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Comment: Re:No kidding? (Score 2, Informative) 127

by GoMMiX (#21623637) Attached to: NYT Editorial Slams ISPs Over Online Freedom
My question is - what the hell do we have TRADE AGREEMENTS with China for. They want to make it illegal for companies to produce this information to these governments, but this government itself is catering heavily to countries with low wage labor, like China. Pass that law, and let's throw some politicians in jail for treason while we are at it.

You remember that whole toothpaste fiasco from China? They EXECUTED the official responsible for letting that slip by. Not fined, jailed, or sentenced to community service for not 'catching' pad product being exported - they ended his life. You know how much press that got in the US? Dick. Why? Because people and politicians don't WANT to recognize what we are supporting by doing business over there (not to mention the MILLIONS of factory jobs we've shipped off - GFG - wonder who THAT makes rich, aye?)

The irony of it all is, even the people of the countries we setup these trade agreements with don't want them. Wonder why.....

+ - Next Generation Source Code Search Engine

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Newsforge has an article on a new source code search engine, All The Code which has just launched a public alpha. According to the article, unlike previous generations of source code search engines (such as koders and google codesearch) this new engine "looks at how code is used" to help determine the relevance. The idea being that if a library is used more frequently in a certain context, it is probably more relevant than a less popular library. Unfortunately only supports Java for the time being, but the faq indicates they will be adding more languages once the alpha is completed. I wonder if the other players will adopt this method?"
GNU is Not Unix

+ - Free software may be helping war?

Submitted by
tonymercmobily writes "There is a strong ethical motive behind free software. Programmers and users seem to love the collaborating spirit. But there is also a dark side: what if free software is used to help wars? The article talks about the use of free software and war, giving a list of (worrying) examples. Should the GPL 3.0 disallow the use of GPL software in war and weapons"

+ - Largest profiting company ever bribes scientists.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes " ( nMobil-Posts-Record-2006-Profits.html) is reporting that the world's largest oil company, ExxonMobil, posted the largest profit EVER for a US company (39.5 Billion Dollars). In other news today, an oil company-funded lobbying organization tries to pay scientists $10,000 (,,2004 399,00.html) each to write papers discrediting today's climate report. Guess which oil company is the funder here? Next time you tank your car, choose wisely."

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