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Comment Re:Not just wearables but the basic cell phone too (Score 1) 202

I have a phone, what do I need a watch for?

There are a couple of places I regularly go where I am either not allowed to or choose not to take my phone. Some of those places do not have clocks, so if I want to keep track of time I wear a cheap wristwatch.

Comment Re:Shifting election day (Score 1) 458

It's that way here in the US, too.

However, the "populist" view is that "I pay too much in taxes" and that view gets magnified every year in late March/early April.

In my opinion, the best option the next President can propose is to have a peaceful way for states to secede. That way hopefully Texas and the old Confederacy can create the Christian People's Democratic Republic of 'Murrica, and the "conservatives/libertarians" can flock to their Utopia.

Good luck to Professor Lessig...he's going to need it.

Comment Re:Taking gas money (Score 1) 231

So if I take gas money from a friend on a trip am I a chauffeur?

If your friend asks you to take him somewhere, and he offers you a couple of dollars for gas, that's okay.

If you mention that you're going somewhere, and your friend asks to ride with you and offers gas money, that's okay too.

If you register to use an app that says, "I'll take anyone anywhere they want to go for $X," then you're soliciting for fares, which is generally regarded as a commercial activity. Depending on your location, you may need a commercial driver's license and/or commercial registration and insurance on your vehicle.

Do I need insurance?

In most jurisdictions, you need insurance. The type of insurance may vary depending on how and where you drive your vehicle.

Comment Re:Uber is not the answer (Score 1) 168

Uber is a taxi service...

+1, Informative.

And in the case of Saudi Arabia, you can add another law they're breaking...that of not allowing women to travel without a male relative.

If I were an Uber executive, I'd stay well clear of Saudi Arabia....I understand that they don't mess around with punishing those who violate the law there.

Submission + - California Exports Gasoline to Mexico Despite 'Shortage' writes: Thomas Elias writes in the Los Angeles Daily News that just one week before many California motorists began paying upwards of $4.30 per gallon for gasoline, oil tanker Teesta Spirit left Los Angeles headed for ports on the west coast of Mexico carrying more 300,000 barrels of gasoline refined in California. At a time when oil companies were raising prices by as much as $1 per gallon in some regions, oil companies like Chevron and Phillips 66 shipped about 100 million gallons of gasoline out of California. “Oil refiners have kept the state running on empty and now they are sending fuel refined in California abroad just as the specter of low inventories drives huge price increases," says Jamie Court, president of the Consumer Watchdog advocacy group.

According to Elias as the oil companies were shipping out that fuel, they reaped unprecedented profits reportedly approaching $1.50 for every gallon of gasoline they sold at the higher prices. "Gasoline prices are determined by market forces, and individuals who understand how commodity markets work have recently testified that those markets are working as they should," responded Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President of the Western States Petroleum Association, to charges of price gouging. "All of the many government investigations into gasoline markets in recent years have concluded that supply and demand are the primary reason gas prices go up and down." Kathleen Foote, who heads up the antitrust division at the California attorney general’s office, agreed that the industry operates like an oligopoly in the state. But proving price fixing is difficult in a field where only a few players exist. "This system is made to break because oil refineries keep it running on empty," concludes Court. "They have every incentive to create a price spike like this."

Comment Re:Uber should countersue (Score 1) 247

In that case, you and your buddies are cordially invited to move yourselves to a private island where you can all live out your Anarcho-Capitalist fantasies to your heart's content.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are comfortable trading a level of inconvenience for reasonable assurance of accountability.

Comment Re:Taxi company (Score 3, Insightful) 193

It is not clearly illegal to hook riders up with drivers...

If the driver was not intending to go to the rider's destination until the passenger stated the destination, then the driver is soliciting for passengers.

If the driver is soliciting for passengers and does not possess the required commercial licenses and insurance, then it is clearly illegal.

I know you and your buddies are all "Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist" and such, but the fact that Uber is encouraging people to engage in illegal commerce doesn't go away just because you want it to.

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