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Comment: Re:My table has always had women (Score 4, Funny) 239

by Gnaythan1 (#48145445) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

there's an article in an early dragon magazine where characters are bragging about their accomplishments around a tavern table, and after several accounts of daring do and bravado, one mage quietly announces "My husband is the Dungeon Master." The entire inn goes quiet, and someone says "only someone who can truly make that claim would not be instantly stuck down!" and everyone runs for the exits.

Comment: My table has always had women (Score 5, Interesting) 239

by Gnaythan1 (#48145059) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

several marriages have emerged from my gaming group, Lots of dating, I've been running games since I was 13, I'm 49 now. In college, I was running groups that were always co-ed. after college, once I was married, I was running games with a mix of married and unmarried couples. Nowadays I pick my gamers based on whether their kids get along with my kids.

Retirement is going to rock, a bunch of old fogies, rollin' for initiative.

Comment: marked me as spam (Score 1) 191

by Gnaythan1 (#47918219) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

I posted comments on several of the hieroglyph projects, and was truly enjoying the conversations... but I got marked as spam and kicked. my login stopped working. still don't know why. My comments were on target, scientifically sound, and had no links, and were't too short, too long, or too often... about once a week or so.

Comment: Re:Users will be "Printer Trash" (Score 1) 400

Printer trash. I like that. I might label my things with the phrase when I print them.

And I do live in a manufactured home lot right now... because the cost is a third of the apartment I was renting, and twice the size with a fantastic yard. Two of my neighbors work for Microsoft, and another works for Boeing engineering. I honestly feel sorry for people with expensive stuff, but no money.

Good luck with your capital assets. Let me know if you need a loan.

Comment: Fighting over the truth is the best way to find it (Score 1) 194

by Gnaythan1 (#40429191) Attached to: Wikipedia As a "War Zone," Rather Than a Collaboration

If there are heated wars over a topic, with factions constantly making changes... well damn, that tells you a lot right there. So long as the changes are documented and the history available... that's a very good thing. I learn more in the comments of places like slashdot, reddit and google+ than I do in the original post or argument. often quite a bit more.

Same applies to wikipedia. If mr Alpha says one thing and Mr. Beta says another thing... and you see a whole string of alpha and beta modifications... well then. I guess you've got to use a little deductive reasoning and personal judgement...

All I know for sure... is if I query "what is...." and I look at the list of results.. my favorite first choice is wikipedia.

Just like every time you see an article knocking google... you have to check and see if facebook paid for it, seeing as how they got caught doing it....

Any article knocking Wikipedia, a reader has to consider whether its a real complaint or yet another top down knowledge distributor annoyed at bottom up methods ruining their business model.

Comment: Power storage, and power transfer. (Score 1) 262

by Gnaythan1 (#39465239) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Would Room-Temp Superconductors Affect Us?

storage: if there is no loss, can you make a ring of superconductor material, and start feeding dc power into that ring letting it spin around and around the hoop... feeding it more and more... then letting it sit till you need it, at which point you tap in and pull it out... theoretically this ring could hold a HELL of a lot of electricity.

transfer... most of the power from an electrical generation station, nuclear, hydro, coal, whatever... is lost in the wires getting it to where its needed... if the wiring had no loss, our current infrastructure would have at least twice the power available to do work.

Comment: AR MMORG (Score 1) 176

by Gnaythan1 (#37457344) Attached to: Neal Stephenson Says Video Games Are the Metaverse

Heh how long before people start playing these games actively... say with a motion joystick like a wii remote, and a pair of AR glasses, so they are now wandering around fighting orcs on quests in real time.

Wonder how long it would be before someone gets in trouble, probably by not paying attention, or possibly by realistically brandishing something resembling a weapon in a public place?

Parts that positively cannot be assembled in improper order will be.