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Comment Re:Dear France: (Score 3, Insightful) 246

Yes, please be the guinea pig and backdoor your encryption. Then when your banking system collapses because some idiot leaked the keys, maybe it'll light a lightbulb in governments elsewhere.

I'm afraid that you're giving other governments too much credit.

They'd look at France's failure as one of implementation, not of concept.

Comment Re:Exactly Right (Score 5, Interesting) 138

...the military or local National Guard unit would provide instructors to lead regular drill sessions that are open to local citizens training with their own weapons.

To expand on that idea, how about we automatically enlist all gun owners in the National Guard, with all attendant requirements?

Want to keep your gun? Attend the monthly training and annual 2-week deployments. If you can't be bothered to be part of a "well-regulated militia," why should you be trusted with a gun?

Submission + - Glenn Greenwald Fails to Question Official Narratives 1

Nicola Hahn writes: One of the Intercept's founding editors has momentarily stepped away from his outlet to publish an op-ed piece with the Los Angeles Times. During the course of his article he openly repeats a couple of widespread talking points. For example he presumes that the primary mission of our intelligence services is to "find and stop people who are plotting terrorist attacks". A notion that’s been challenged by the BBC documentary series The Power of Nightmares. Greenwald also espouses the idea that the basic relationship between the government and hi-tech companies is adversarial. The subtext being that Silicon Valley wants to defend user privacy against government surveillance. Yet Ed Snowden’s own documents cast doubt on this assertion. That Greenwald assumes this stance is extraordinary. But then again he's never presented himself as a radical critic, has he?

Comment Re:No more!!! (Score 1) 140

I'm done risking life and limb going into walmart at frickin 4am after turkey day.

If you wait that long, all the good deals will be gone.

Walmart will be open at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day....and so will a lot of other stores.

They're just not mentioning that Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.

Comment My uses for Dealerships (Score 1) 439

1- Showroom; being as I'm a larger individual, I prefer to actually sit in the car I'm interested in to verify that I can drive it comfortably, that I'm happy with the visibility out the mirrors and rear window, etc.

2- Warranty Repair; if something goes wrong or there's a recall, I want to be able to take it to a manufacturer approved facility. Those are most often at dealerships.

I don't like to haggle, and I don't like to waste time. Ideally, I would like for purchasing a car to take only slightly more time than it takes to buy a suit and have it tailored.

Comment My "Something Else" (Score 1) 392

Because I couldn't vote for more than one option, my combo vote is:
  - Big fine for VW from US and EU regulators
  - Wider investigation into other makers' practices
  - Repeal of the DMCA
  - Mandatory open source code for all car firmware

Floggings are optional, with the execs getting more than the coders.

Comment Re:It's not about "Uber" (Score 1) 233

Riggght. Replace a regulated marketplace with a single middleman playing piece workers against each other is not a race to the bottom.

I'm not even going to discuss this with you, you're an idiot.

Arguing with "anarcho-capitalists" like this is useless.

They only care about one thing; getting what they want as cheaply as possible, screw everyone else and damn the consequences.

Comment Re:Hashed anonymous publicly verifiable votes now (Score 1) 263

We need voting machines with open source hardware, open source software...

Paper and pen are about as open as hardware gets.

Mark a paper ballot, put it in the box. Take the paper out of the box and count the ballots.

Simple, easy to understand, and no messy passwords to remember.

It even works during a power outage!

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