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Comment: Re:If they can do this for Influenza... (Score 3, Interesting) 205

by Glubbdrubb (#41829573) Attached to: Scientists Move Closer To a Universal Flu Vaccine
Because the common cold is actually over 100 different strains from at least 3 different virus families. After a cold, you develop protective immunity to that strain, but there are so many other strains circulating that its just a matter time before you get infected by a "new" (to you) strain. There is development on vaccines which will carry the conserved regions in the cold viruses, but it's a MUCH bigger task.

+ - Matt Cutts offers $2000 for app's for Kinect->

Submitted by Glubbdrubb
Glubbdrubb (1450653) writes "Google's Matt Cutts is offering $2000 for applications of the Kinect driver released by the Hector Martín Cantero for adafruit.
From Matt's blog:
"I want to kickstart neat projects, so I’m starting my own contest with $2000 in prizes. There are two $1000 prizes. The first $1000 prize goes to the person or team that writes the coolest open-source app, demo, or program using the Kinect. The second prize goes to the person or team that does the most to make it easy to write programs that use the Kinect on Linux.""

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+ - Fedora To Ditch X.Org, To Bring Wayland F15 Onward->

Submitted by dkd903
dkd903 (1156359) writes "Last week Mark Shuttleworth announced plans for Ubuntu to move away from X towards Wayland. Granted it is a long a time away, but a lot of people commended Canonical for such an important decision, which can potentially take desktop Linux to the next level (graphics wise).

Well here is more good news, from Red Hat this time. In a post in the Fedora mailing list, Adam Jackson of Red Hat, has said that Fedora will eventually switch to Wayland. Like Shuttleworth, he also said that Wayland is not stable enough and did not put an exact time frame. However, he said that Wayland might be packaged in Fedora 15 for developers to play around with it."

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+ - Unrealiable GPRS network breaking FTP, help?

Submitted by Glubbdrubb
Glubbdrubb (1450653) writes "I run a network of 50 plus nodes all connected via a patchy, inconsistent cell based GPRS/Edge network. We use vsFTP to receive and send files to and from each node, one at a time. The problem occurs when the data transfer slows down to a point where the FTP session won't time out but still stalls in the middle of a transfer. I tried changing the session time-out and idle time-out values but I can't find a balance where valid sessions aren't closed down and stalled sessions are. The only solution I think of is a replacement for FTP itself. Any suggestions?"

Comment: Well in South Africa... (Score 1) 334

by Glubbdrubb (#27808631) Attached to: The Problem With Cable Is Television
We have basically have 2 television broadcasters: The national broadcaster SABC (which is free) and a private satalite based system DSTV (+- 80$). More and more local content is being made and is being broadcast mainly by SABC. It is mostly rubbish. DSTV, however licenses a bunch of American and British channels and content. Due to the terrible state of broadband here (I wish I could get 50 GB a month. It is more like 3 GB on average.), watching TV is the only sustainable method of content delivery (that and leaching at lan parties).

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