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Comment: Re:My plan is to wait and see (Score 1) 214

by Going_Digital (#47343743) Attached to: Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It
This is why I won't be switching to Lightroom, there is no way I am going to rent software from Adobe. The worst thing about this is that although other packages are available it was Aperture that put price pressure on Adobe. With a major low cost competitor out of the frame we can guarantee that Adobe will increase prices and kick back and watch the money come in.

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So what HP are telling me is that they have no confidence in their products so they are not prepared to take the risks of maintaing their products. Instead they are telling us that there are so many defects in their products that they want to shift the burden of maintenance on to their customers, in doing so they no longer have to worry about the poor quality of their products costing them money. It is great for me as I now know that the next server I buy will not be HP. Stand behind your products or take a hike is what I say.

Comment: Criminal Masterminds (Score 1) 75

by Going_Digital (#44911223) Attached to: Another British Bank Hit By KVM Crooks
It is funny how the media reports it as a sophisticated attack with criminal masterminds as they don't want you to know that it is something that pretty much anybody with a little tech understanding could do. They are only reporting this one because they were such clever criminal masterminds that they got caught doh! Anyone with the courage to go in to a bank masquerading as in IT contractor could plug such a device into a PC. In fact I'm sure many geeks could come up with a far less obvious solution fitted internally. The problem is banks; especially in the UK are living in the steam era and think of their buildings and therefore their internal network secure. Surely staff should be required to use some sort of NFC tag or similar so that the computer can only be operated while they are sat at it and locks when they walk away.

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by Going_Digital (#44181691) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Permanent Preservation of Human Knowledge?
It is quite simply impossible to preserve something for ever. What ever format you use to store the information assumes that the people in the future will be able to read it. Lets for example imagine that in the event of a catastrophic event that some civilisation other than America are the ones that service. Perhaps for example it is an obscure eskimo tribe that survives and it takes them two centuries to re-colonise the world to the point where they will discover your data left in America. How will they understand the English that has been written and even if they can translate it, what meaning will it have to them, the world might be a very different place by then. language changes so fast just try reading some Olde English from the 17th Century and see how you get on. We largely have translations of old languages like Ancient Greek and Hebrew used in the Bible as there has been an evolution of the language and so it has been possible to study the way the language has changed and work backwards, but translation is not an exact science hence why there are still disagreements over the exact translation of the bible to this day, hence the essence of you message may be lost. The best we can hope for is for institutions such as archives and libraries will continue to preserve information for the future and that enough of our civilisation survives to pass the information into the future. Hoping of corse that some religious nutters don't don't destroy it all like the Christians did with the library in Alexandria because the material didn't fit with their ideals.

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by Going_Digital (#43043967) Attached to: Shorter '.uk' Domain Name Put On Ice
It hasn't been abandoned see their news release The problem was that in the original proposal they intended to give priority to trademark proprietors but this was campaigned against mainly by domainers who stood to loose out. A majority of useful domains are held by domain prospectors and the original proposal would have meant that other people would have had a chance at registering a domain by showing some sort of entitlement to it. Now however nominet are suggesting that they look at changing the proposal to "A revised phased release mechanism based largely on the prior registrations of domains in existing third levels within .uk" effectively making it a simple domain tax where exiting & domain registrants will feel obliged to take the option to get the .uk version of their domain. The whole idea is is a farce and nothing more than a money making exercise for nominet. They claim that there was broad support for new 'features' such as addres verification. They have however not demonstrated an valid reason as to why they need to start selling domains in the .uk space rather than simply applying these new 'features' to the existing system. Nobody stands to gain anything from the proposal but despite that nominet seems the be determined to try again, what does that tell you ? I would encourage people to send in their complaints to

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In the future people will look back saying that Apple lost their lead in the market because they refused to open up. Hmm nothing new there then, refusal to license MacOS is why windows became the de facto standard on the PC and Apple nearly disappeared. Seems they are set to repeat the same cycle, take a lead and then blow it all away by being stubborn.

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by Going_Digital (#42739721) Attached to: Interviews: Ask James Randi About Investigating the Truth
The harm is caused by the way that people take these claims at face value without evidence. You might argue that people who are to stupid to realise that something is a scam deserve to loose their money but that is just not so. We all like to think that we are able to make rational decisions but often these scams target people at their most vulnerable point where it is hard to be rational. If you or a family member has a life threatening disease then anything that offers a glimmer of hope no matter how small can seem attractive. So a person might loose some money trying things that don't work, not much of a harm done really but what about the more extreme cases ? How about the person who appears to get better when one of these crackpot remedies are taken, so they become convinced so much so that they rely on such remedies instead of proven medicine ? Many examples of people like Steve Jobs who's faith in alternative remedies resulted in them holding out on taking proven medicine that could have saved their lives. What about the people who looking for comfort in the idea that there is a life ofter death for their family dedicate their life to a religion, sometimes cutting themselves off from their loved ones due to their lack of belief, or denying themselves opportunities in life in the name of religion. In some cases going on to cause harm to others?

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by Going_Digital (#42724261) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Electronics Prototyping Platform?
The OP asks for an Electronics Prototyping Platform and then goes on to list a bunch of microcontrollers. Writing software is not electronics prototyping it is software development, what they really mean is what micro controller and development environment should they use for their embedded applications. Electronics is connecting together components and the easiest way to do that is with a breadboard.

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