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Comment Re:Because it made sense to (Score 1) 189

... Maths provides no thrust, doesn't move mass, you can't eat it, you can't breathe it.

It does move mass. Without a lot of serious number crunching, we wouldn't have any modern cars, planes or anything else.Anything more complicated than a dugout canoe needs calculations.

You can't eat it, sure but without it millions would not eat.

If the world keeps trundling along without a few more sums, everyone will have as much fun breathing as people in Beijing

Comment Re:Because it made sense to (Score 1) 189

I never said you had to be particularly good at anything. Just possessing a basic grounding - hence the expression about 10 year old. That will not make you into a "space nutter". Education into some of the basics, not just mathematics, of being an adult will help you to make more informed decisions and statements.

A simple grasp of arithmetic would show you that spending less money on exploring space will not put any more money into the hands of the poor. A little background in human behaviour will explain the reason has something to do with the greed of the powerful. A little knowledge of history would show you what happens to groups, societies and empires that stop looking outwards and just try and concentrate on internals.

Comment 43 years? That's appalling! (Score 4, Insightful) 189

It is depressing to me just how few people admit haw mind bendingly awful it is that we have not been back for what used to be a lifetime.

As to why, I can think of several reasons that nobody from earth has been back in this time...

1. Lack of political leadership globally.
2. There are easier ways to fill pork barrels.
3. The press in the developed world is in the hands of an ever smaller bunch of sociopaths who take pride in being unscientific.
4. The world is too comfortable for the 1%
5. There is a myth that if we don't spend it on progress, the money will be used to feed/house the poor and hungry.
6. Fear by the powerful that once people are off earth, they will become "global citizens", not just good Americans, Russians, Brits or whatever.

Comment Re:Geothermal (Score 1) 232

The Hawaiians banned fracking because it angered the volcano god.

But what has the reasonable idea of banning fracking got to do with Geothermal energy extraction?
Fracking is fossil fuel extraction. The using of its product generates CO2.. The extraction of heat energy from the ground does not have to.

Comment They have done this for years. (Score 1) 225

Apple has been trying to play catch up for some time now. When the nice shiny Mac+ came out, that was them (partly) passing the Nexus5 generation. My daughters one seems nearly comparable to my Note4 except that her photos don't seem as sharp as mine.
Perhaps its just the inferior display?

It probably doesn't matter how far they are behind the market leaders. Few people by an iPhone because of its superiority.

Comment No Robotic "exploration" (Score 1) 239

In the same way that unmanned probes are investigation, not exploration, those same probes can't cause the launcher to gain any rights to what they land on, Neither can nanoprobes, masses of linked Turing machines, replicators or anything else.

The only way of "staking a claim" involves actually going there and putting your (spacesuit) boots on it - while you are wearing them!

Comment Re:I can tolerate a really hot hottub (Score 1) 488

Meanwhile Dubai, Riyadh, Baghdad, Manama, etc have average summer temperatures of 40 and pushing towards 50 degrees (122F)! And _still_ with high humidify. Desert heat with ocean humidity, and yet little rain - it rarely cools below the dew point.

I spent part of my childhood there - until 01/01/79 when we left in a rush. We were about 60 miles north/inland from Abadan which is on the coast. Summer temperatures were above 50C every day and often 55 to 60.
Temperature was not the only factor though. Humidity is fractionally under 100% and there are very strong hot winds. I visited a steelworks when at college, the two felt similar. Hot and uncomfortable but the steelworks smelled better!

Comment Re:love it (Score 1) 252

I vote for the 100,000 second day. If spacegoing humanity adopted it, we could stick to the existing measurement systems - KG M S - also known as SI.

There would be no need for DST, BST, CEST or whatever. The US can do ahead with its 6*28hour week and we can smile happily.

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