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Comment: Re:Asymetrical warfare (Score 2) 147

by Gogo0 (#46283503) Attached to: Iran's Hacking of US Navy 'Extensive,' Repairs Took $10M and 4 Months
DoD public-facing server are supposed to be cordoned off, DMZ'd, hardened to the point where theyre nearly unusable, and not contain anything but data classified as PUBLIC (ie, lose the server and you lose nothing important). These are part of many DISA requirements that simply werent followed. These guys were lazy/bad/apathetic -they arent now (though still getting paid the same, so why should they care).

The "Bloodstream" is just some official talking out of his ass about something he doesnt understand, unless he is talking about the DISA network the navy rides (which could /correctly/ be analogized as the 'bloodstream' of the global navy network). But that would be actual serious shit, and a different story altogether. Or maybe its a regional/theatre ops center with connections to lots of enclaves. Who knows.

My guess is that the web admins had a lax PKI implementation and local admin accounts that shared username/password with other servers. This "bloodstream" thing makes no sense as there are supposed to be physical and logical boundaries between enclaves. how much access do you have to your ISP's equipment? DoD networks are supposed to be like that to compartmentalize things.

Really, most of the explanation of what actually took place sounds like gibberish.

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by Gogo0 (#46052613) Attached to: Facebook Is a Plague That'll Burn Out In a Few Years, Says Study
i used to hate it, probably because it was popular for people to hate it. "i have REAL friends, not VIRTUAL friends" and all that.
i dont dislike it anymore though. turns out its very handy for stuff like:
>organizing/joining events with friends
>sharing/seeing pictures taken at parties
>finding something to do ("i want to go drinking tonight, anyone else?" to 150 people at once is convenient)
>nurturing relationships with women (a look at their FB will tell you a lot)
>expanding your real social network (discovering and then meeting friends of friends)

if you fill your friends list with strangers that send you friend requests, then FB is a waste of time. fill it with people you know and it can enhance your meatspace social life

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by Gogo0 (#45960117) Attached to: Japan To Tax Online Sales Of Foreign-Made Content
any culture other than their own is "junk culture" to many. the japanese govt has initiatives to repel things like hanryuu (korean wave) and make people more interested in japanese culture/content and thus creating a demand for more. hard to do when K-Pop groups are releasing albums in japanese (does that make it J-Pop?) and the fact that japanese tv sucks (not all, but most) to the point that no one overseas would want to watch it even if they could understand it. i know more than a few early-20s girls that are watching 'The Walking Dead' and are more interested in reruns of 'Dr House' than the new (second) season of 'Doctor X'

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by Gogo0 (#45615233) Attached to: NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide
i dont agree that it is "totally painless", its a huge pain and inconvenience for no perceived benefit.
i do however agree that there is a lunatic fringe that takes it too far. the entire "flying experience" is shit! uncomfortable flying, lugging baggage, immigration, waiting in an airport for hours, more-expensive food/beer... security checkpoints are just another shitty part. that one point out of many is a stupid to cancel a vacation to america or anywhere else someone want(ed) to go that has mildly-invasive security.

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by Gogo0 (#45451045) Attached to: Blue Light of Death Plagues PlayStation 4
there were pictures of ten year old kids stitching air jordans, the "think of the children" was (rightfuly) strong. if foxconn has that sort of thing going on, its less-publicized.
it matters less to most though. plenty of people are willing to switch from nike to adidas or the like. phone/pc/console choice seems to carry almost a religious dedication for a lot of people. theyre not willing to switch from their chosen brand, even if they think their brand does deplorable things.

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by Gogo0 (#45287745) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What Are You Doing For Hallowe'en?
the thing with american holidays is that most are relatively new and based on some other culture's ancient celebration. changes were made because when great grandpa got off the boat, he didnt have a herring to gelatinize (or whatever) and had to figure something else out. then through generations the original traditions are further diluted. without centuries-old traditions to adhere to, our holidays tend to evolve. maybe 'evolve' is too positive a verb, how about 'our holidays change'? its a shame if via popular culture the decades-old celebrations are marginalized, though. i havent lived in america for five years now, so ill take your word for it on the cheap plastic crap sale. but that does seem to be the normal trend.

we had apple bobbing in america when i was a kid too. i think the hand sanitizer generation was likely the cause of its decline.

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by Gogo0 (#45287519) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What Are You Doing For Hallowe'en?
i dont care about halloween, but i also dont understand the hate. kids dress up in costumes, walk around with their friends and parents, receive treats, and have a fun time. hardly "bewildering".

there is obnoxious shit that teenagers do, but thats true for pretty much anything else as well. and while nearly every holiday is tainted with capitalistic greed, i think halloween is probably fairly low on the list. candy and costumes for the most part. the modern version is a holiday mostly a demonstration of altruism of adults to contribute to someone else's enjoyment.

i agree that a bonfire would be more fun for me, but thats certainly not a good reason to dislike halloween. when i run out of candy i put a large box of raisins on my porch and no one bothers me when they see that. or like you said, just dont answer the door.

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by Gogo0 (#45275983) Attached to: Adobe Breach Compromised Over 38 Million Users, Photoshop Source Code
after penetrating the webserver, you use that as a staging area to launch attacks on other parts of their internal network that are now visible to you.
oftentimes admins use the same credentials across many different assets, so information gathered from penetrating their webserver can be used to gain access to other systems.
of course, this is what DMZs, ACLs, and other security measures are meant to mitigate.

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by Gogo0 (#44998683) Attached to: Delta Replacing Flight Manuals with Surface Tablets
a (western airline) stewardess once told me that on long-haul or flights that have interesting destinations, the flight attendants with seniority get the assignment. thats why you see so many oldies on european/asian flights.

as the other reply to your message stated, asians dont play that game. they only hire young cute girls (and the occasional young guy for some reason -maybe to lift things) to staff the aisles and ticket counters, sometimes also the security gate. makes the occasional pat-down far more pleasant, and flying overall much more bearable.

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by Gogo0 (#44956749) Attached to: Apple Maps Flaw Sends Drivers Across Airport Runway
to be fair, the Sitka tarmac is halfway sticking out into Sitka Sound. I could have driven my boat up to it and walked out there any time I wanted (though i never did want to). also sitka has (had? havent been back in years) a national guard building against the other end of the runway, i think there were points of entry around there as well.

look at it this way: alaska has nothing worth terror-attacking, and we're so far away from the lower 48 that few people down there would care for very long, past the fear-mongers grasping for more power. we're different because we're in a position that allows us to be without raising anyone's hackles

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