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Why not a generation ship? We are probably on 50-60 years from being able to build a generation ship, if we can handle the sociology. Perhaps up to a century. It's not clear that we'll *EVER* be able to do it in any other way.

If you're in a hurry, you were already born too soon.

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by TemporalBeing (#47755989) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Why? A restart of the service may very well clear out any logs relevant to the crash.

You wrote some pretty poor daemons. Since you can't be bothered to use the syslog facility, my suggestion is that you start opening files without calling truncate on them after.

You misunderstand. Syslog is used. The problem is that syslog only keeps so much data. The logs can very quickly cycle through the limited data that syslog holds. I've had systems where multiple daemons work together and an issue that led to a crash would very quickly get cleared out of the logs even with 600MB of log data being held (6x100MB files in rotation, managed by syslog) if the software was simply restarted.

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by TemporalBeing (#47755921) Attached to: Scientists Baffled By Unknown Source of Ozone-Depleting Chemical

Nonsense. The Affordable care act for example is intended to do the opposite. Its a flawed semi-done piece of legislation, but that's because the Republicans have done nothing but obstruct as usual.

Publically intended, yes. Truely intended? I doubt it. It's a highly flawed piece of legislation that should never have been passed.

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Do you really think voting for a third party, or refusing to vote, makes any difference?

If nothing you do makes any difference, is it really your fault? There might have been something that would have made a difference, but voting isn't on that list. That became quite clear when they refused to even count the votes for Pat Paulson. (I suspect he would have won, but there's no way to tell.)

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FWIW, in Fukishima one of the main problems was with the cooling of spent reactor rods that were stored on site. Being SCRAMmed wouldn't help there. And they were a problem even on the reactors that had shut down normally.

Now Diablo Canyon wouldn't need to worry about corrosion due to using sea water to cool it in an emergency, but just how *would* they cool it in such an emergency?

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by HiThere (#47753035) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

I think this is a different source of methane.

IIRC, they decided not to mine the methyl cathlates because:
1. It would be too expensive.
2. There was too much chance of setting them off explosively. (State change explosion, not a normal chemical reaction.)

Apparently they're only stable at low temperatures, and the ocean is warm enough that they're iffy, and could be set off by an attempt at mining.

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