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Comment Re:What's next?? (Score 1) 280

Architectural works are already copyright restricted in many countries. (I use the word restricted rather than protected consciously as the latter is a lie.)
Even the lighting of them can be photorestricted. Snap the Eiffel tower in the daytime, no problem: Gustav has been dead much longer than Walt. Snap it at night and that's a different matter.

Comment Re:Carphone? (Score 1) 51

In their international operation, Carphone Warehouse becomes just "The Phone House". And it has been so for over 15 years.
So I guess if the UK operation is still called Carphone Warehouse, they must still be in love with it.
I don't personally see the advantage in passing through a middleman. Same phones, same operators, same contract.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 1) 132

And why is this a problem? BBC programmes are made for a British audience; that's why Brits pay for them. They have British news, British weather, British humour, and take place in dismal British towns. Will your licence fees go up if other people watch too? Will it lower your quality of life? Will this make a shit of difference to the BBC?
Does it bother you or did you even know that in Belgium, to name but one country, they have been watching the Beeb for free for decades? Does it bother you that Spanish, French, and talian drivers don't have to pay on British motorways? Would you like to see toll booths installed to catch them?

Do you really believe that when you watch ITV you don't also pay? Someone must or it woudn't exist. And if you watch French TV, who pays? Does your watching advertisements for Carrefour and Auchan and BNP and Justin Bridou saucisson fund the French stations? Or are you getting them for free while everybody in France shops at exorbitant prices?

Any way I look at it this objection, is a non-sequitur.

Comment Re:Moan moan moan (Score 1) 172

Palemoon would be great if it didn't have a massive memory management problem. When I use Firefox, SRWare Iron (an adaptation of Chrome), or Palemoon to access the same game (GeoGuessr, a challenge based on Google Walk), Palemoon alone is the one that contrives to eat up every single spare Gig of my RAM.
I have 6GB, which surely isn't that small?

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