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Comment: They're lucky (Score 1) 162

by Glint (#36820244) Attached to: Apple Finally Approves Google+ App For iPhone

Our app took 142 days to be approved. It's a basic financial data app for a large-ish financial data firm in NYC and does nothing more than allow you to access content and our site via the app when the user is logged in.

When we got rejected, it was for violating a rule that all purchases and subscriptions had to go through the Apple in app purchasing system, which was kind of ridiculous. We sell 10,000 seat licenses to large banks -- nobody is going to pay for that with a Visa through their iTunes account. Plus, you literally couldn't do anything with the app until you logged in through our service, so it was clear we were bringing all the users. But they wouldn't budge.

In the end, they requested we remove any sort of link to pages within our platform (which removed a ton of functionality we were counting on) in order to release it. So, thanks Apple. I love basically everything about that company but their app review policies make zero-point-none sense and the result is that we made a shitty app and are playing catch up to rewrite many of our existing webpages in Objective C.

Any other horror stories out there about this?

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