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Comment: Illness (Score 1) 24

by mcgrew (#48479221) Attached to: What is it like to be mentally ill?

There are lots of different mental illnesses. PTSD, depression, schitzophrenia, lots more and all are different. I suffered from "Adjustment disorder with depressed mood," fortunately for me that one is a temporary illness. Part of my therapy (which was better than anything the doctor suggested) was writing The Paxil Diaries.

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Journal: I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas

Journal by mcgrew

I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas
In these modern secular days
With a secular tree with secular lights
And a Santa in a secular sleigh

I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas
With lots of secular snow
With a secular wreath and some secular lights
And some secular mistletoe

No baby in a manger
No wise men at his bed
No thought of Jesus Christ at all
Just get him out of your head

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Journal: New Story

Journal by mcgrew

Sundays at noon an old friend has a blues show on a local college radio station, WQNA. Of course, since the blues and booze go so well together, Sunday is my "drink too much" day. So by eight I was too drunk to edit. I put the book down and picked up the notebook and started typing.

Comment: Re:writer doesn't get jeopardy, or much of anythin (Score 1) 446

by mcgrew (#48450705) Attached to: Alva Noe: Don't Worry About the Singularity, We Can't Even Copy an Amoeba

You people who believe in the singularity very obviously don't know how a computer works. It's simply an electric abacus; look at schematics for an ALU or a logic gate. How many beads do I need to put on my abacus before it becomes self-aware?

The danger is anthropomorphism; it's simply too easy to fool people into believing they see sentience where there is none. Evil people will use this to their evil ends.

Comment: Re:no dimocrats (Score 1) 551

by mcgrew (#48358951) Attached to: In this year's US mid-term elections ...

You know, danbert8, you would come across as far less ignorant if you googled first. FYI, that link leads you to information about federal taxes that go to schools. And you don't know that the INTERSTATE highway system was built by the federal government under Eisenhower, and that all the states get federal money for roads and highways?

Comments like yours is why I've spent a lot less time at slashdot lately. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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