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Comment Re:Without government... (Score 2) 469 first-hand experience tells me that they beat taxis all to hell.

That comment also appears to say that you don't care about anything but your immediate needs.

It's the typical "I want what I want, when I want it, fuck everyone else and damn the consequences" point of view.

Comment My "Something Else" (Score 1) 392

Because I couldn't vote for more than one option, my combo vote is:
  - Big fine for VW from US and EU regulators
  - Wider investigation into other makers' practices
  - Repeal of the DMCA
  - Mandatory open source code for all car firmware

Floggings are optional, with the execs getting more than the coders.

Comment Re:It's not about "Uber" (Score 1) 233

Riggght. Replace a regulated marketplace with a single middleman playing piece workers against each other is not a race to the bottom.

I'm not even going to discuss this with you, you're an idiot.

Arguing with "anarcho-capitalists" like this is useless.

They only care about one thing; getting what they want as cheaply as possible, screw everyone else and damn the consequences.

Comment Re:Hashed anonymous publicly verifiable votes now (Score 1) 263

We need voting machines with open source hardware, open source software...

Paper and pen are about as open as hardware gets.

Mark a paper ballot, put it in the box. Take the paper out of the box and count the ballots.

Simple, easy to understand, and no messy passwords to remember.

It even works during a power outage!

Comment Re:Yes, they are employees (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Many of the drivers for Uber are in the business of converting equity in their cars into payments from Uber. That is not necessarily a profitable exchange and many drivers don't realize that until their car breaks down. Uber drivers are not paid for the time they spend sitting in their car waiting for the next gig. And if you include that time, they are paid below minimum wage in many cases.

You say that with the expectation that the "Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalists" who love Uber care about such things.

They don't.

They only care about getting what they want as cheaply as possible, screw everyone else and damn the consequences.

Comment Re:Not just wearables but the basic cell phone too (Score 1) 202

I have a phone, what do I need a watch for?

There are a couple of places I regularly go where I am either not allowed to or choose not to take my phone. Some of those places do not have clocks, so if I want to keep track of time I wear a cheap wristwatch.

Comment Re:Shifting election day (Score 1) 458

It's that way here in the US, too.

However, the "populist" view is that "I pay too much in taxes" and that view gets magnified every year in late March/early April.

In my opinion, the best option the next President can propose is to have a peaceful way for states to secede. That way hopefully Texas and the old Confederacy can create the Christian People's Democratic Republic of 'Murrica, and the "conservatives/libertarians" can flock to their Utopia.

Good luck to Professor Lessig...he's going to need it.

Comment Re:Taking gas money (Score 1) 231

So if I take gas money from a friend on a trip am I a chauffeur?

If your friend asks you to take him somewhere, and he offers you a couple of dollars for gas, that's okay.

If you mention that you're going somewhere, and your friend asks to ride with you and offers gas money, that's okay too.

If you register to use an app that says, "I'll take anyone anywhere they want to go for $X," then you're soliciting for fares, which is generally regarded as a commercial activity. Depending on your location, you may need a commercial driver's license and/or commercial registration and insurance on your vehicle.

Do I need insurance?

In most jurisdictions, you need insurance. The type of insurance may vary depending on how and where you drive your vehicle.

Comment Re:Uber is not the answer (Score 1) 168

Uber is a taxi service...

+1, Informative.

And in the case of Saudi Arabia, you can add another law they're breaking...that of not allowing women to travel without a male relative.

If I were an Uber executive, I'd stay well clear of Saudi Arabia....I understand that they don't mess around with punishing those who violate the law there.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen