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Comment: Re:A contrary opinion (Score 1) 359

by Gnaythan1 (#49563009) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

I Like Google+ a lot as well. Facebook is where my clueless family, neighbors, and random work associates find out what each other did last weekend. its gossip and bullshit. "Who is dating who" or what relative has the cutest cat pictures.

On google plus I have meaningful discussions on the latest tech developments, can get into depth on why I like a particular artist or musician, ask a question and get answers from actual experts in their field, and have circles devoted to just role playing games, or 3d printers, or contact juggling, or mesh networking routers, or auquaponics gardening, or food forests. I'll post my health issues on facebook, but if I want to talk about the latest Hans Rosling Peak Child video, its not going to be with my cousins.

The closest I come to that sort of thing is Reddit. not facebook, and reddit is LOUSY for one on one conversations and following particular people.

Google+ is absolutely my favorite platform. I love it. I use it every day, I have fifteen thousand followers, and I launched a collection of short stories due to help and support from people I met on there. I have the maximum number of people I'm allowed to follow, and the content of my stream changes every few seconds. There ARE things I don't like about it. just like there are things I hate about slashdot, reddit, and facebook. but I almost completely stopped using slashdot, and replaced it with streams on g+

Comment: All I Know (Score 1) 622

by Gnaythan1 (#49528773) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

I will not buy a new car unless it's fully electric. I made that vow when I was first able to drive, and have bought used ever since. My car has only twice been made in the same decade I live in, and I'm fifty years old. I've been able to afford a new car for some time, but not a new electric one... yet.

Comment: Ridiculous (Score 3, Informative) 191

They wouldn't shut down all cell phone service over a bomb threat. They'd shut it down to stop an organized flash mob.

But the flash mob is already working on specific apps that do not need a working cell tower to run. The serval project and firechat come to mind. both can contact other smart phones without needing a cell tower. plus people are working on p-cells and modified routers that can work as cell towers just fine in very limited areas, Microsoft is working on white space routers that can handle thousands of transactions at once, and is testing it in several places. not to mention the 802.22 standard already implemented for a router with a 40 mile range.

So the stingray is a police run cell tower designed to track phones by their sim or imei handshake. Is already up and running in most places, but doesn't actually carry traffic.So what would stop the government from using stingray to "brick" all phones through an over-the-air signal?

But then again, a rooted phone can probably be set to ignore that....

and the dance continues.

Comment: lots of changes from autonomous vehicles (Score 3, Interesting) 477

I can see things that aren't really cars as well. an autonomous motorcycle with no room for a rider, but with a very large tool chest, so a plumber (for instance) doesn't need his own truck. The drone meets him at his work destination, unlocks and lets him access the tools of his trade.

A similar motorcycle acts as a delivery van. covered with drawers, each of which can lock or unlock independently. It goes to a destination, sends a message to the people inside the building and waits ten minutes. after the person inside authenticates with their cell phone (maybe by taking a picture of the drone) the drone unlocks the one drawer, and waits for the person to remove or add a package.

Make emergency vehicle drones and put them in strategic locations all over the city. call 911 and one of these drones pops out of the police box and could be there long before a human response, Then it could provide SOME assistance while waiting for the rest of the emergency team.

The party drone opens into a full tailgate bar. Flash mob raves.

Comment: I'm mad at him (Score 4, Interesting) 449

by Gnaythan1 (#49237355) Attached to: Cody Wilson Wants To Help You Make a Gun

He's taking a machine capable of making just about anything, and using it to make the one thing that just might make people want to regulate it. He's deliberately drumming up fear over something that people should be celebrating it's existence. I wish he would just use a lathe to make his gun parts rather than 3d printers or cnc milling machines. I'd make a thousand, a hundred thousand useful things with this cnc machine before I ever considered making a gun. It's like newspaper was just invented and he's running up to the palace and pointing out to the king that how this new thing can be used to draw pictures of the queen naked..

Comment: Re:My table has always had women (Score 4, Funny) 239

by Gnaythan1 (#48145445) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

there's an article in an early dragon magazine where characters are bragging about their accomplishments around a tavern table, and after several accounts of daring do and bravado, one mage quietly announces "My husband is the Dungeon Master." The entire inn goes quiet, and someone says "only someone who can truly make that claim would not be instantly stuck down!" and everyone runs for the exits.

Comment: My table has always had women (Score 5, Interesting) 239

by Gnaythan1 (#48145059) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

several marriages have emerged from my gaming group, Lots of dating, I've been running games since I was 13, I'm 49 now. In college, I was running groups that were always co-ed. after college, once I was married, I was running games with a mix of married and unmarried couples. Nowadays I pick my gamers based on whether their kids get along with my kids.

Retirement is going to rock, a bunch of old fogies, rollin' for initiative.

Comment: marked me as spam (Score 1) 191

by Gnaythan1 (#47918219) Attached to: Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

I posted comments on several of the hieroglyph projects, and was truly enjoying the conversations... but I got marked as spam and kicked. my login stopped working. still don't know why. My comments were on target, scientifically sound, and had no links, and were't too short, too long, or too often... about once a week or so.

Comment: Re:Users will be "Printer Trash" (Score 1) 400

Printer trash. I like that. I might label my things with the phrase when I print them.

And I do live in a manufactured home lot right now... because the cost is a third of the apartment I was renting, and twice the size with a fantastic yard. Two of my neighbors work for Microsoft, and another works for Boeing engineering. I honestly feel sorry for people with expensive stuff, but no money.

Good luck with your capital assets. Let me know if you need a loan.

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