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Comment Weren't they more successful were separate? (Score 1) 322

Why do they keep trying to do this?

Microsoft's most successful era was when the 9X, NT, and CE lines were almost completely separate. They try to merge them, and there's disaster, new CEO comes in, wants to merge them in a different way. Windows 8 would have been fine if it were strictly a 9X descendant release. It is not suitable for businesses, there should not have been a Pro version, it should have if they needed to have two versions, been Home, and Home Ultimate or something. Or they could just bring back the Classic interface on all versions and stop trying to be something other than Windows. People hated Luna, people hated Aero, who exactly hated Classic?

Comment One Linux distro to another Linux distro (Score 1) 413

I have always eventually installed Linux on every computer I had so far. Sadly, no one distro has ever worked with all hardware, and I've often had to try several different distros to find one that properly supports the video card, network card, and usually the sound card. To me, this is my biggest frustration with Linux, I don't want to choose based on my hardware, I don't even understand people who claim to be partial to one distro, none of them work right on every computer. If one distro can somehow support my sound card, all of them should, that is not usually the case.

Comment Re: Lots of good reasons. (Score 1) 684

Part of the problem with DRM is that different forms of art have different revenue models.

Music has had a split touring/record sales/sheet music model for a long time. Concert tickets are substantially more expensive post-internet. Some say most of the money is in sheet music, there are a lot of pop artists that don't write their own songs, and seem to be doing quite well on their lip synced live performances and the merchandise sales at those.

Movies have always been DRM in a way, new releases are usually only available in theaters unless it's some movie even the producers think is so bad that it goes straight to video, They have always went to expensive theaters first, later cheaper theaters, and then to home and TV usage. No one ever complained much at this model, as it has always existed this way. Some people complain about the DRM on DVD's, you don't have to buy them though, I very rarely do. I either wait for it to come to cable or rent it for less than the price that it was as a new release at the theater.

Software has numerous different models, some more profitable, and some more annoying than others.

The author of an e-book can only really "tour" by selling the movie rights, but that really only works for fiction, and only a small subset of fiction books are ever made into a movie. The ones that are already famous can do a book signing tour, but that only works for those that are already famous. I am a little concerned that some good even great would-be writers pursue careers in other fields because there's no money in writing anymore.

Comment How about not just accepting junk mail? (Score 1) 564

So many resources, let alone trees, are used in sending all this junk mail that almost no one wants. How about getting rid of current resident as an acceptable addressee? And how about a do not accept junk mail list with serious fines? How many planes, trucks, warehouses could be eliminated(as well as the employees) if all mail had to be in an envelope and with a valid addressee, and maybe even a valid stamp and not some bulk mail print? Eliminate junk mail and the problem is solved. Yes, it will mean less revenues, but also far less expenses.

Comment What of those that developed for Android? (Score 1) 577

Those are the ones who really get screwed if somehow Android ends up not existing in it's present form with Dalvik because of this. Although I personally did not learn J++, if I had spent a lot of time and effort learning it, I'd be really mad. I have spent a lot of time and effort learning the Android API, and if it ceases to exist, like J++ did, because of some court case, can I sue both Oracle and Google for my time and hardship?

Comment Hurricanes (Score 1) 1148

I live in a hurricane prone area with reactors near the coast and was comforted by the fact that they said they shut them down when there was a big one forecasted to make landfall nearby. With hurricane season coming soon, I'm going to be a lot more concerned. If a tsunami can damage the cooling system to the point of failure, why couldn't a category 5 hurricane, with a strong enough storm surge?

Why is all anyone talks about is what kind of energy to use, and not why do we have to continue to use so much?

Comment Depends who I'm going with (Score 1) 561

With only a group of good looking women:
We make a 90% chance of making it there and a 1% chance of lasting more than 10 days

With just one good looking woman:
We make a 90% chance of making it there and a 1% chance of lasting more than 10 years

With a mixed group:
We make a 90% chance of making it there and a 1% chance of lasting more than 25 years

No way, I'm sure I'd go hopelessly insane if I did survive the trip, let alone living on a planet by myself.

With a bunch of guys:
I have less than 90% chance of making it there because I'm already dying of some incurable disease or very old and well past my life expectancy...

Comment Why did they give up the low end market so easy? (Score 1) 289

I used to have a Nokia 6 years ago or so. Was a really nice phone. Did the actual phone thing way better than any phone I've had since. Just about everyone who had a cell phone back then had a Nokia, mainly because that was the cheapest one you could get when you went to a cell phone store. These days, it's some other brand. You can still get a Nokia, but it's some expensive smartphone Nokia that no one wants. If someone wants a smartphone they'll buy a Blackberry or an iPhone. If they actually want a phone, they would buy a Nokia, but they don't seem to offer cheap Nokia's anymore...that was their market, they should have embraced it, rather than go after Blackberry and iPhone's....

Comment Re:That Analogy Falls Apart (Score 1) 917

A Mars colony would seem to me that it would be more likely to work if it was tried first on the Moon. With supply lines being so much shorter, eventually a fairly decent size colony could be built, in a much shorter time frame. It really seems far less complicated than building the ISS. Supply ships wouldn't have to dock and all that, just land somewhere fairly close.

All the supplies to build it either place could be sent beforehand. I can see support for a one way trip to Mars being a lot higher if there was already plenty of food, water, and oxygen there. We already have sent a bunch of other crap there. Why not send a ship or two with some bottled water, and food just in case? Or maybe some fine wine? Or some whiskey or vodka or something?

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