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Comment: Re: Got Burned by Titanfall (Score 1) 291

by Glarimore (#47917379) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming
Their "service", which in most cases is simply allowing my xbox to connect to another -- for most games, one player's Xbox is hosting -- it's not like Microsoft servers are hosting the game for us or anything.

I use to play Halo 1 online for free using XBConnect. Paying a monthly fee to simply be routed to another user is ridiculous.

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by Glarimore (#47917165) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming
Honestly, EVE is worth checking out for anyone who is into math, numbers, or science-fiction, even if only to be able to say that you "experienced EVE (spreadsheets online)."

In my opinion, it's the most brutal online game in existence -- one where scamming and causing other players misery is not discouraged, but is actually a valid in-game career-path.

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 1) 609

Sell the cards (they'll typically only get you a few cents, but it adds up and it gets them out of your account), trade the coupons with your friends for coupons that actually interest you (a friend had a 90% off coupon for a game this weekend that semi-interested me). The coupon gave me a game for 70 cents, and my card sales paid for that.

But to do all of that probably take 30 minutes, taking into account the time required to learn how to do it and the fact that there isn't a bulk-sell option in Steam. With what most of the people here get paid, I'd much rather save myself the time, the hastle, and the clutter, and just spend the ten dollars.

I buy games so I can spend time playing them, not so I'm forced to spend time managing them.

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So my engineering friend would often have to point out to people such as the accountant how things worked(as opposed how the salesman dreamed they worked) and that either one of them could fire anyone so if they tried picking a side they would be gone the next day.

I can't imagine working in that kind of an environment. That sounds awful.

Comment: Re:No, it won't be huge (Score 1) 531

I'm reasonably certain part of the story was that the Clinton impeachment scared Democrats into making a tacit agreement with Republicans: Don't go after our crimes, we won't go after yours. And because there is no other party with any real power, the result is that both Democratic and Republican presidents can commit crimes with impunity.

While I think the agreement you mention is likely true, I think that getting your dick sucked in the oval office is a notably less heinous of a crime than what occurred during Watergate, and I don't really think the two can be compared.

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You do realize that asian people weren't enslaved in the US for a couple hundred years and then until fifty years ago required to use a different bathroom/waterfountain/bus seat/etc., right? Comparing one minority to another without any consideration of their history is, to put it bluntly, pretty fucking stupid.

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He went to Gawker and leaked the information that he gained, victimizing all of those people in the process. Just because someone leaves a door unlocked or open does not give you the right to go in and steal stuff and this is no different.

A door being unlocked doesn't obligate you to inform the owner of the door, nor does is there any reason you can't tell someone else about it.

It is *beyond* stupid to swear at a federal judge and call her a "mean bitch" when she is the one that is sentencing you.

I think that, like with police officers, it is up to a judge to be the "bigger man" and realize that although it is rude, being a dick isn't something someone should get jail time for.

It is *beyond* stupid to go on a public forum and post that you intent to commit the same crimes again once you get out of prison.

It is stupid, but if the "crimes" that landed him in jail should not have lead him to be serving jail time to begin with, I think he has reason to make a big, public hub bub about it. The guy is an asshole, but I don't want any dangerous precedents being set just so he gets punished. Besides, there is nothing to gain from him being in jail.

His entire life has been dedicated to griefing people and generally being an asshole and yeah, the judge is going to look at that.

Maybe we should go ahead and throw Kanye West in jail the next time he getting a moving violation? I mean, the guy is generally an asshole.

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