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Comment: Sort of (Score 1) 132

by Gonoff (#47387909) Attached to: Google Reader: One Year Later

The thing that was seriously useful was Google Listen that took podcasts from Reader. I have found nothing that does podcasts as well as Listen did.
I currently use Pocket Casts and it is adequate.

I tried Feedly but found it very demanding. If I left it, I would be told about the number of new things and it was just too much hassle. I will probably go back from time to time and clear the huge amount of "new" items and see how it goes for a while.

Dropping Reader was not a great thing for us "users" out here but I'm sure it made sense to someone at Google. However, I have No Agenda...

Comment: Not location but time (Score 1) 109

by Gonoff (#47382899) Attached to: Can the NSA Really Track You Through Power Lines?

I think I saw this on the Discovery channel a couple of years ago.

An AC grid does not keep perfect time. It will vary by a few hundredths of a HZ when certain things happen, like increased load during commercials, dropped load as people go to work and even when wind speed suddenly increases making the wind turbines contribute more.
All these things make a unique time signature for that mains hum on any given power grid. If you have a nationwide grid, as found in most developed countries, this is the same everywhere but if you are on just a regional one, that will narrow it down for the spooks and they will know you are in that particular region too.

Comment: Re:Ocean garbage patches? (Score 1) 139

by Gonoff (#47287625) Attached to: Continuous System For Converting Waste Plastics Into Crude Oil

Which, if you've never heard of it, is a place in the Atlantic where a bunch of ocean currents sort of cancel each other out...

I've not heard of one there but I understand that there is a huge one in the Pacific.

Now if it became worth money can we expect various countries round there to be rubbleized to make them free to give away all their resources?

Comment: Re:HALLELUJAH! :D :D :D (Score 1) 649

by Gonoff (#47287601) Attached to: Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools

There is rather strong evidence that it is a personality-defect instead, one that comes from inability to master one's fears.

Feasible but not the problem I am referring to. To have a proper discussion, we need more than one viewpoint.

I understand that the RC Church has what they call a "Devils Advocate" when discussing possible saints. Their job is to put forward a different opinion. The advantage(!) of having conservatives around is that some of them really believe what they say. This can/should lead to a better consideration of problems.

Comment: How about this (Score 1) 138

There have been several tools to search multiple search engines at once and aggregate the results.

How about a multiple search over different countries Googles and just show the differences?
That would immediately show specifically what someone wants to hide.

For instance, I could do a search on somneone in Spain and would immediately see what financial instabilities do not show up here.
Someone in China could look Chinese historical events and immediately have them pointed out.

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