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Comment Yes, but don't focus on OOP. (Score 1) 237

But stop with all the focus on only OOP. the programmers that come out suffer from Dunning Kruger and usually aren't as skilled as a good C or JavaScript programmer at the same point in their career. If you didn't spend a good chunk of time on block structured and functional coding there is no point in me hiring you.

Comment How about a bike license. (Score 1, Insightful) 696

Bikers don't have bike licenses in most places. They aren't taught where to ride, they ignore traffic signals, they don't try to get out of the way when traffic lines up behind them and police officers mostly do not enforce traffic laws when its a bike. They take up half a lane and are moving at a dangerously slow pace compared to motor vehicles. It is similar to when a sailboat is in the way of a freighter, but here the larger and faster vehicle really has no place to go other than to collide or slow down. I would like to expect that they would at least behave as good as a guy on a moped, but this doesn't happen. The laws in my state say that they should be treated the same as a motor vehicle. This is not what happens. At least our state has added some good long distance bike paths and bike overpasses, but these are mostly used by the trendy and health conscious, not for people actually trying to get anywhere.

Comment Pilot G Tec C4 Steel tip gel ink pen. (Score 3, Informative) 712

This here sir, is the pen you are looking for. Anything else is just common garbage.

google search for Pilot G-Tec-C4
It comes in both 0.2mm and 0.4mm, although I would recommend 0.4mm on thinner paper.
It is a steel tip gel rollerball pen, and the ink dries fairly quick and writes evenly unless the tip is dirty,
which is a little difficult to clean. It can a fair amount of pressure while writing as well.

It somewhat recently became available in America and is available in multiple colors as well,
although I have been using them for years by importing them from other countries.

Comment Style = Religion (Score 1) 479

All I am hearing from everyone is philosophy and opinion, but in all of it there are kernels of truth. It is exactly like religion, there is no difference. With regards to what I use, the bulk of it centers around reducing the amount of time it takes to read a code block. If you can't read a code block in a couple seconds that you haven't seen for years then you're probably doing something wrong.

Submission + - Major Bitcoin Exchange Shuts Down (

Sabbetus writes: On monday CEO of prominent Bitcoin exchange Tradehill announced that they are shutting down. Ars Technica ran a story on this stating that 'After Monday's news, the currency's value fell from $5.50 to $4.40, a decline of 20 percent.' Tradehill is returning all funds and meanwhile their competitors are fighting over who gets Tradehill's customers.
United Kingdom

Submission + - reality, the final frontier (

An anonymous reader writes: Star Trek fan may have to live in the real world, unless another, richer, Star Trek fan bails him out.

Comment No Correlation with Reality (Score 1) 948

As far as resumes are considered, we use them to help guide the flow of the interview a bit, but it ends there. If someone put down AJAX on their resume, it could be that either they set up a simple call through jQuery, they rolled their own AJAX library, or they're just padding their resume with keywords. So what we usually do is one continually building question, that starts out with very basic algorithms and moves through things such as SQL joins and normalization, AJAX, advanced javascript, PHP, SQL injection and input filtering. What seriously bothers me is the very large number of applications who have several years of experience, but can't work out in their head how to find the largest number in a large set of numbers.

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