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Comment: Re:Moan moan moan (Score 1) 162 162

Palemoon would be great if it didn't have a massive memory management problem. When I use Firefox, SRWare Iron (an adaptation of Chrome), or Palemoon to access the same game (GeoGuessr, a challenge based on Google Walk), Palemoon alone is the one that contrives to eat up every single spare Gig of my RAM.
I have 6GB, which surely isn't that small?

Comment: Re:can someone from Europe please explain (Score 1) 146 146

"can someone from Europe please explain"

No of course we fucking can't. It's not us who pull these ideas out of our arses.
It's not even the people we duly elected to the European parliament who pull them out of their arses.

Comment: Yay imperialism! (Score 1) 692 692

‘Cecil Rhodes founded the De Beers Mining Company, owned the British South Africa Company, and had his name given to what became the state of Rhodesia.
He liked to "paint the map British red" and declared, "all of these stars ... these vast worlds that remain out of reach. If I could, I would annex other planets".’ (Wikipedia)

Comment: Re:Good heavens (Score 4, Informative) 86 86

And once you finally do parse it, it still isn't accurate. The billboard doesn't hide itself; it hides its message.

"Russian Billboard hides banned products advertisement when it recognizes cops." - one word less, unambiguous, and accurate.

Comment: Re:Tubes (Score 1) 226 226

OK so the correct answer to my question, which imposes a tube moving at the speed of light whether there be a means of getting it there or not, is b) some physical phenomenon prevents me moving forward, that physical phenomenon being my outrageous mass, since to move anywhere at all I would have to accelerate or decelerate that mass.
Thank you.

Comment: Re:Tubes (Score 1) 226 226

Well I realize the OP wasn't attempting to be serious, but I'll ask a serious question anyway.
A long, 3m diameter tube is moving at c. You set out to propel yourself from the aft of the tube to the fore, maybe with a power winch. What happens?
Does the tube disintegrate?
Does some physical phenomenon prevent you moving forward?
If you can move forward, by what magic are you still not travelling any faster than the tube?
Or are you indeed travelling faster then the tube but somehow not faster than light? If so please explain.

Comment: Geographical Errors (Score 1) 100 100

1) Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, not Europe. The Caucusus range reaches higher.
2) It is not the 11th highest mountain in the world. Not even hundred-and-11th. It is the eleventh most prominent. Prominence is a contrived value that basically says how much the the mountain juts out from its surroundings. "The prominence of a peak is the minimum height of climb to the summit on any route from a higher peak, or from sea level if there is no higher peak. The lowest point on that route is the col."
Thus Mount McKinley's prominence is measured with respect to Anconcagua in Argentina. Very meaningful, hmm?

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