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Comment: Re:It's not a complete loss (Score 1) 425

by Glenstorm (#42375191) Attached to: Has Lego Sold Out?

Same thing happens in our home. Our sons (8 & 12) build the model then it gradually gets absorbed into the "scrap heap" and pillaged for parts for their own creations.

Also, I think that Lego has moved away from the single use pieces that only work with the designed set. This was more true in the 90's when I was a kid. I've seen a reversion to the basic bricks in the sets we've purchased in the last couple years.


Did Land-Dwellers Emerge 65 Million Years Earlier Than Was Thought? 41

Posted by timothy
from the why-there's-a-snooze-button dept.
ananyo writes "A controversial paper published in Nature argues that enigmatic fossils regarded as ancient sea creatures were actually land-dwelling lichen. If true, that would suggest life on land began 65 million years earlier than researchers now estimate. The nature of fossils from the Ediacaran period, some 635 million–542 million years ago, has been fiercely debated by palaeontologists. But where others envisage Ediacaran sea beds crawling with archaic animals, Gregory Retallack, a geologist at the University of Oregon in Eugene, sees these sites in southern Australia as dry, terrestrial landscapes dotted with lichens. He proposes that rock in the Ediacara Member in South Australia — where palaeontologist Reginald Sprigg first discovered Ediacaran fossils in 1947 — represents ancient soils, and presents new geological data. Among other lines of evidence, Retallack argues that the rock's red colour and weathering pattern indicate that the deposits were formed in terrestrial — not marine — environments (abstract). Others strongly disagree."

Comment: Interesting Timing (Score 1) 602

by Glenstorm (#34049360) Attached to: BSG Prequel Series Caprica Canceled

I just "canceled" it from my Hulu queue. There were a number of reasons for me but the top three are:
The show was way too slow for me.
It felt more like a corporate drama than a sci-fi story. The only thing sci-fi about it was that it happens in the future. I'll admit it I am a simpleton. I want my sci-fi to have lazors and space battles or dragons and wizards.
That long break between seasons mentioned above didn't help.

Comment: How Motivated is GM to Succeed (Score 1) 769

by Glenstorm (#27093931) Attached to: GM Cornered Into Defending the Volt

I question their actual desire to see this succeed. In the warped multinational conglomerate thinking they're probably trying to put on a good face and attempt to bring an alternative market. In the end they get to say, "Uh nvermind it's not practical. . ." See we tried nobody bought it. . . They've been dragging their feet kicking and screaming the whole way. Do they really want to change? That's my question.

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