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Comment: Re:Not to worry (Score 1) 62

Here's how an exception proving (testing) the rule works:

A swimming pool has a notice on the diving board that reads "Not for use by children under 8."
Anyone can therefore use the diving board with the exception of under-8s.

Along comes one such exception in the form of a 7 year-old kid. Lifeguard sees him and says "stay off the board, son!"

Rule proven.

Now just extend that to quasars and you're on a winner.

Comment: Re:I must move in different circles. (Score 1) 360

by Godwin O'Hitler (#49693713) Attached to: What Happens To Our Musical Taste As We Age?

Just wondering which word it is you don't think means what I think it means.

Practically all the best known Baroque composers wrote formulaic and repetitive music: Bach, Vivaldi, Handel to name but three.
Maybe you hate baroque music too. No problem. You get to choose what you like.

Comment: Re:Kansas isn't even remotely flat (Score 1) 235

Kansas is like the Himalayas compared with Denmark.

Here's how the caption reads on Wikepedia's photo of Denmark’s highest hill, Møllehøj:

"Møllehøj seen from the tower on Ejer Bavnehøj The highest point is obscured by the farm buildings."

You want flat? That's flat.

Comment: Re:More than $100 (Score 1) 515

Airport Name: Girona-Costa Brava. 100km northeast of Barcelona. Ryanair name: Barcelona North
Airport Name: Reus. 100km west of Barcelona. Ryanair name: Barcelona South
Airport name: Barcelona El Prat. Intercontinental airport 15km south of Barcelona centre. Ryanair name: Barcelona WHAT?

Comment: Re:No (Score 1) 515

The Eurostar is one of the few services in Europe where there *is* a security check and a requirement to arrive 10-30 minutes beforehand (it's 10 with the expensive ticket, 30 otherwise, and they're actually very accommodating if you're late). California shouldn't need this, as there's no international / undersea borders.

For other trains, 2 minutes is a bit short. For a long-distance journey, I aim to be waiting at the correct platform 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time, or a bit more if it's an infrequent (>20m) service.

Every Spanish HST has a security check-through. And Spain is the most HST-intensive country in Europe.

Having said that, security checks like the Spanish ones I can handle. You practically have to wake the guy up to check you. And there's no requirement to arrive early, although it's clearly not advisable to wait till the last minute.

Comment: Re:At the same time (Score 1) 323

I don't know how reliable it was but I once watched a TV "what if" simulation of a war in which the UK lost the B of B.
The ensuing invasion would have cost a freakily huge number of German lives. A great many of them before they even landed. To get anywhere they would have needed to take out the navy too. After that there were several very well equipped lines of defence. The theoretical invasion force never have got past the second line. The Battle of Britain of course averted all that for a much lower death count.

Not sure why they would have inisted on people speaking German mind. At least not as a first language.

All totally off-topic of course.

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