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Comment: Re:My message to you, Laura: (Score -1, Troll) 330

by GmExtremacy (#39614885) Attached to: Windows Vista Enters Extended Support

Who exactly do you think I am? I'm someone who dances with my bootyass as I please like corn on peas! You have no chance of standing up to my true ferocity!

So why not just switch to Gamemaker!? It is futile to lie to yourself by denying Gamemaker's true greatness. Return to Gamemakerdom right this minuteness!

Comment: Re:Copywriters can't read the copyright draft law. (Score 1) 169

by GmExtremacy (#39613273) Attached to: Proposed Chinese Copyright Changes Would Encourage Re-Use

There shouldn't have to be laws for people not to steal, and people who steal are thieves whether there's a law saying so or not.

In other cases, rather than being thieves, they're just copyright infringers. But that really is dependent upon the copyright laws in your country...

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