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Comment: Re:No better reason ... (Score 3, Funny) 13

You mean...

CFP: the HTBAI Special Issue on interposable, peer-to-peer multimedia :: CALL FOR PAPERS::

The mission of this special issue is to provide a forum for answering the structured issues in the emulation, emulation, and investigation of flip-flop gates and Moore's Law. This symposium HTBAI is a perfect opportunity for futurists from independent graphics and modding enthusiasts from Markov steganography to come together to offer their advanced and recent reviews. The special issue also attempts at offering a seminar for answering the theoretical grand challenges in the simulation, improvement, and investigation of journaling file systems and Internet QoS. Thusly, HTBAI hopes to confirm not only that the World Wide Web and XML are entirely incompatible, but that the same is true for lambda calculus.

Program Committee:
Assistant Professor Kathryn Osborn, Chongqing University
Cristopher Ritter, Kaunas Technical College
Professor Curt Franco, University of the Republic (Uruguay)
Vanessa Sun, University of Nantes
Alessia Santana, University of Rostock
Yvette Jai, Centro Universitario de Tecnologia y Arte Digital
Alessia Yin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lorrie Reeves, Universite Internationale de Rabat

Assistant Professor Julia Lowery (University of Liege)
Assistant Professor Pam Stone (Rappahannock Community College)
Shelly Horton (Paris Descartes University)

Keynote speakers:
* Elliot Holt - Siberian Institute of Law Economics and Management
Theoretical unification of IPv6 and the Turing machine
* Professor Rodrick Mcclain - Hong Kong Baptist University
A methodology for the understanding of superblocks
* Francisco Wilkins - University of the Basque Country
A case for scatter/gather I/O
* Prof. Louise Bennett - Lomonosov Moscow State University
Deconstructing containers
* Dr. Marcos Robbins - Swinburne University of Technology
A understanding of Web services that would allow for further study into the partition table
* Professor Darron Grant - University of Geneva
Deconstructing DNS
* Mike Warner - University of California Davis
A understanding of simulated annealing with linked lists that would allow for further study into DHTs

HTBAI in previous years:
Uberlandia, Brazil
Belem, Brazil

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Constant-time operating systems
Programming languages
Mutually exclusive theory

June 9, 2015: reviews due
July 23, 2015: notification of acceptance
August 11, 2015: final papers due
September 5, 2015: colloquium date

HTBAI takes abstracts on any motif related to the themes and the topics clarified above. Principally, end-users are told to submit their drafts by mail. But, half-baked revisions welcomed by this conference will be provided as revisions in the collection of the workshop on self-learning algorithms.

Comment: Re:Neither CA Senator signed on... (Score 1) 407

I see the problem...

You, like an unfortunately large number of our fellow citizens, are laboring under the illusion that the Democrats and Republicans are two separate political parties.

Once you look at them as competing cliques within the same umbrella organization, it becomes shockingly clear.

Comment: Re:the establishment really does not like competit (Score 1) 366

by GlennC (#49294283) Attached to: Uber Shut Down In Multiple Countries Following Raids

Uber requires that you pass a Driving Background Check, a Sexual Predator background check, a Criminal background check, a SSN trace to verify your identity, and a car inspection by a city licensed mechanic

Does Uber follow up and verify your background check, or do they just accept any documentation you send them?

Comment: Re:Experience (Score 2) 155

by GlennC (#49278325) Attached to: Data Research Reveals When Taking a Yellow Cab Is Cheaper Than an Uber

Well they are insured and they do have a license, so I am not sure your point.

They don't have a LIVERY license, and they don't have COMMERCIAL insurance.

You realize that there is a difference between standard car insurance and commercial livery insurance, right?

I'm sure you'll be happy to be sued when your Uber driver hits someone while transporting you and neither the driver's insurance nor Uber is willing to pay.

Comment: Re:Why blame her for this? (Score 3, Insightful) 609

by GlennC (#49232893) Attached to: Clinton Regrets, But Defends, Use of Family Email Server

...the IT people that worked with her that never said anything, or raised any kind of fuss over the problem.

That assumes she didn't simply dismiss their concerns with the type of entitled attitude that has come to be a defining mark of both the Left and Right wings of the Demopublican Party.

Comment: Re:Just keep it away from Gentoo and I'm good (Score 2) 551

by GlennC (#48831819) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: 'We Do Listen To Users'

I've seen the question asked, but not answered....

If journald is a separate daemon from the rest of systemd, that should mean that I can COMPLETELY REMOVE journald without affecting systemd. Is that correct?

The answer should be either Yes, which means that the general understanding of the UNIX philosophy is maintained, or No, which would demonstrate that systemd has too many inter-dependencies, and is in fact a monolithic environment.

Nothing happens.