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Comment Re:Ad blocking is not boycott (Score 1) 116

"If you find parts of the web un-usable, then don't use them."

The problem is that's closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. I don't know about the others, but my adblocker is there to protect my machine preemptively. I don't want to discover the site is abusive only after the damage is done.
I'd go along wholly with the idea of a warning system if it were a) reliable and b) somebody else's baby -- they won't be able to count on the likes of me to report abusive sites because I don't intend to be in the position of being abused.

Surely detecting such sites automatically should be a piece of cake.

Comment Re:Ad blocking is not boycott (Score 1) 116

"Let's just not pretend that ad blocking is honorable."

Are we allowed to pretend that without adblocking, the Web is pretty much unuseable? I don't see where honour comes into it.

"Ad blockers offer a convenient way of having the content and not pay for it"

When the intrusive ads stop you enjoying the content without a blocker, "having the content" is a bit of a myth.

The non-intrusive sites suffer, I agree. But it's not my problem if someone pissed on their chips.

Comment Re:Interesting ruling... (Score 1) 241

Indeed. You could just about do Barcelona, Spain to Madrid, Spain in 6 hours.
Barcelona to Bratislava in a Bugatti Veyron, with an extra-large tank, on completely deserted roads, with no toll booths, driving flat out, could maybe get you there in 10.

Yes I know the GP was only trying to illustrate a point.

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