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Funny how all the other browser makers are able to make browsers that work across your multiple versions of Windows, but you, the makers of Windows, are unable to. Until you learn that lesson and actually DO something about it, you can rename your browser all you want. You'll notice that US West renaming itself to Qwest didn't work, and renaming themselves again to CenturyLink didn't help, either. Hmm...

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by Maxo-Texas (#47663975) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

You know... if slashdot allowed editing, I would care more.

I often edit posts on other sites four to seven times to get them right.

Here... since I can't edit. I don't really give a shit. Plus it t was late.. almost 1am. I was tired.

I'm sure spelling errors bother you because you have never ever had a misspelling in anything you posted on the interwebs so sorry for offending your perfection.

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You really misread my post. I didn't even hint that I "despise asocial persons." I was one myself for ever. I'm a strong introvert and found social situations uncomfortable.

But my company sent me to Dale Carnegie classes and it changed my life. If nothing else, I have a "script" to follow in social situations which prevent me or others from being awkward and uncomfortable.

And I learned people make decisions emotionally first- then they weight the facts to fit their emotional decision.

If someone likes you, they weight facts in your favor.

Which means they bend procedures for you, give you a little slack on your deadline, understand your reasons for being late instead of discounting them.
So then I finally understood the value of socializing.

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Of course it doesn't.

But that's not why children as young as 14 already show an extreme gender bias with regard to programming. 85% to 15%.

To repeat my other post.

It wasn't 95%.

The classes started out 80% male, 20% female.
There was a 70% dropout/failure/degree change rate overall.
Roughly 95% of the females who started dropped out. Leaving them at about 1-2% of the population by the senior year.
Roughly 65% of the males who started dropped out. Leaving them at about 98-99% of the population by the senior year.

Of that 1-2%- no females programmed recreationally outside of school or work.
Of the 98-99%- about half programmed recreationally outside of school and work.

After a few years- that recreational activity clearly showed up in their careers.

I've known one female programmer who loves computers and programs recreationally and she constantly gets job offers and was even recruited by google but chose not to work there because she of her son's behavioral problems (asberger's mother plus asberger's father with high pain threshhold == stimulation/violence loving child who doesn't feel pain).

Is sexism a problem? Absolutely.
Is harassment a problem. Absolutely.

We had annual training on it where I worked.

My only point is that google and apple are going to be choosing employees who excel in their field. And if you don't love your field and spend your personal time on it in addition to work time- then you probably are not going to excel in your field.

Some females are more capable than most males in the field. But on average, females don't like IT. It's good pay- long hours- low status.

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by Maxo-Texas (#47663771) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

It wasn't 95% remaining men.

In my degree program/year, we had 1500ish cosc students in the program of whom only 450 were expected to graduate and get degrees. This was intentional- if we had too many graduates the school's accreditation would be rescinded.

So among students overall, 30% graduated, 70% failed, left the program, quit school, etc. I had good friends who failed and disappeared. And I knew a lot of folks who opted out for easier degrees.

70% of students left the program on average. 95% of females left the program on average. So over 65% of the males didn't make it either.

We had three weedout courses. Database had an average of 20 hours a week of homework with some weeks of 40 hours of homework. I went 40 hours without sleep before walking into the mid term. This was on top of homework for other classes.

Natural languages weeded out a lot of students but I actually made a difference from there. I figured out the "magical" phrase to ask the professor that changed his class from a 70% failure rate to a 30% failure rate. (It was "Could you give me a 'trivial' example of this?). He wanted us to succeed but he was not going low enough for us to grasp the first rung of the ladder.

And of course microlanguages and assembly got the rest. Similarly very high homework requirements. I scammed that course because I already knew assembly language- having picked it up when I was 16 on my own.

You don't get through something like that unless you love the field.

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