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Comment: Re:Greece can pull out Re:Soverign debt (Score 1) 737

They'll possibly pass laws making it hard for their citizens and companies to do business with Greece or its citizens and companies.

No they won't. The Eurozone is not the EU. The EU does not and can not allow that kind of behaviour among its members. It goes against the whole purpose of the EEC.

Comment: Re:Open voting logs is the solution (Score 1) 103

You make it so that changing something needs substantially more than 50% acceptance. If the vote is close, say between 45%–55%, the law gets sent back to the politicians for revision and revote. Then if it's still close to 50%, status quo reigns. This is how voting works in many specific cases.

Comment: Re:Transparency (Score 1) 103

Wait, are you saying Spain is less observant of the sabbath that Dixie?
I live in Spain too (though I'm not Spanish) and Jesus is every freaking where. Although to be fair they don't stuff the religion down your throat.

Well, all except the Jehova's Witnesses. I've never seen so many as in Spain.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.