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Comment: Re:I Pay (Score 1) 319

1. I rent a post office box.
2. I pay Amazon to ship me products to that PO box
3. The USPO doesn't guarantee overnight delivery unless Amazon pays them the premium rate.

Not sure I see the issue.

The issue is that it is more like

1. I rent a post office box.
2. I pay Amazon to ship me products to that PO box
3. Amazon pays the USPO the usual, agreed-upon amount of money for delivering the stuff to my local post office
4. My local post office additionally also demands money from Amazon for putting the parcel into my post office box the same day it arrives because people order so much stuff from Amazon, otherwise they wait until the next day.

Comment: Re:Many warmer periods in the past with no AGW (Score 2) 843

Yea, look at this ice core data. Much warmer in the past, with no anthropogenic CO2 influence.

Certainly no catastrophic AGW, humans do well in warm times.
Cold is cop failures, starvation, and freezing to death.

The graph you link only goes up to 1855, so it is no wonder it shows no warming. Still, this graph keeps popping up to show that there has been no warming in recent years...


"Easterbrook plots the temperature data from the GISP2 core, as archived here. Easterbrook defines “present” as the year 2000. However, the GISP2 “present” follows a common paleoclimate convention and is actually 1950. The first data point in the file is at 95 years BP. This would make 95 years BP 1855 — a full 155 years ago, long before any other global temperature record shows any modern warming. In order to make absolutely sure of my dates, I emailed Richard Alley, and he confirmed that the GISP2 “present” is 1950, and that the most recent temperature in the GISP2 series is therefore 1855."

Comment: Re:WGA? (Score 1) 645

by Golden_Rider (#46681953) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

i remember when XP was released and WGA ( or it's predecessor ) was new and people were worried that MS would shutdown their servers and make it impossible to reinstall in some cases.

MS promised that they would release a key or some sort of patch that would allow you to install without the server.

Where is it?

They publicly stated that the activation servers will not be turned off, so there is no need yet for such a patch.

Comment: How do you define "support"? (Score 1) 645

by Golden_Rider (#46681951) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

The thing I always ask myself when I hear people claim that MS has an obligation to "support" Windows XP indefinitely is - where do you draw the line? What IS "support and fixing security issues"? XP is so old by now that it is lacking a lot of newer security features, so it "by design" is less secure than, say, Windows 7 or 8. If those people demanding eternal support got their way, would Microsoft have to "fix" these security issues by providing updates which effectively would turn Windows XP into a more modern operating system? Would Microsoft face lawsuits if they said "nope, those are features only Windows 7 and 8 have, we won't put those into XP" and then the machines running XP got turned into spam zombies due to someone exploiting those security holes?

Comment: Re:My comments on this (Score 1) 195

Other radical ideas were thrown in, apparently from just trying to do something different without trying it, such as "People weren't 100% happy with the auction house in XI, so let's not have an auction house! We'll make people's characters stand around and bazaar their stuff even when they're not online!" Except that the number one problem with that is NO INDEXING. If you want, say, a cotton thread, you have to check every character's stuff individually, with no way to compare prices or even know who has what you want. Or at least that's what I understood the problem was from reading a bunch of forum posts from people in beta, because no way was I going to start another grindy MMO from the start, so I stayed with XI.

Yes, that is exactly what it was like. If you wanted to buy some specific item, you had to go to some "bazaar" area, which was basically one of several larger halls inside town, in which you found the NPC retainers of other players standing around, pretty much like the terracotta army. Each retainer was the private shop of one player, and you had to walk up to each and every single one to check if that shop had the item you wanted, and at which price. So if you wanted to see all the options for a particular item, you had to check all the shops, because there was no overall list of items on offer. The only saving grace was that at least the bazaar areas were labelled as to which areas were for which general type of items (like armor, weapons, ...). But this was, as far as I can remember, not enforced, so you could have private shops in the wrong area. And the server lag made checking out the private shops as slow and annoying as you can imagine. Basically the whole system was as bad as it was possible to make it.

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by Golden_Rider (#46493085) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Management Interface On an IT Appliance?

Anything that doesnt require java, flash, silverlight, or god knows what else.

Anything that works in all browsers.

This. Seriously. Any management GUI which requires Java deserves to die in a fire. Because when you need to use it - which for some management GUI like a storage box which is configured once and then left alone until something needs to be changed might happen once every couple months - you can be ABSOLUTELY SURE that the computer you are sitting at either has no Java runtime environment at all or one which is the wrong version. At work, I have special VMs sitting around which I can fire up in case I need to connect to one of those ancient remote management boards which need Java 1.4.1 or stuff like that, and I have to be careful not to accidentally update those machines.

It is super annoying to find out that just to be allowed to click that one button, you first have to get a Java runtime (in the right version!) and install it, because sometimes you do not have an Internet connection available so you have to mess around with a USB stick, you introduce additional security risks by installing Java, most likely you accidentally forget about NOT leaving that Ask toolbar install option selected and have to clean up afterwards, etc.

Comment: Re:Are we not advanced enough to use UTC Time? (Score 1) 310

by Golden_Rider (#46452197) Attached to: Daylight Saving Time ...

The biggest problem with that idea is that time would lose much of its meaning.

To give an example, let's say you're taking an international flight that get in at 4:30am. So, will public transportation be running or will you have to get a taxi? Can you call the friends you're visiting when you land or will the be asleep? The problem is that 4:30am has lost its meaning until you contextualize to the location where you'll be. In the current system, 4:30am is almost always pre-dawn and most everyone will be asleep. That's true no matter where in the world you are because every place has its own 4:30am.

There's value in a universal understanding of what a time means. If you removed time zones, you'd quickly see that you'd need to add place codes to every time. This would be because despite the fact that you know the precise point in time represented by an hour:minute value, you'd know almost nothing else.

Exactly. The good thing about the whole time system we have right now is that you can tell exactly what is going on at someone's place when he/she mentions a local time. If it's 3am local time at someone's location, you know he probably won't be at work and that it would be pointless to call them. Yes, you would have to look up the time zone difference to actually know that it is 3am there right now. But if we had the same time everywhere and it's 10am right now, you would STILL have to look up some information to know what the effective difference to that location is, because even though it might be 10am everywhere right now, that person won't be at work if it is still in the middle of the night. So there would STILL be "time zones", they just would not be called that anymore. So you'd have 10am universal time, but they might be at -7 "working time" difference. What would be the whole point of the universal time then?

You just cannot have an effective universal time as long as it is not night/day at the same time everywhere, and I do not think we are close to fixing that problem anytime soon, because it might have to involve transforming our planet into a flat earth.


NASA Wants To Go To Europa 216

Posted by samzenpus
from the just-down-the-road dept.
MightyMartian writes "'NASA and the White House are asking Congress to bankroll a new intrastellar road trip to a destination that's sort of like the extraterrestrial Atlantis of our solar system — Jupiter's intriguing moon, Europa.' Since Europa seems one of the most likely worlds in the Solar System other than Earth where we have some hope of finding extant life, let's hope Congress gives the green light to this project."

Comment: You simply do not understand your own website (Score 5, Insightful) 2219

by Golden_Rider (#46184477) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

It's as simple as that - you do not understand WHY people visit Slashdot.

Nobody goes here to read amazing fresh news. It's safe to say what whatever "news" you put up have already been posted elsewhere at least half a day before. Your users come here for the discussions, to read what other Slashdot users think about the stories and to reply to those comments. That's why the comments are absolutely, 100%, the most important thing on the Slashdot website, and your beta site makes them much more annoying to read and reply to. Seriously, how can you NOT see that this will cause an exodus if it will go live? This is not a minor inconvenience people will get used to after a few days, it is a fundamental flaw, like replacing the juicy steak on someone's plate with a huge steaming turd.

Your website redesign is going in a completely wrong direction. Everybody is telling you that, you claim to hear it, but you ignore it. This won't end well.

Oh, and get rid of all that whitespace. I am using a 27" screen, not a portrait-oriented iPad, thank you very much.

Comment: Re:No pictures please! (Score 1) 2219

by Golden_Rider (#46184411) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Pictures on a pure tech site that posts news are not needed and take away valuable screen space.

Yup, especially if the pictures have nothing to do with the actual story, but instead are stock photography etc. If a story is about some new networking equipment, I do not need a large picture of a bunch of network cables above the story.

Comment: Re:Bad Summary: Read the Article! Only HP Integrit (Score 1) 385

someone should edit the top post...

"...beginning September 2013, Hewlett-Packard Company will change the way firmware updates on HP Integrity and HP 9000 products are accessed..."

No. It's also standard Proliant servers. Read the mails quoted in other posts here. The summary just links to a mail received by somebody owning HP9000 stuff, that's why it only mentions HP9000 products.

Comment: Re:Did you even read the notice? (Score 4, Informative) 385

The notice is about HP 9000 (read PA-RISC and HP-UX) and HP Integrity (read Itanium and HP-UX). HP 9000 was end-of-saled years ago and you know Itanium. The products are a dying remnant that some companies may be trying to stick to. Honestly, sometimes just people need to let go.

So if you're yelling loudly about your network or PC stuff not getting BIOS-upgrades, go back to fix your comments.
(What a coincidence, the captcha word is "extort")

No, it's just that the link went to the email received by a customer who is using HP9000 stuff. The change DOES also apply to the usual stuff like HP Proliant DL380 etc. For example, the mail I received today (as a Proliant user) was:

"Update: HP ProLiant Servers: Access to Firmware Updates & Service Pack for ProLiant

You are receiving this communication because you have been identified as a customer using HP ProLiant Servers and HP Services.

HP has made significant investments in its intellectual capital to provide the best value and experience for our customers. We continue to offer a differentiated customer experience with our comprehensive support portfolio. HP, as an industry leader, is well positioned to provide reliable support services across the globe with proprietary tools, HP trained engineers, and genuine certified HP parts. Only HP customers and authorized channel partners may download and use support materials.

In line with this commitment, starting in February 2014, Hewlett-Packard Company will change the way firmware updates and Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) on HP ProLiant server products are accessed. Select server firmware and SPP on these products will only be accessed through the HP Support Center to customers with an active support agreement, HP CarePack, or warranty linked to their HP Support Center User ID and for the specific products being updated. We encourage you to review your current support coverage to ensure you have the appropriate coverage to maintain uninterrupted access to firmware updates and SPP for these products. "

Comment: Re:Murica Fuck yea! (Score 1) 635

by Golden_Rider (#46007233) Attached to: U.S. Teenagers Are Driving Much Less: 4 Theories About Why

- taking the car to the grocery store that's 100 meters from your place is just stupid.

How are you going to get the groceries back home, make 10 trips? I think I'd prefer to drive.

If you do not own a car, you simply shop more often. After all, it does not take as much time if the grocery store is only a couple hundred meters away. In other words, you go there, buy one or two large bags of stuff and walk home. And then two or three days later when you ate everything, you walk there again. This works well when you're single or maybe a family with one kid, you just have to plan accordingly "today and tomorrow I want to cook this-and-that, so I need two litres of milk, salad, two steaks, ...". Of course sometimes you still need to do that one large shopping spree to buy bulk stuff like toilet paper, mineral water/beer/..., heavier stuff like packs of flour/sugar/... and for that you usually also do not go to the small shop around the corner, but instead the larger supermarket somewhere else which has a parking lot etc. For example my mom, who lives alone and has no car of her own, either asks me to help her once every two weeks or so or just goes shopping together with a neighbour (who has a car). So yes, it of course is still more convenient to have a car, but you definitely can live without one if you just KNOW someone who has one and who can help you out once in a while when you need to transport the heavy stuff.

Comment: Re:Space suits? (Score 1) 114

by Golden_Rider (#45844809) Attached to: 100-Year-Old Photo Negatives Discovered In Antarctica

A couple of the photos show the explorers. My immediate thought was how ill equipped for the cold they look by today's standards. Then I started wondering about space suits. They obviously can withstand the cold and also have some durability for the elements given that on earth astronauts train wearing them under water. What are some practical limitations of space suits (perhaps modified to, e.g., not have to carry oxygen) that make them impracticable for working near the poles?

The major point against using space suits for arctic exploration imo might be that space suits actually are COOLING suits. They are designed to prevent the astronauts from overheating, because evaporative cooling (sweating) does not work in space. Also, the suits are pressurized and quite hard to move in, plus they are very heavy.

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