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Comment Re:Bla Bla Bla (Score 1) 197

That's a different CPU than the one in your original comment.

When I search for the CPU in your first comment, the price range on Ebay (used) is $250-350 for completed and sold listings. The same search for the CPU on the box you subsequently linked show it going for $80-100 used. These are two completely different ballparks. In fact, the price of an entire rig built around the cheaper one is less than the cost of more expensive CPU by itself.

Nah, I'm not delusional, I just do research before I open my mouth.

Comment Re:Where did this idea come from? (Score 1) 1291

Labor Participation Rate = Employed Population / Population.

That's it. It takes nothing else into account (such as the massive "lump" in our population that is baby boomers all beginning to retire) and is therefor a useless statistic. But who cares? Cite whatever statistic that sounds good.

Comment Re:Huge waste of Resourses (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Ya moving to the closest planet to the sun being the first planet to get eaten by our sun when it expands and their is no question that will happen, is a great idea..Not.

The timescale required to move to another planet at our current rate of technological advancement is trivial compared to the length of time that will pass before the sun expands to a diameter that would significantly affect temperatures on the planets in the solar system -- let alone "eat" them.

Even if it took us one hundred thousand years to settle Venus, the sun would have barely changed in that time frame.

Comment Re:Idiots keeping us safe, it seems (Score 1) 1097

So they are mad about the bombs, but typically only show up to kill people in Western society in response to pictures being drawn of their prophet?

That doesn't add up to me. I'd be mad about being bombed too, but I probably would only show up to kill people drawing pictures of a religious figure if I cared A LOT about my fictitious belief system. The bombing/killing of civilians is a major factor to their hatred of the West, but to say that the religion has nothing to do with these attacks is just willfully ignoring the evidence.

Comment Re:Try again... 4? (Score 3, Informative) 226

When I make a company that makes product A and it competes with product B from abother company, I'm "depriving that company of revenue". Is that stealing as well?

And also, as is commonly stated here, just because I'm willing to download an album for free does not mean I would have bought it for ten dollars had the free download not been available. If anything, my downloading the free album exposes me to an artist that I otherwise would not have been as familiar with and make me far more likely to attend their shows, where they can charge me anywhere from 10-200 dollars at the door.

Comment Re:Propaganda Works (Score 1) 686

And please explain "listen to other people's experiences amd believe that that is what they experienced" is different than "listen to the narrative sold by the media and believe it without analysis."

In both cases you're just believing something said to you, but in only one is there even the possibility of verifying validity (the media story). What you're suggesting is that we should apply critical thought to news stories, but when dealing with people we should blindly accept anecdotes about their experiences and how those experiences made them feel. That doesn't make any sense -- especially when Anita and her ilk have proven that they will invent instances of abuse and malisciousness, as well as go far out of there way to portray events/media in a completely different light than it actually exists (Anita's video on Hitman, anyone?).

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