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Journal Journal: MNGZILLA

October 15, 2003. Launched MNGZILLA project to develop mng-restoration patch for mozilla, after 4-1/2 months of trying to do it within the mozilla bug system. See for info.

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Journal Journal: Bug 18574 slashdotted again

July 22: announcement of Mozilla-1.5alpha (first public release since MNG support was removed from trunk) contains half-a-dozen links to bug 18574.
It had 530 votes before this latest slashdotting.


Journal Journal: MNG in Mozilla 1

Bug #18574 at, which I own, was slashdotted today. The bug calls for restoring MNG/JNG support to Mozilla, which was removed several days ago. The bug had 240 votes before the Slashdot article hit, and has quickly garnered another 40 in the past few hours.

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