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Comment: Re:French Language Imperialism in France (Score 1) 578

by Godwin O'Hitler (#48751909) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?

It's constitutional. The only official language in France is French. That's why they were the only country unable to produce an official list of their minority languages when required by the EU to do so -- legally there aren't any others. To be fair they did provide an unofficial list.

Comment: Re:Quebec Language Police (Score 1) 578

by Godwin O'Hitler (#48751839) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?

Well now let's see what the reference* says: a calculator is called "une calculatrice" by most people, "un calculateur" is a computery thing used in control systems, and "un ordinateur" (often shortened to "ordi" because people can't be arsed with such a long word) is what you buy from HP or Dell.

*Reference: It's my job to translate these things.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 2) 764

by Godwin O'Hitler (#48274717) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Oh do so fuck off wanting to change the English vocabulary and then claiming history is on your side
Do you think the French say "gay orgueil" or "gay fierté"? They don't. They have two words for pride and neither matches. So they say "gay pride".
Which means what?
It means "gay pride" is a cliché. Jeez, talk about not doing oneself any favours.

I don't have a problem with people's sexual orientation, but is it too much to ask to leave the language alone.
Invent your own frigging word if "proud" (as it is HISTORICALLY defined) doesn't quite capture your meaning.

It is possible. Look at 'Grok" for instance.

Comment: Re:Crazy EU logic (again) (Score 1) 68

OK that's fair enough, it does make a difference to how easily the problem is tackled once the infringement is discovered.
But I'm still not convinced that an irate copyright holder who finds their content on a Web page actually cares whether it's embedded or not, or should even have to care.

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