything anyway? Life is busy...

I have come across so many idiots who think that all you need is education and caution and you don't need A/V. Please keep it up guys. it's sometimes really funny.

Comment A good example (Score 3, Insightful) 30

This is a good example of why all forms of information should be retained and studied.
We have history going back ever further. Who know what might be found in ancient maths, astronomy, cooking, animal husbandry or whatever.

What other useful things might be pulled out when the right to people sit down together in the cafeteria. It is the best of blue sky thinking and a great reason to keep those non STEM subjects going.

Lets see about stopping the destruction of ancient history in Syria. Maybe we can find again how to make Damascus steel. (Something to keep the conservatives feeling positive there.)

Comment Get rid of Conservative politicians. (Score 1) 311

OK, in the UK we do not have it as bad as the USA (yet) but our politicians see healthcare as a potential profit centre for their friends and future employers.
We spend about 1/3 per head of what the US does on healthcare and have pretty similar average lifespans. The main difference if the payment model. If everyone rejected everything but single payer, Universal health care, we would all have the choice between spending less money or getting more stuff - or probably a bit of both. Without suit wearers inflating the price of everything, we could get better prosthetics, insulin, rubber gloves or whatever and pay no more money.

Comment Re:Um, old news, and slashvertisement? (Score 1) 136

Version 1 of a product is the point where something changes from "pre release", Beta, Developer edition, Alpha etc to Live.
I imagine that a lot of people here are familiar with using Betas - or even create them.

Like you, I have been using Privacy Badger for a while now but now, it is no longer experimental - hopefully anyway.
It should continue to update with time. Good luck to them.

Advertisments, in my mind, tend to be for things that will make the producers money. The EFF is not asking for money for this. You do not have to look at adverts. Do they count downloads? Probably. Do they track users? It would make an interesting story if they did but I think they probably don't.
Slashdit talks about new stuff. We might talk about new versions of Linux. That's not surprising. Someone might want to talk about the new #iShinyShiny thing from Apple as compared to his (more often than not) Android smartphone. People here like to slag off Apple. The EFF gets a more civilised ride.

Comment Re:Perhaps this is why some places are better (Score 2) 108

You seem to be verifying what I said.

There is a serious difference between saying negative things to/about someone and being rude. Learning that is one of the things that happens as people grow up.

Telling someone to their face that you don't like them does not show that you have anything other than a severe lack of tact. That is not honesty. At times, it can be straightforward stupidity.

There are very few people that I/we loathe. There are certainly plenty around that I would rather be somewhere else than next to but that is not the same thing. Loathing implies a wish to harm. One of the last times this country wished anyone harm, our prime minister obediently followed your president into Iraq. That was one of the most amazingly stupid things ever done by a British leader in centuries. We are now living with the consequences. I want us to go back to not loathing as soon as possible!

As for the empire, my ancestors gave it back to the peoples that their ancestors had taken it from. On the whole, we are still on good terms with most of them.

Comment Perhaps this is why some places are better to live (Score 4, Interesting) 108

Something that has been in the news a few times is how some places are better to live than others.
I regularly see people from the USA strongly disputing this. How can anywhere possibly be better to live than the US? You have your Constitution, various amendments and some of you have a lot of money.

If this is right, perhaps it is to do with manners. So often your countryfolk seem brusque at best and just plain rude a lot of the time. This is definitely not all of you and not everyone in Denmark and Bhutan are amazingly polite at all times. What is evident though is that rudeness can be taken as a badge of honour in some places. In others politeness is seen as the target.

Example: A couple of years ago, I was taking part in a discussion about the treatment of transgender people. My attitude is that if someone has gone through all "that process", it is just good manners to call them what they want to be. This was taken by some that I am somewhere in the LGBTIQ... spectrum. I'm not. I'm straight white Northern European but also a (usually) polite Brit.

It would be interesting to compare where is supposed to be good and bad places to live with their local norms of politeness.

Comment Some US usages can be coped with here on earth. (Score 1) 830

The trouble is that you also come out with some strange ones.

An acre foot? Weight in pounds but no major units? Farenheit???

Fortunately, there is google to convert things and I am pretty good at mental arithmetic.
An acre foot is 325,851 and 2 fifths US "gallons" or 271,328.07 normal gallons. For those of us here on Earth, that is 1,233,481.84 litres. We laugh at "furlongs per hogshead" but this is pretty similar.
When old people here give their heights, they use feet and inches and I presume people in the US do too. How is that people in the US insist on things like saying their weight is 178 pounds or that item of equipment is 3,500 pounds? There are 14 pounds in a stone so that is 12 stone 10 and 2000 pounds in a "short" ton so that is 1.75 short tons. Why not drop larger units from distances and give all distances in furlongs then?

Water freezes at 0 and boils at 100. It's just simpler. With apropriate equipment and facilities, I can live between -50 and plus 50. I know the historical stories about the fallacies that 0F was the coldest you could get water and 100F was the temperature of the human body. Both of those are incorrect. If they were the only reason, there would be even less reason for people to use that I remember my parents explaining to my grandparents quite a few decades ago.

Using Celcius is probably the simplest change but it has the least pushing it as the sensible option.

I am 1.81 metres tall and a proper geeky 129 Kg. The weather is a balmy 22 degrees and the wind is only a couple of metres a second. I Have a litre sized water bottle on my desk. Those are pretty human sized units...

Comment Missing Option (Score 1) 301

I don't have or want a laptop thanks.

I have a desktop PC, a tablet and a phone.
The Phone is for ultra portable, always connected and always on.
Tablet for meetings, away from office, work, home etc. Also for at home relaxed and so on.
The PC is when I want to actually do something other than look at things - you know like actually "creating content"

Whether you are writing a book, developing, photo editing or playing serious games, a full size keyboard and screen along with a comfy mouse will make you much less susceptible to eye strain, RSI and all sorts of other fun stuff.

There is a small number of things that need a laptop and nothing else but the use case is very small.
New desktop PCs come with anything from 5 to 10 USB sockets and a lot of monitors can increase the number by acting as a hub too.

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