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Comment Looks like ML (Score 1) 106

A good functional language that reminds me of the ML language. Looks like a decent replacement for fortran. Mandelbrot numbers appear suspect to me, as by definition, LuaJIT is written in C, and could not have magically performed better than C, unless their C implementation of mandelbrot was really crappy to begin with.

Comment Yes, but don't focus on OOP. (Score 1) 241

But stop with all the focus on only OOP. the programmers that come out suffer from Dunning Kruger and usually aren't as skilled as a good C or JavaScript programmer at the same point in their career. If you didn't spend a good chunk of time on block structured and functional coding there is no point in me hiring you.

Comment How about a bike license. (Score 1, Insightful) 696

Bikers don't have bike licenses in most places. They aren't taught where to ride, they ignore traffic signals, they don't try to get out of the way when traffic lines up behind them and police officers mostly do not enforce traffic laws when its a bike. They take up half a lane and are moving at a dangerously slow pace compared to motor vehicles. It is similar to when a sailboat is in the way of a freighter, but here the larger and faster vehicle really has no place to go other than to collide or slow down. I would like to expect that they would at least behave as good as a guy on a moped, but this doesn't happen. The laws in my state say that they should be treated the same as a motor vehicle. This is not what happens. At least our state has added some good long distance bike paths and bike overpasses, but these are mostly used by the trendy and health conscious, not for people actually trying to get anywhere.

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