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Comment No, just refuse "directions only" GPS (Score 1) 571

Like ONSTAR was in my Camaro, just verbal directions and arrows. I never used that once. I did have a tablet that I could mount to my dash so that it could display Navigation with a MAP so I could use my common sense to double check, in the off chance that the computer had picked an invalid route (or one through a bad neighborhood). Waze in particular saved me from a few hours-long traffic snarls that without its input I could not have gotten around, due to complete unfamiliarity with side streets in that area. Having a MAP along with advise that I could follow or ignore, along with software that was capable of working to continue to guide me despite me making a different choice, was invaluable.

There is NO WAY I would attempt to navigate in a new city or country without at least SOME positional information to go with a map. The technology is useful. I see no need to behave like a luddite simply because "machines"

The people that stubbornly obey directions without reference to even a map are at fault, not the software.

I also blame "safety experts" who think that having in-car GPS display a map in transit is "distracting and unsafe" and insist on "no screen, directions only" GPS. Useless.

Comment Re:Taking CO2 from the atmosphere?? (Score 1) 156

Really? What's your end to end solution achievable with today's technology at a price that populations and governments will accept, and which doesn't immediately make transportation people and governments already own useless?

As important as both the issues you raise are (and the deforestation one may be the more achievable), the reality of it is that "that's it, no more fossil fuel" without a reasonable alternative will never happen, even if it kills us, because without a reasonable alternative, many of us will likely die anyhow.

Comment Re:Um... big data isn't what they're after (Score 1) 180

I wouldn't expect the 1 million insurance to be in effect during "downtime".

1 million is a lot more than the personal Injury and liability insurance that most individual drivers will EVER carry, so I'm not sure what your angle is there...

If the Taxi industry wasn't a bunch of backroom deal making, monopolistic thugs, Uber and Lyft would never have come into existence in the first place.

You think you're getting jack shit if a fucking TAXI hits you? They have laws for that. They bought them decades ago. Good luck.

Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 3, Funny) 180

The taxi industry in South Florida has (or had) the municipal government in it's back pocket. They tried to shut down Uber, etc, until it became clear that everyone knew that the commission was being bribed, and that federal investigations were incoming unless they started representing the will of the people and not the will of Yellow Cab (Jessie Gaddis, here).

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